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Nelson Mandela = great and wise man. Invictus = great and inspirational movie.
Mary M
Very true and very wise indeed!
Slavery and apartheid weren't accidents. Poverty can be the effect of slavery and apartheid. After reading this again I see what I missed 
+shawn smith please explain your statement. You are saying Nelson Mandela says bs? Wow. What are your credentials, education, struggles or Nobel Peace Prize that gives you the right to say such an ignorant thing?
M. Smith: Do not agree with your second statement. Most definitely not all poverty is caused by slavery or racial discrimination. Likewise, not all slavery is caused by racial discrimination. Humans have been buying, selling, forcefully taking... and enslaving those of like race since slavery began. Europeans enslaved fellow Europeans. Africans enslaved fellow Africans. ...The conquered were often enslaved. Humans saw other humans as commodities - goods that could be bought and sold, used for economical gain. If you were poorer, weaker (not just physically) = you were a thing that could be sold. But we have changed... grown, evolved if you will.

Also, Nelson isn't saying that slavery and racial discrimination were accidents here. He is saying the opposite. 

He is indeed saying that slavery is man-made. What idea or perspective isn't. Hence, the potential for CHANGING, overcoming... and all that. ;)
I WHOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE WITH HIM.....its all humans thinking
This is pretty true.

There are things like gambling that I used to argue were a persons fault if they bet all their money away. But now I see it as casinos being irresponsible, if not unethical to allow a person to gamble away their money to the point of poverty - especially since they have crunched the numbers themselves.

If I were to offer a solution to this, taking in account arguments I anticipate, it would be than casinos don't have a place in society and probably shouldn't exist, at least until they can be properly implemented. And there is the possibility that they may not be for a loooong time. 
+Chloe Reynolds sounds like you're saying that these "selfish people" are not in the correct place in society to me.
Who is a man.?

A man is the most beautiful part of God's creation who starts compromising @ a very tender age.
He sacrifices his chocolates for his sister.

He sacrifices his dreams for just smile on his parents face.

He sacrifices his full youth for his wife & children by working late @ night without any complain.

He builds their future by taking loans from banks & repaying them for a lifetime.

He struggles a lot & still has to bear the scoldings from his mother, wife & boss.

His mother, wife & boss all try to control him.
His life finally ends up only by compromising for others happiness.

Respect every man in ur life.
You will never know what he has sacrificed for You.

Worth sending to every man to make him smile & every woman to make her realize his worth.
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Ohk guys myself m 4rm rural area,really also poverty s man-made caz our gorvement s trying wth bursaries, creating more Job opportunity n s up to us dat we take advantage 2 eradicate poverty 4 good!I pause!
That is so true.  I wish people would really apply it.
true.... if i ruled the world..i would eradicate poverty.
Nelson Mandela is one of the most inspirational people we have in this world.
There will always be poor people.
Nelson Mandela is my hero. I come from South Africa, where there was apartheid and lots of slavery. Some parts of my family come from District Six, an area that was demolished somewhere in the 60's in Cape Town (Now known as Zonnebloem). And now...we have peace in our country once again thanks to Tata Madiba. I can look back and I say...'I'm proud of you, Mandela.'
Wow!  Strong words and we should be making an effort to end it.  Yes, leaders of the countries; make an all out effort today and into the future right now.
I think we have to define poverty, and then define what is really scarce and what is not.

If it comes to food, clothing, housing, education, clean, water, energy, transportation, and such poverty can be eliminated.

1. Make people energy independent, that is clean renewable energy which can be collected and converted into a usable form which is on orders less expensive than fossil fuels. Think energy appliance. You purchase it and it produces the power you need for the next 20 years or so.

2. Combine the internet and robotics, such that we have distributed manufacturing in the hands of the masses. We need both additive and subtractive methods, and ones that can use different types of materials, such that local materials can be used, and then the end user just pays for the commodity to be delivered locally. You have less shipping of different products and just the raw commodity which will be priced as the real scarcity value. The internet allows design to be distributed both commercial and open source life software to the end user where with the machines and raw materials can be manufactured.

2. Hydroponics and aquaculture allow food to be grown locally by each individual, allowing them to be independent for much of their food intake.

Cheap energy leads to inexpensive clean water.

There is of course the situation with population, as the world can only support a finite number of people, so population growth needs to slow to near net zero or no matter what we do we will have problems.

However by using technology and working together it is possible to eradicate poverty.

So instead of saying it is hopeless and doing nothing, if we aim to move a little towards the goal each day we will achieve this goal.
considering we all live in a capitalist society we need poverty in order to have rich people. That being said yes, poverty is something that is man made 
+Felipe Guzman You could have a capitalist society without poverty.  Capitalism works very well among trading partners which are near equilibrium.
+Kimberly Peacock If The main goal is to make money thru a free market and there was no poverty.... there has to be some sort of social  latter you can't have everyone being bill gates 
No man should be treated like he has some kind of low standards ... sad that people dont respect the value of humanity .... :(
Someone is always going to have to clean toilets and that person will not make as much money as the guy who designs aircraft. People are not made equally and lifestyles will reflect that.
"poverty from their mind " --- > amzing expression ... !!!
+Max Lanz  Not necessarily, that is why automation is a factor. Robots can rid us of these labors, and allows us to learn and be creative. No hourly wages, just creative problem solving and art.

Back to what life was for the first agriculturalists, and before the rise of the war tribes.
wow this comment is very touching 
+Max Lanz this isn't about making money ... you should have it in you to respect a person's job... even if a person designs aircraft , he needs a clean toilet so why not give some credit to the latter and not treat them the way they are
+Kimberly Peacock  What are we going to do with all the people who can never achieve more than cleaning toilets?
+Nadeeka Jayarathna  yes, but there are much more the ones who suffer from poverty. What you wrote is true in some cases, but sometimes is just used to not care about other people...
We have the productive capacity, and we need only match the demand, for most things there is no real scarcity.

If we had the will, technologically within 40 years we could transform Africa into the most vital economy in the world.

She would be dependent on no other nation.

That is within the grasp of reality.

It can be done because most companies do not file IP which covers Africa, they are not a member of the PCT.

The people can be educated. They have large natural resources.

We need supply them with the tech and the renewable energy resources.
For any member of peace core, or organization working in Africa, or the third world, my IP is available, as am I, as a free consultant.
but +Max Lanz that doesn't mean you can't improve on your lot. i used to bus on tables, became a mall cashier, then field researcher, after that office temp, blogger, teacher...
+Kath GM American dream right there. I'm sure you accomplished that through hard work, motivation and a good head on your shoulders. Not everyone has all three.
+Max Lanz is that the way you treat the people who provide you with the required day to day services ... sad it is ... because you seem to be more into a person's bank balance or academic records .. :( ... +Kath GM I respect you !!
+Felipe Guzman  Not everyone has to be a bill gates, and when you get unequal distribution like that it distorts the system. It is ok for a short time, but you want capital flow with a high velocity throughout society.

The real problem that cannot be solved technologically is land ownership. There is a finite amount of it.

As to what do you do with people who can only clean toilets.

I think those people are rare and you take care of them because otherwise the costs are greater than if you do not take care of them.  

If you can reduce the cost to near zero like with software, then what is the real additional burden?

You can only eat so much, have so many hours in a day to consume material, etc.
yessss its a fact nd its by human 
+Max Lanz, truth is we were born poor and my greatest motivation was how our mom raised us 5 by herself. my secret really is that we have a hardworking mom who not being able to go to college tried her best so that us kids could have that educational attainment she didn't.

+B. Kamna Will, than you so much.
+Max Lanz  Capitalism is evolutionary, as is biology, you may consider the toilet cleaner who is no longer needed and therefore a burden a waste, but you do not know where the next great idea or art will come from. So its a matter of trying many different things.

If the burden becomes so low, and every one is essentially economically independent, because they can produce for their own needs virtually everything, then money is not as important, and people are valued according to their contributions.
+Kimberly Peacock now we're killing jobs with robots. Who's going to make your big mac when you pull up to the drive thru. People want Iphones made in China for $2.00 labor. What do you do?
+shawn smith Ask yourself why you need a job?

To put food on the table? If you are growing your own food, then you do not need money for this?

If you have an energy appliance, you are not paying for energy for transport, or to have to heat and cool your home, and or power things. It becomes a fixed cost and all you can eat proposition.
true words . once all humanbeigns join together and work hard they can definitely remove the word poverty
touching lines................and its a fact......................
+shawn smith It is not about replacing jobs, it is about production to supply demand at the lowest cost.

If you are economically independent, meaning you can by yourself produce all that you need to live, do you need a job?

Particularly your job does not become menial, but a job to grow as a human being, and hopefully contribute something to society at large or to another human being who may make the net big breakthrough.

If I can give you for a $200 cost the ability to feed yourself for life that takes away the need for a job to buy food, and now you are always fed.

If I can do the same for energy, now you always have energy to use to run machines which do work for you.

You can exist like the early agriculturalists and be independent of any outside structure for economic sustainability. 
+shawn smith For outside commodities all one needs to to is half a small fraction of the local community provide a custom design to someone outside, or a mass market design or piece of art, and its is distributed via the internet.

Speaking of the Internet, in places where the frequencies are not owned, rather than have a company own the space, make it an add hoc network via wireless and open air optics again a small fixed cost and no residual monthly fees to members. 
+shawn smith I will give you this as a valid concern. When we arrive at point B its not a problem, the problem is the transition from A to B.

Meaning once you have the means of production its good, but in the in between state, things become even more difficult for those that do not have.

That is why it is more wise to deploy these types of systems in the third world while limiting some automation in the first world in order to have some orderly transition.

The same fears and problems arose with the rise of the industrial revolution. They said it was the end of the free markets, and the world.

The net effect was an increase in the amount of products and services available.

Likewise the same effect will be had with distributed production, but the transitions are not always easy.

I wish I had the answer as to how to make it easy, but I do not.
why we think about nobody who cares .......................join some ngo's n social workers n get part of it.......................i,m doing with my frnz in gujrat ,orissa,maharashtra for past 3 yrs...........i,m never think that i,m engg n no time for us but we accept the challenge if we not started then it never be happen ....................becoz we have reader n thinker in large number  but we needed real work force
+Chris Longstaffe  As long as the focus is on making individuals economically independent, that is a good thing. I suspect the Chinese like the U.S. and Britain and the colonial powers before them, are looking for you to purchase their products and they will manufacture them for you.

Take any outside help you can get, but do not forget the goal.

You do not wish to be dependent on any other nation.
+Chris Longstaffe  I think in the future manufacturing will be local and therefore there is no center of the world.

The technology to do this is with us today. It can be improved on but it is here now, and its not some science fiction future.

What we need to do is educate the people on the technologies, and how to produce, and use them.
That is so sad... but it is true. We need to learn how to help people in poorer conditions than ourselves. :(
what does slavery mean i am thick!!!!!!!!! but a very mooving passage x
as we know times are hard and we need to learn that and not ask 4 as much as we want. 
first of all the UN who meddles in other country's business should rid those country's of extremely corrupt governments who take money that is sent like band aid etc. Its the governments who help create famines, once there is a fairer government it will help things..
True... but we really need to get a move on and DISPLAY some of these actions of humans.
I love being a South African n Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela his a god father in SA n we love you tata 
Its True.... & fully Accepted...
If there has been a man in recent history who knows a thing or two about kicking adversity square in the cheeks, its Dr. Nelson Mandela.
I totally agree. We should all work towards stopping poverty
The greatest man in world history!!!
Totally agree and we need to fight poverty
Nothing has helped raise human beings from the shackles of poverty more than free market capitalism and economic freedom. 
Everything, down upon earth, and even , now, in the Space, is  "man-made" and can, not only "be removed by Human - Beings", but, too, can  be explored and removed , by them....
Nowadays, there is no morer "Poverty  or Slavery" upon Earth....They  Haave been removed by Human Beings' Action... and in some case those have been reaching by the development of their skills and brain , , the Space...Those , who yet wants to remain poor, or in a condition of slavery by their Society,  can have no more existence, in this World...
Just too bad that after many many decades we have not made any inroads at all!
in todays world it is impossible to remove poverty
D Paul
Good points!
Sir, yes, Sir. So what can I do?
Omo Oba
Poverty is being used as a weapon to destabilize some nations by the power that be. 
Afirika Must Rise Again.  (AMRA).
Dats a word every individual should quietly think of and expiate where possible.....I quite agree wiv u nelson d great. Bt strongly believe I'll b greater dan u are..... 
the man is always  right its a shame people no longer listen to him
True, all bad things are man made.
But, they hav to fought frm cum out of it!
Great speech by great souls..I obey this.
Ben Cuba has communism you should move there and enjoy equality for everyone.
funny how he was a terroist, isn't it?!
and he made allot of south Africa a ruined country! and yet he says this!
“He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool - shun him.
He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple - teach him. He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep - wake him.
He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise - follow him.”
If only Zimmerman had read this before he murdered treyvon martin.
your right there 
I named my son after nelson mandela his name is MadiBA!
Kimberly that was well thought out and I after,wowww!
Patel,that was beautiful! Yuppie words inspire me!
Honour Your Self,
Worship Your Self,
Meditate on your Self.
God dwells within you as you.

~Swami Muktananda
Personal responsibility and accepting you are the result of choices you made in this life. There is where the blame game should begin. If you want change, it must first be within. Others are not to blame for where you are in your life. They are not responsible for the decisions you made to get you there and they are not responsible for getting you out of your self made poverty. 
hmm very nice...yup our action will change ..our world
I hate all the kids who are very perverted in my class!
This is so true !!!!!
Again? This meme never dies. This is NOT true. The natural state of humanity is poverty. Its ingenuity have allowed it to rise from the scarcity of nature. So poverty is NOT man-made. Poverty (and inequality) are inherent to nature; man's actions raise them from animaldom.
In short: respect the man, not some of his silly sayings.
Does any body care what he thinks, yawn
(To +Massa Sapio) Thank you Friggin' Dr.Phil. If you want to criticise someones saying and want to complain, go to Facebook that's where most people complain about the littlest thing's.
This saying has some thinking that young children should understand! I think that this is 100% true
Can only be minimize but can't eliminated; for slavery and apartheid exist time immemorial...
Myah W.
thats wonderful
The quote left out a critical element in my opinion. The actions which bring on poverty or remove it are intrinsic in nature. they must be initiated by the afflicted.
Myah W.
thats beautiful
This is dumb - we as a species began in "poverty" and through thousands of years of ups and downs and advances in medicine and technology bettered our lives.  Poverty will always exist because not EVERYONE will put forth the effort to advance themselves as well.....and some just won't be ABLE to.  Even Jesus said there will always be poor and pathetic.  It isn't poverty that was invented, it was wealth....and then it became a goal to reach for.  We as a race did not begin in riches only to push people down.  We ALL cooked over a fire in the wilderness at one time, and even poverty today resembles something better.
Someone commented that capitalism has removed more poverty than any system, and while that is true, it is because it embraced technology and the industrial revolution which made products less expensive to produce.

The effect of the industrial revolution was centralizing as production equipment wanted people concentrated around the equipment, and it was expensive.

The internet and new production equipment allows distributed production just like the mainframe gave way to the PC/

Communism does not work because it does not scale well in decision making of what to produce, and how to distribute resources. 

Capitalism works because it is an evolutionary algorithm which is adaptable.   Capitalism works best when you have many players all equal and interconnected and playing with one another.

Such a system takes on the aspects of cellular biology and it is extremely resilient.

The danger of capitalism is that over long term periods where an inequality exists, companies and individuals no longer have to continue to evolve better production methods, and better products. They can win by gaming the system.

For the short term this is not a bad thing as it provides incentive, but in long term it distorts the feedback loops economically and we end up with not only inequality, but wasted efforts and time.

We have the technology today to end poverty, but the land may be a problem. Non profits instead of just buying food in third world should be purchasing land for the common, and giving people the tools of production to take care of themselves. This eliminates dependency. 

We can do all the above but land owners could decide to take all profits and production on lands controlled by them.

There are some ways around this, but land owned by another, can mean that no matter what you do you are enslaved to the land owner.

We can build up like in cities to have less of an ecological foot print, and we can use the idea of the condo.

To end poverty therefore we have to also be aware of population growth and we need to put as much land into common shared ownership as possible and treat the land as a non profit entity.

Even the libertarians and republicans whom I beat heads with will agree, that in order to also have it work, means we should not have property taxes, but rather a consumption tax based on a consumption of outside resources.

That would also provide a nice feedback loop for community independence.
Poverty is subjective. As a social worker I have many people apply for programs who claim to be in poverty. They are dressed better than me & drive nicer cars & think nothing of spending $200 a month for the best cell phone yet they define themselves as being impoverished & come in & apply for a food card
+ronnie sabaldan  Actually early hunter gatherers and in particular early agriculturalists did not have slavery.

You can argue as there were few humans and much land that it made this possible.

I would say technology combined with unlimited free energy will do the same thing.

The only flaw is in land control, and there are ways around that but land will have to be placed in the common and we would have to eliminate property taxes.

Would that folks who are so very preoccupied with things mentioned only a few times in the Bible could become as involved with this need which so occupies the mind of God, if the frequency and depth of discussion in the Bible (which so many of these folks revere as the revealed word of God) is any indication of its importance to the Deity!
wrong we never began in poverty, it is naivety you are talking about, we did start in basic things until we have discovered things for our advancement, and we don't invent wealth it is the way of living that we changed but wealth is still the same---nature given. if we look at the history never is a "chance" dictates man's fate but it is his "efforts". for man's lifestyle is the consequence of what he did. . . 
Nelson Mandela was right, but the individual human beings that are in that situation must do it. Nobody else can. To allow the government to remove your poverty makes you a slave to the government.
so true...we make our own future...
and how do WE begin without being arrested under the new homeland security act??
fire all the idiot that work for HS . we all know better than half of them werent even born in america, at least thats a good start
That will only change if greed is made a global criminal offence and  financial parasitic trading in like commodities and derivatives are banned. Trading should only be possible by actual/physical taking possession of the products you buy. You can then on-sell them with a profit. That will only work if value is added to the process.
Now go tell the politicians. And consider this when you vote. Enjoy your day. 
All the people that did slavery they can gth luv ya black ppl like me:)
If greed were outlawed, +William Scuby, there would be an awful lot of "little people" in jail with them.
+Dale Stanton  Those would be little crims on the fringes...... and those would diminish quite quickly if they would be able to make a decent living in a normal way. The people that are involved in what I call 'parasitic' trading cream off the value of the products being harvested or produced. As a result the people working in the chain 'pay' the parasites, because those are not lifting a finger to add value to the process. Just my way of thinking :)  
wishing all the people of the world would listen listen listen
Poverty is chosen. It is a laziness in life. A lack of drive and determination. Unless you are crippled physically.
Slavery truly is man made we were all born 2 b free,free 2 life and all dat life have 2 offer but we allowed hatred,greed,selfishness,lust 2 colonise our way of thinkn derby seein some people as lesser human being who are nt surpose 2 was a general word in creation.we were all created equal.
We can join hands 2gether 2 deal wit poverty by means of selflessness,nt being greed,contentment and somuch.if black & white can come 2geda in one assembly then 2geda we can make poverty disappear. 
greed is not the problem nor the answer. Offering people something for nothing is an easy surefire way to enslave people, they will readily accept it and keep voting the provider into office to keep it coming meanwhile those who reject the promise of a life without working for it move farther up the socio-economic ladder and leave the recipients of their slave "entitlement" in the social and financial dust. Try taking it away and you have a civil war on your hands. Benjamin Franklin said " I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it......... the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer." Of course if you have a government making it overly burdensome to strike out on our own many if not most will take the easier poorer way. In both situations, a government enslaving people with promises of entitlements and ensuring it is too burdensome to strike out on ones own perpetuates the slavery and poverty of its people. Take away the ability to vote for how money is spent if you haven't contributed to the pot of money and that will change things quickly. As it is the poor vote to stay right where they are.
yet the masses still allow it to exists due to fear
So true, stop blaming other only have yourself to blame.
wow, +Nat Caruso   Yeah, that poor little girl in the Brazilian slums with no shoes and a hungry belly. It's all her own fault.

yeah !! The poor is suffering poverty, which is  caused by the rich
Rich people don't cause poverty. And that's not coming from a rich person.
Unfortunately +Sonal Siby the only reason the rich get away with it is because of ignorance. Stay in school kids!
I wish many leaders(africans in particular) will listen to the will of the masses
Mr Mandela, as wild eyed Marxist started the government induced generational poverty that persists today in South Africa.  The statement is true but the the actions he had in mind were no better than those that preceded him.
Relieving personal responsibility from individuals post apartheid was just as evil and enslaving as the apartheid was.  When a population is allowed to use the evils of past generations as an excuse relinquish all personal responsibility to the state, there is only one possible outcome and that is South Africa today.  
why do you think they give tax breaks to rich people who don't deserve it and yet working a minimum wage job puts you well under the poverty line. they try to keep us down with poverty because money is everything you can't survive without it. the fat cats want the rich to get richer and to keep the workingman down. its a means of control.
Schools . . . that's where the indoctrination begins . . . the kind to keep the student in a social subclass. The right kind of learning is what's needed . . . not just a classroom!
"education is the one weapon needed to change the world"- Nelson Mandela
I was privileged to spend 30 minutes speaking with this amazing man in 1994. He is genuine, the fact that he took the time to speak to myself and my wife was an awesome honor for us. God bless you my dear sir.
Poverty can diminish/remove if everyone care to other people and not feel heavy to take the action of human beings.,, please share your time/money to help them...
this is so true  i wish everyone could understand this
That is a true. I think that we all need tothink about it and put it in our lives.
That is a true. I think that we all need tothink about it and put it in our lives.
And there you have it folks, communism
Much of the poverty in the U.S. is caused by each person's own actions. I don't know where everyone is getting this whole "blame the rich" thing but the rich aren't making the poor, poor. In some countries this is the case... but many of those are communist. 
but the people who are poor need to change, generally,people don't want to change. for example, when you give them entitlements, they use them for the "wrong things," like junk food. "wrong things" keep them down. for example, junk food, alters how you think, makes you lethargic, therefore, unproductive or the opposite, hyper, non-manageable/hard to employ. furthermore, there is a culture in being poor, and people do not want to give up their culture. today's society is pro culture, regardless of how useless or destructive it is.
I disagree, as I feel many people are too stupid to help themselves out of their situation. Addicted to drugs? Get new friends, you'll be out of poverty in no time. Been there..
+Tammy Gordin My mentor says, "People don't change until they hurt enough that they have to." Like you suggest, we can't change people... they have to want to change. 
Very true. All wean blame is nothing nor no one but or selves to let it happen. As they say if tsunami relevant 'wake up and smell the coffee' ? To most of us. Life is great and abundant. We have all the weapons to us to fight and make something or someone in life.
this is true and MrNelson Mandela will stay a hero and always a hero!
Mandela is an example of everything he preaches. A great man of our time.
Thanks to the fractional reserve lending system (AKA Ponzi scheme) Money is created out of debt. So you can never pay it back. More and more debt is created to pay back the past loans. Similar to musical chairs, you can keep taking away chairs as long as the music is still playing. Simple explanation-> Money As Debt II: promises unleashed (FULL MOVIE)
Poverty is  made by men (human) but how and who will remove ?
Define poverty. If we raise the standard of living, that will change the definition of poverty, in such a way that we will always have the "poor".

Are the natives of the amazon jungle "poor", and by whose definition?

Poverty is man made, because it its man who defines what it is to be poor. Change the definition, change what it is to be poor.

Happiness, on the other hand, is not dependant on wealth (or lack thereof).
+Matthew Snyder THe problem is not the rich, they (the rich) had the initiative and desire to change their life. Governments on the other hand lie and bs the people into thinking that poverty can be solved outside of the individual. Governments perpetuate poverty by setting minimum wages and will take away any money the poor are receiving for free if they (the poor) make any attempt to increase their standard of living. No government in the history of man has ever ended poverty yet people are ignorant enough to keep on doing the same thing hoping for a different result. As a retired Navy man, I am below poverty with my pension yet I look to find those worse off than me to help. The problem there is, most of those who feel entitled (thanks to the government, the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons) with their ghetto, gangster, you owe me lifestyles and attitudes never get to experience what Christians are willing to do for them. A humble person making an effort always catches my attention. 
People tend to blame everyone but themselves. Yes, it would be easier if someone else gave you everything you needed, but at some point, you have to take ownership of your own life.
Poverty will exist as long as some earn more than others... or until the definition of it changes.
First time I read it thought it said Poetry.
La redistribución relativa  y proporcionada de la riqueza aunque parezca utópico quizás sería una de las soluciones posibles de la pobreza en el mundo. 
Capitalism is a large culprit but there are not many better options.
Poverty indeed is man made, no animals in nature are poor. Poverty is relative meaning it can't be solved with technology but only with changing the minds of everyone including "the poor."
Apartheid means apart and heid stands for was based on racial discrimination wid regards to slavery of Africans...i will suggest u to read "arrangement in black and white" by dorothy parker and "once upon a time" by nadine gordimer.just as aparthheid and slavery vanished similarly POVERTY can b removed as well!
It can be removed by an individual not by the government.
Such a great man...,Apart from his words are inspiring, he is also a man of his words..... talk is cheap when isn't followed by actions ........ Mr.Nelson Mandela ...We salute you!! Hopefully more men ..and women are inspired by your actions ..
Very true man has run this country n2 ground
very inspiring. love it. true that it's not an accident but we can make it better for others and how they feel and live.
but the problem is when people donate to all these foundations, the organizers of the founadtion take it all away. and all they give to the families and children in africa is about a few pennies or so.
i wish to help them but there's no possible way of doing that.
Poverty is a problem all across the world and yes people can change there beings. the only thing that is hate is the words stavery ,apatheid, and poverty
So many out there are helpless such that they do not have choice
So many out there are helpless such that they do not have choice
So many out there are helpless such that they do not have choice
Its fun to think that, and it is true, but the ones to get rid of poverty are the impoverished, no amount of welfare will solve poverty. Besides, its been found that unemployment pretty much can't go below 5%. I wish I were lying, I really do
This is a fundamental piece of human awareness that must be understood for mankind's elevation from the cycle of money, scarcity, and suffering 
This is a fundamental piece of human awareness that must be understood for mankind's elevation from the cycle of money, scarcity, and suffering 
This is a fundamental piece of human awareness that must be understood for mankind's elevation from the cycle of money, scarcity, and suffering 
Well this was posted by a poster named Wisdom...says it all..
Yea. Poverty has no religion, no ethics, no values. It is the mother root of all social evils.
God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; He lifts his voice, the earth melts. The LORD Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.
Psalm 46:6
How can reading a book make you a better person ? It's really NOT that simle
How can reading a book make you a better person ? It's really NOT that simle
How can reading a book make you a better person ? It's really NOT that simle
How can reading a book make you a better person ? It's really NOT that simle
The question is ( How many humans don't want to end poverty) It will never happen as long as greed of money and the power it brings still goes on. get rid of money and create a system based on prestige. One that builds on all the professions that humanity needs to sustain a loving and equal life for everyone. and the leader of this world is is the only one that can do it GOD.
It's true. Men create all suffering through its actions, direct or otherwise. The consequences are like ripples.
Indeed Mandela & we lack the will to remove this man-made poverty unfortunately!
Too bad those with the power to "remove" poverty haven't figured out that the initial cost of doing so would bring a greater return to themselves and the entire world faster and with greater longevity than any other investment. :-(
some of you are asking what is the meaning of rich. Richness is not how much money you have but how much love of life, family and god you have. that is truely being Rich. But yet there are still those that seek more money because what they have is just never enough.

There are those that live in a mansion with 10 bedrooms three livingrooms 14 bathrooms and twenty exotic cars, when there is only two - three people living there. that kind of waist, just to say I have this and you don't is rediculous. And there are alot of them out their. those are the greedy people you need to talk to.

You can have a lot of money and do good with it and be rich in life.
I think this is true and that we can change a lot of bad things just by changing our actions
Poverty is caused by money just like most problems in a nation, it is a problem that we wont be able to abolish just like slavery. Because we are all driven to want more power! It would be impossiblee to get rid of poverty because our selfish nature will always find a way to want to be superior to anyone!
Poverty is a culture, and until that culture is addressed, and the allure is defeated, We will never eliminate it from the world.
And 'actions' depend on sincere activicts and committment.(self).
And 'actions' depend on sincere activicts and committment.(self).
He is human.
But, the damage is done. Scars are signs of healing, but new wounds occur daily.
The people in power don't want poverty to end as its a big business.
I feel that we don't give students enough tools to spot opportunities when they do appear. I used to mentor long-term unemployed people who continually stepped over and around opportunities until someone pointed out the fit between their talents and what was all around them. It wasn't that they weren't smart, it was simply that they didn't have the knowledge or the tools to apply it.
Slavery is man-made.
Apartheid is man-made.
Poverty is man-caused.
If world runs the formula said poverty vanishes great words .....hats off.........
If world runs the formula said poverty vanishes great words .....hats off.........
If world runs the formula said poverty vanishes great words .....hats off.........
yes and no rich need poor ppl to do all the work for them and humans by nature are herd animals so we have the natural tendancies to follow others
man is the one who creates, and he only can change what he created. Together with love, courage and humanity we can change every curse into a blessing
Wealth is not a measure of money, but a measure of happiness.  Either some are poor or all are poor.
Gyanchand Katariya,
You're repeating your self
The apartheid was removed by the democratic government.
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