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whats wrong with high school? more on the person i think 
Yeah, I'm with +Jean-Pierre Pardo . I wish my high school class ran the country. We were so community oriented and we tolerated all the cliches. There were never any fights in my class, and no bullying. And we were one HUGE class too. I think there were close to a thousand of us because my school had been open enrollment and it was new.
YES!! omg that would be a nightmare... lol
LOL!! that would be so KRAZY..... :-D
(but then again if that did happen i would be the president) :-P
ROFLMAO!! not there yet, but give them 3 more decades and that sounds about right.
Some high schools haven't even begun classes yet...
What about spring, summer, and winter break? Would they change?
they probly would....shortend most likely
Seriously +Slayter Ritchie? Seriously?
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Date: Monday, September 03, 2012 10:58:59 pm
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Course it is. Of course. And why is cussing so necessary?
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I'm sorry for you. Hey theres this guy who wont stop screwing with me how im basicly too smart. And I said screw him. That my life will be better in the end. So say that to all the people who screw with you.
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Date: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 4:14:08 pm
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And cuz I'm notletting it get to me, i feel satisfied. Trust me it works. Once they relise you don't care, they move on. I know thats what everyone says. Another hint of advise. They say something mean, you say something completely random. Throw em off. And you are succesful!!!
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