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“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”
A man is infinitely more complicated than his thoughts.
An artist is a man of action, whether he creates a personality, invents an expedient, or finds the issue of a complicated situation.
How true! Confucius was a smart man if I could only be simple~minded.....then all would be bliss. :)
That's because we insist that everyone else makes our lives complicated, and we convince ourselves that complications make life "fun". 
I think CONFUCIUS was more comlecated ...................
and some pips have so much time on their hands that they make nice signs to tell us... makes ya sit back for a sec :) ... ok back to work.
I try to remind myself of that everyday.
Because there is no fun in simple life.
THat is very true and I love the handwriting too!!!
Go confucious and the hand writting is awesome
Why do we make life complicated? No one gets out alive anyway! :P
Really???!! And which stage of life would that be?! and does anyone think that Confucius is mandarin or cantonese for a king whose name should have been Kong. And wtf is a con if not a who, and even if that is you and I .... funny haha wisdom:))
yeah mostly confucius is right,& as to handwriting made me smile, very nice:)
It maybe easier for people to complicate life, than admit their simple flaws and know the truth.
Translation: Confucius was overwhelmed, too.
thats so true for many people in my school!
so so true. if everyone just took one minute to back up and see life in its simple beauty there would be so much less phsychiatrists
My wisdom is the most inpotant things in life are not things
yes thats the way to think that kid will go far in life
Does any1 knows d reason behind it?
True statement!! We always find a way to make things complicated in life!
If its SO SIMPLE, then why does everybody do and say complicated stuff anyway? OMC {O my cupcakes!!!}
So, what's the difference between a narcissist and Confucius? No idea ??!?
What if Confucius wasn't talking about you?!!? that would be simpler, no? 
Agh, the Great Man.

A cure for Cancer and proof of God.
(does that scare you as I can't get this story out)
The cure is n 60

The Record is a extrapolation of my journey)
Anyone with cancer? Good Luck.
"Take it One-Day-at-a-Time.....Simple and less Complicated"
I don't know what Confucius was thinking but life is a very difficult task that is waiting on us to simplify it if we can.....
im so happy i have a soft ball game and im pichting yay! i get a lot of stricks i got 4 peps out once im so happy and dada was happy tooo !!!! :)
I guess if you think long and hard about that, it is true. its like a story problem in math, it is super easy, but we think too hard about it.
hehe... The version I read by Confucious is that "Men insist on making it complicated." :D
Ash ley
very simple. you get what you put in : )
During Confucius' time life was simple; sadly enough we are not in Confucius' time. :)
mAi Hou
NO ...LIFE is Complicated ....
Pao Sil
life is reallysimpleHMMM
Life is simple, society makes it complicated.
I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.
but with out making it comlicated life woulld be boring and easy
Ria Lux
This wisdom guy is right 
Interesting idea. But I would like to know the simple core principle of life. I've yet to see one idea everyone can agree on.
No some people make great decisions and some make idiotic ones so true ... Dumbass people
Well, you can't argue with these...
He who laughs last, thinks slowest.
I'm studying Confucius in history class
its always in ur hands
wht do u wnt to do
dude plz,we r complex organisms, for sure our life s not as simple as unicellularsss.. get me?? ;D
Peace is not complicated 
Liz zy
Confucius is definitely right on that one
see finaly IT's WORKING
that happends a lot in school!
life can be hard most of the time
read 'lotus eater' dude.. read it.. get the real meaning.. thank you ?;^D
That's a good poem quote thingy. It makes sense. And it really just sounds good. AND it's totally and utterly true when you think about it.
this is true however, where is the fun in living if there are no complications? :D
Life is not simple, you are just hard wired to cope with it.
Life isn't as simple as you think
The further we understand life the more meaningful it is. Thus complications creates more richness in it.
see i have made 6 TATTOO ...SO that is simple or NOT
if u do like that u will get a great feel
I think life's not fun unless it's complicated.
I some what agree not 100% not all of us asked for like to be complicated or insisted it, but it was a cute quote:D
SO TRUE! life is simple yet it is hard!
if i could spell complicated life would be simpeler
Life is what we want to make out of it!!!.but money plays a big role in it, race, & social statues...religion&politics
This statement is so true the days. Life is just way to hard anymore. It isn't about just living, you have to prepare yourself for living and all the pitfalls that come with it. The simple days are of something in the history books from many eras ago.
any one can try to understand me....
just because of COMPLICATED....????
so does are british goverment mate
but sometimes it hard to face the life
Confucius the great lived in really simple days . If he was living now I am sure he would have changed his mind.
Its wonderful to see that people still remember all his sayings
munju s
Simple life is monotonous life !
If everyone in the world would relax, take a deep breath and break life down to the bare basics we would all be able to see life for what it truly is. Living every moment true and full of love for the earth and everyone on it.
My husband says I always make things more complicated than they are.
Not "we" the dark rulers of this world make it complicated.
It's true. Every important thing is actually very simple. Same applies to life too!!
Life is always complicated, we always try to make it simple.
very true we all try to make ourselves seem so big when we are so small compared to everything else
confucious was a wise man and he said alot of other quotes that are still said today like everything has beauty just not everyone sees it
i am not really getting to grips with this google thing i much befor twitter and skype and things like that. please can people follow me, my twitter name is @alys-tomlinson
stubbornness rules,dummies approved
Life is so simple you have to find quotes to reinforce it. Quotes that were translated from one language to another. Because that's simple, right?
the saying can be typed out instead of drawn and cropped out. we tend to make simple things complicated! perfect picture for the simple saying!
T- ilex
I wonder why that is.
Taxes can be simple, too. There is an EZ form. I used to just fill those out in 5 mins. But of course, we want to get every dime back from the government.
Can Be complicated in different ways..
if it is so simple and complicated then i gess it is gust in the middle :D
confucius say "he who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with smelly finga"
i do not agree.. i think life is meant to have some complications.. but in the end we should be willing to trust god.. and i know this from what i am going through
Good stuff. This can help me on how i feel towards life. thanks.
I like complications. Gives you something to do. A completely simplified world would be a boring place
life is a cake and simplicity is its cherries
It has to be a WOMAN holding're right, you do make it complicated.
Cool and wise.Perfect combo

So true. I wish everyonr thought that way. If they did there would be no drama just simpleness. 
Life is only simple if you are simple minded....
That sentence confused me. But, life WOULD be simple if only we didn't jumble it up with work and other problems.
Letting our "intelligence" get in the way? lolol
Confucis xD But, i'm more of a fan for Daioism :P
we like challanges thats why.... I want two more mil dollar mwamwaamwaa
There is complexity in simplicity. The ultimate paradox.
Life is an ambiguous idea, so f confucius, just live it.
So true - how complicated is an ant's life? But pride, ego and want want want get in the way - live each day as if it were your last and pesonally I would just relax and listen to my favourite music, eat my favourite food and make love to my favourite man (not necessarily in that order) - what else is there in life?
thats tru
we make things harder then their
supposed to be
So true. How do we simplify our lives ?
And i thought i came with this piece of wisdom myself when i recorded it in my vlog. Balls!
Without drama we wouldn't have any excitement :)
How true. I dont think so. More like how retarded.
Wow, that just about sums it up
Talk about people who think they need to be perfect. 
talk about people who think they need to be perfect.
Indeed, life is so simple, but we look for little things to make complicated. It just people learn how to live with another in peace and accept who they are and accept the others like they are. In fact accepting is the thing and let the others be.

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