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sometimes,injuries come from kindnesses, from deep love. however, we grow up with that... Happy Mother's Day :)
+Hamzah S if you know more about China history,u will find the sad fact that chinese history is a Endless loop .one dynasty replace the older one,no development.
i think is communism quite a 'development'
A rather wise point, I should think. Confucius was a smart man, if nothing else. Some of his religious points a bit off-center... that being an understatement but still.
Can be nice where you are but not good to others,with long history like you are
Injuries heal and are forgotten kindness never leaves the receiver or the giver but lingers forever
munju s
yeah,more good times to remember and bad to forget
munju s
thankx for appriciation,eshwar jaggannath
AGREED! I'm sick and tired of the pain and the guilt. It's going to be a good life!
i dont egree because don't drunk or smoke.but i remamber when i start it
munju s
Corrine Sanders..after every dark night comes a bright day
his name is confucius isn't that a little confusing?
What do we do with the Ninja skills then?
It,s only confusing if you can't
+Hamzah S - It is true that Chinese history is compiled of dynasty and downfall repeatedly, but unfortunately, that is true in almost all cultures. It seems that the entire human race continuously makes mistakes only to repeat them over and over again. The U.S. fights wars for "freedoms" over & over in the name of democracy, yet the government defines some of the most trivial and personal decisions for its own citizens (like same sex marriage, prayers in schools etc) ...Funny because the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over while expecting a different result or outcome, so what does that say for people? lolz Still...I DO love the quote from Confucious, by forgetting injury, we let go of the anger & resentment associated with it & therefore do not harbor ill will or grudges toward others & by remembering only the kindnesses, we are compelled to feel more kindness toward others and less disdain. Perhaps instead of ignoring someone who is in need of help because you feel no compassion towards others because you've felt no compassion FROM others, you would be more apt to offer assistance to them in some way that may seem minute at the time, but could be the turning point in that person's life that makes the difference between their ultimate success or failure....their life or death, in a sense. :)
great chineese teacher changed china
Solomon in the Proverbs (19:11) says: "People with good sense restrain their anger; they earn esteem by overlooking wrongs."
Happy Mother's Day!
I never forget any kindness,but i also never forget any injustice either!
munju s !!!!!
hey jane you look beautiful
confucius is the best go confucianism
look at mine the synidate one
You are welcome Jacob, glad I could help.
If u r kind then u dont feel injurf
The important thing to take from this is NOT to altogether forget the injuries you have suffered, as every thing we experience in life is a lesson and deserves its own merit, but, to let go of the residual anger and contempt from your "injuries" and take away the wisdom you gained from them, but HOLD ON to the feelings of compassion and kindness & specifically commit those to memory because it is FAR easier to remember the bad than to recall the good...after all, how many of you have EVER called a customer service line or store manager to say "Hey! just wanted to say your cashier today was SUPER! and Thanks for a pleasant shopping experience!" ?? But I bet you have not hesitated to call when you have had someone who was rude or unfriendly or otherwise caused a bad overall experience leaving you pissed off and "injured"...RIGHT??? That's what the underlying importance i said in another post...when u do somethin right nobody ever remembers, when u do somethin wrong nobody EVER forgets...maybe we SHOULD reverse that...I think that is exactly what Confucious means.
i can't forget hurt wh i hit my head badly
Ah, then Confucius no mind if I kick his statue in the head like this
* THUD * YOOWWEE splinters
helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo g
But now days no one remember the kindness they only remember injuries ,,,,
Its up to our self what we remember and what we forget, and how much effort we make to understand others
Your kindness will reward you, but your cruelty will destroy you.
Confucius who know everything only knows he knows nothing at all
I agree with you Michael....and kindness can lead you to the right path....
the pic is kinda creepy
but the quote is.........ok
if u said ill have to think about that don't think say yes i have had plenty on injuries and forget them with in like 3 days But i NEVER EVER forget the good deeds people do for me and the KINDNESS they spread so forget Injuries, never forget KINDNESS is so true
over my dead body to forget this words """
yah but i'm mean so(rushs to the hosptal)
thats something that everyone should know
It could be more wierd if you dont have a chance lol
savvy G
its a nice saying but the guy is creepy ;-(
Confucius say he lonely and want to woo the ladies with cheap saying.
Makes no sense, I damn sure will not forget my injuries! That's the sure fire way to get injured again, over and over. You trying to get me injured confusious? You're a dick!
If u got a scar, hw cn u forget ur injuries. ??
ok will keep that in mind thanks!
Injuries are easily supressed by intelligent, motivated human forget the deeply secret injuries takes unlocking the supressed hurt...which should be a choice...not forced on one by blackmail or force...but one can never forget nor supress kindness if it is ones true nature...
According to the World-Systems Theory, semi-periphery states are ones that are on the verge of becoming core states (like the U.S. and European). These semi-peripheries include China, Iran, Brazil, India, Mexico, and many more. In addition, many of these states are predicted to overtake the economies of current core states, including the U.S. and European States (because of the current base that the economies are founded upon). In semi-peripheries, the service industry (including manufacturing) is the major industry that the economy is based on. In core states, the economy is based on quaternary and quinary economic activity such as IT services (quaternary) and scientific research or work in the executive areas of a business or government (quinary). The reason that most semi-peripheries have a burgeoning economy is because they do well in what the base themselves in. I imagine this is not as true for core states. Well, that's just some food for thought. : )
That is the best advice I've read in a long long time.
nice thoughts...
nice thoughts...
Confucious stated a lot of natural realism in Philosophy.
Some are not forever right for example;" more and more children can be in family is better " . That openion made some parents to purpose to made them as slaves. Communist Chairman Mao made big population in China to conquer the world by Humen Tide Manouvor
but state of arts weapon can destroy that system and that population gives back China a big burdan . But , Present Chinanese Government
spreads away to neighbor countries and rest of woeld that population primarily business purpose and follow by INVADING PURPOSE.
One state of Confucious show by Chinese in their Textbook teaching
in border areas that " China should occupy the neighbor countries for future" . Some book show the countries by name. It's Creation of some political bureaucratics of China. Because the time of Confucious
had no World Map, No Knowledge of World, No names of countries, and most countries are not civilization and culture. Some Chinese
Who like war and Invading are creating unpeaceful, unstabling world.
They are openly bullying and insulting the world ( eg. facts of Presley Islands , Tibet Invadind, Occupying Shweli City in Burma, South China Sea Fishery Domain and etc..).
People from the world should study more about the INSULTANCE of CHINA to world.
I'm Wondering " WHY WORLD ARE QUIET?"
COMFUCIANS should creticise themself and their thinking way of Confucious Teaching and Switch to follow the way which forever right . May World be peace and enjoyful.
The darkness that has surrounded has been lifted,the light shines on me by the power of God.:Happy mother'sday.
Broadly speaking; that's good advice, but in this world, that's a good way to get injured and suckered. Sad, but true.
Agree but hard to do (for me) 
what in the world
Charles-Ahole- don't Fitch;-{
Forgive the one who injured you, but never forget the injury. By doing so you run the risk of being injured in like manner again.
Some people on this comment stream are being deliberately offensive.WHY??????????????????????
probably true but more easily said than done, nice semantics.
Princa; this will make you happy? Remember, you will be an old man some day. Humaniity's quest is to find a better way to deal with transgression--you can be part of the solution or the problem.

Dar valor aos bons momentos da vida e deixar no passado os maus =)
ytuueguykrgejaghluaiwreigieaw;kjvh this is ocward but true
Mec- t
this picture looks weird...... but i get the message
Yeah let me know when you hit 50 in Vermont......
That is a message all mothers have brought through the generations
the only true love is between a mother and a child that moment of birth when you look at each other for the first time and that bond is cemented for ever no matter what events may occur you always remember that first look so sometimes forgive mothers who stand by their children even when it might seem wrong because they always remember that first look
There is no such original words from Confucius and his students by my check, I'd be very appreciate if anyone can type it out.
看来孔夫子是主张以德报德,以直报怨的,个人理解“以直报怨”为秉承公理,有理有节的对待伤害自己的人,这种主张与“forget injuries, don't forget kindnesses”相去甚远, anyway,thank Rosa Liu for ur industrious typing.
so true it is..........
Hey, that's hard to do, Con!
Injuries makes us stronger....kindness makes us human.....
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