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I don't believe in luck she's just makes you wanna say hmmmm!!!!
It's be cheaper buying a whorehouse.. That way he could pic 'n' mix how Candy!
He can buy 3 silicon girls or even a dozen to make up the lost years getting turned down by hot chicks..... it's "pay" back.... if settles for one, Pre Nup !!!
Aww...don't be jealous +Jonathan Diaz scored more chicks than he was in the ole days.....let him be happy *grinned *
I believe the woman just love his money lol
The ironic thing is she is probably an Escort he did physically pay!
'A fool and his money are easily parted..'
and the love of money is the root of all evil..or she needs a mattress full of money.
Oh my god that's hilarious xp
it  has NOTHING to do with luck.
i cant believe it...........
If love can happen for him we all have hope for love is blind
It isnt luck maybe that girl marry with him for his money
yeah, im pretty sure she did it for the money.. or else that was a HUGE coincidence 
That's funny I won $273 million a month ago. Haven't ran into any gold digging floozies yet. Guess this guy really is lucky. 
What a big conicidence ( she says sarcasticaly )
Why Carrie? Are you suddenly attracted to be because of my huge wallet?
Money is just an idea we all agreed to. It exists as a medium of exchange. 
Hard to judge the person coz they dont wat is the true feellings of them!!!!
Ha ha ha sorry boys in girls!!!!!
never mind, he wants luv and she wants money,both fulfill there needs, and who knows future, enjoy lucky boy
she only loves him cause he's rich. She's probably planning 2 kill him so she can get the money LOL
Good LUCK!!!!!!!! Everyone gets luck every now and then!
+Ron Roberts: I believe the correct expression you were looking for was "I'd buy that for a dollar!" Hahaha
she take my money....
when im in neeed
oh she a gold digger
If you ain't no punk holla we want pre-nup we want pre-nup!
Dylan g
i think the second has to do with the first.......
Talk about a gold digger right there. Proof that money can buy you almost anything, even a mate who otherwise wouldn't even date you. 
He doesn't know that she's really a man! Lucky?
so not true love such a gold digger and he couldn't do tht tht quickly
Soooo...I suppose there is still hope for me. Sweet!!
she is only after his money, would she have gone out with him before he won all that money, "I do not think so"
...And they say money can't buy you happiness!
There's a lot of him to love!

He looks like a film star though .... Fat Bas** from Austin Powers
Sorry, not believable, he probably ask to take a picture with her for show.
Bri Boo
gold digger and slut...... its called a sweater girl. cover up all that plastic will you??
Damn why can't this happen to me....oh yeah thats the money thing
any one could find a girl like that in 2 days if he wanted to cause all girls want is money...(most of them) 
yea right that gurl know what she doing
She is only with him because he won the lottery. Its pretty evident.
Beautiful couple!!! A match made in heaven!!:-)
Which half. The girl thats way out of your leag or the money?
Yes, he met the love of his life that is going to leave him after taking the money... Winning the lottery, however, does require some degree of luck...
your right namrata his wife well leave himpennieless just look at her then him she probably thinks he disgusting
He should go home one night and tell her he lost all the money on a bad investment...See if she still stays with him..lols
Awww every one is being so me look at her face, shes in love... with the money, but it's still love
Scrolling up to see who is +Michael Douglas ....well, congrats man....$273millions is a lot of can date supermodel! N they have their own money too ;-)
i still laugh when i see this. He as such an intense look on his face. He deserves to be happy, but its to bad his reality is that he'll have a hard time receiving honesty that he found modestly living when he was broke, but through rich pays the lies for all the suffering and things lost in the life hes living in high wealth, the truth will be blind to him by people who snare him with lies behind smiles and from wolves in sheeps clothing=(...till when he is humbled again he will remember. Unless hes wise, he will keep his lessons learned when poor beyond that days that he was made rich. but by the look on his face. i doubt thats going to happen lol.
money= honey
I could be more of coincidence then luck, if things happen in life to fast without recovery process then must downfall be near.
he is just making up for lost 40 yrs.and will be found over and over...
for sure she just likes him for his money (goldigger)
Luck??? The lottery maybe..but the love...hmmmm
Its not love she saw him on the news 
I bet shes thinking dammit I have to do him tonight in order to get the gucci purse I want tomorrow
money talks in all formalities of life besides had he not have won dat money, I swear she would hav not com close. But pray 4 dem 2 lust
all pots can be covered, not only money can save u or make u someone. what ever come in your life shows who u should  be
thats his love of his life? good luck
lol,  It's a joke guys.  Of coarse she wants the money.    But look how happy he is. :)
how he get her i know i know the money
can money bring peace of mind?
Oh. May mắn có được tiền rồi may mắn có người yêu. Haha ( Have money for a luck then have G friend for the money )
Money can make anyone look better
ohhh he now has everything one would ask for........
I smell sniff sniff gold digger!! Lolz
I want the money, show me a man to pay my way!!!
Ce Ga
well its a good thing there is loving gold diggers out there.becouse we all know that love is golden but gold cant by you love......................... but it can buy you a fucken lot of fun.good on him he has what he wants and i bet its alot of fun.
Let the guy enjoy himself - at least till his heart packs up!
If i could have a goodlooking girlfriend money cant buy lol.
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