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and my family and friends think it is weird when i start dancing randomly to the music only i can hear. If you can hear the music, your not crazy, you just creative and even though no one else can, its okay because they don't have the talent to dance to a personal melody <3
Music is in your soul; those who don't hear their own music don't know what is music.
One of my favourite quotes
I don't think he really talks about music and dancing. Either way the metaphor is great!
Crank it up..... check out these moooovs
There's always some sort of music playing in our heads. just find time to listen.. you'll be amazed...u
Oh....i thought they were talking about deaf people. 
They not only thought them insane, they ridiculed them.
Reminds me of the first time I saw a "Silent Disco." It was at The Lowlands music festival in Holland and in one of the tents everyone was wearing wireless headphone sets and dancing. They could hear the music, but if you were watching them, you couldn't. It was very funny.
yeah because if you dance without music it would be akward
okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk weard if you cant hear the music                         GET A HEARING AID YOU FRICK
dance to the music of your soul.never mind other people,s participation.
dance to the music of your soul.never mind other people,s participation.
You just say that because you can't hear the music.
As the song goes " I just dance the way I feel"
Everyone should!!!!!!
haha yes..! it can be implented to our daily life :P
thats true but whats the ponit if someone likes dancin leave them to bne who they r
I dance with out music all the time! Haha you just have to make up your own! :)
I never took this as an actual statement about dancing or  hearing music. I think it is a metaphor for society. There are those that follow the crowd day to day and never even think to step outside of what society says is right and acceptable. Then there are those that "march to the beat of their own drum." They define themselves by what they think and what they want and that is often NOT in line with the whole of society. When society looks at these social outcasts they think that they are mad or crazy because they are different. When really these people are the innovators, the creators, and the best of us.

Maybe its just me but I want to be the mad person dancing in this metaphor :)
so does she dance to her own music?
Then those who couldn't hear the music took the same drugs as those who could & every1 could hear it
People having auditory hallucinations may be insane.
Talk about having a point of view - refreshingly inspiring.
Hey Amanda do you have a brother amed Ryan? And I love the name hunter!
so every one is perfectly right in his own world. crazy is another word for not understanding. is it?
sorry what is 101 ?
some say that there are four types of people in the world. there are actually only two: those who imagine and those who imagine and bring it to a reality. xo
Said the guy who died on a mental breakdown hugging a horse.
awesome the huge amount of people that doesn't understand what Nietzsche ment.
Thank you finally someone gets it
I don't think that people are looking far enough into the words, past the surface meaning.
Music is life! to Ones Soul!!!
lol . . . . . I once did that, but that was because my cousin was talking too loudly!!! LOL :D
It seems not to be a quote by Nietzsche. Maybe by George Carlin
and until I can hear the music, you are all still insane.
But even when you hear the music some are dancing still think they're insane.
Live a happy and dance filled life ! :-)
im going to take that all through my life thank you
The question we should be considering is, was there music to be heard?
Kat T
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Kat T
Kat T
i totaly get it get out and dance to your own music!!!!
I don't really understand
most pubs these days have the best of sound proofing, local authorities will not tolerate it, sign of the times i suppose but they won't come knocking on my door with their noise abatement stoodgies,and another thing too i will not tolerate men dancing either, if they want to act like that their out on their ear and told to get themselves down south to london or brighton or yorkshire where men like to be like ladies.
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