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hehehe so true! cause if your crazy when your a teen, at least you'll have somthing to look back on when your 90 and cant do much. 
Salman Adam I'm gonna start using tht
I'm not sure this qualifies as wisdom.
I thinks its for those people who can make others laugh
soooo true
"MADNESS IS GENIUS" is the truest quote ever.
Talia V
marilyn monroe said this...right? o _ o
Damn.. I'm beautiful, smart & fun. Wiping uncertainty from my brow.
Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is genus 
yeh right better to be absolutely rediculous.. :) than boring
Hey dude!! Boring is not part of me.
Hmmmm....& such people are called either "black sheep of the family"..... or complete psychotic...!!!
Am getting so much sms.Culd u pliz stop cmnting coz yr rpting the same thing.
freaking true omg! I can't stand being bored 
God bless you maybe see you in the cosmos ;)
I like being ridiculus better than being boring this is why I have so many friends
that best describes me
Tazein Mirza Saad, Thank u  same too u ,LOL!
This is all about being ''Uniquely Funny''.
am not agree wd thz..........
You got this one again :)
Madness is NOT always genius. What's going on in the middle east is madness. but it is better to be somewhat ridiculous than boring. The extremes can be very scary though.
Being a nut job is different from being funny. I like funny
A nut job is a nut job. Funny is funny. I like funny. Makes me ha-ha-ha-ha
Thanks Bernard. But if that is true why is your photo not shown and why is your retort so
Normal is nothing, different is something, I learned that from a song!
Anyway, this is great, and all true.
Crazy people make some people laugh, laughs at the very least trigger a smirk, a smirk can turn into a smile, and a smile is love baby! Turn that crazy energy of yours into loving crazy energy. Loving everyone has never hurt anyone. It only does when our fellow brothers and sisters choose to stop listening and react out of fear.
Life is crazy and constantly changing faster than we know it. We must adapt as efficiently as we can in order to love others.
It might be that simple and wouldn't be LOVELY if it was. That SIMPLE that LOVEing that WISE!
Laney use your brain its a powerful weapon if you execise it!
I call it not being a SHEEP and following the herd and being creative!
ah, yes. I love wise sayings. more people need to know about this quote.
true dat!!!!
Smiling and Laughing FUCKING ROCKS! Does that resonate with anyone?? or Smiling and laughing is beautiful, or is smiling and laughing is awesome.. doesn't matter what you say it is love and that is it!!
Frankly I think religion is awesome if you truly live by that doctrine.  Where religion goes wrong is when people take it too seriously and use it for a negative purpose! Religion is what guides people to their happy place as a beautiful awesome human being!
Change is beautiful and we must embrace it!!! WHo is going to shut me up on wisdom I can go for days!!
genius is perceived as madness by the people who don't understand, but the difference between a genius and a crazy is that a genius can rationally explain in detail how he came to the conclusion, while a crazy can not.
Thank  you Maria! Start a movement! Maria is the best name ever!!! Whats your favorite color??
If that is the solution through justice +Victor Abbott then why not??? They are asking and you are reacting the best way you know how, but are you ready to suffer the consequences no matter what for justice????
That is where thought and logic come into play..SCIENCE!!& RELIGION what a combination!
Every single God or SYMBOL of a higher power fight for JUSTICE! DUH
Why do you think the catholic church has so much money? Money is the key to success, But Money has several different meanings
money only has real meaning through use,, yep and taxing religion would help more people than the various churches ever do
Really??  Help more people??  Have you seen government at work??  Good Grief!!
Ana No
by Marilyn Monroe
Rather be rememberable than gorgeous.
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