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I`m a developer (among other things) - tell me about it! :D
knowledge will give u power
but character respect and without ANY respect knowledge is NOTHING
POWER = character
CHARACTER = respect
RESPECT = knowledge
As long as that doesn't become your motto on everything, imagine how many things would be left broken and unfixed...
Ve vo
luv both "fixing" n "creating". just floooow...
Or maybe it's not always about achieving perfection...
it seems.may be right......
God had you post this for me if not I'd like to believe so thanks
similiar to starting a project, then quiting because...weren't as prepared as first thought? Maybe learn more in advance before starting new project, so wont be a need to always quit.?
What is maybe? It is.....or it isnt.
This kinda contradicts the old couple a little farther up in 'what's hot' though......
Shouldn't we fix first, then move on, so we don't keep repeating!
It depends on a person.....i think so
Try your up most to fix something, but when you have exhausted every option it is time to move on with your life..
When it comes to our relationships creativity: creating new ways to make our relationship work, communicate or even settle our differences help renew and cement our togetherness. With new forms of communication tools around, to get in touch evem when separated by distance is possible.
When it comes to our relationships creativity: creating new ways to make our relationship work, communicate or even settle our differences help renew and cement our togetherness. With new forms of communication tools around, to get in touch evem when separated by distance is possible.
I don't want to survive! I want to live!
extremely true.
that`s must be always done
Awesome! impacting words.
Tis so true. Communication, on all levels, is the answer for mankind. Wisdom is in the context of the content of the written word.
I agree. Wisdom is d art of good living. When u have it, use it wisely life is better.
It cannot always be fixed is what it says. Somethings can be fixed!
This can be applied to Soooo many things.
Someone said 2 me that “SOMETHING IS BETTER THEN NOTHING” on that case if you try to fix something broken and it’s not fixing properly then we should move forward and creating something better… (-͜͠ - )
depends on the situation or what is it that needs to be fixed.
Word is gold, silence is silver. Remember silent is d answer 4 d conscent. it mean a gun is better than a woman,coz u cant fix
Yes sometimes it's better to cut your loss and start over. Life is too short to waste on a lemon...
Perhaps that's the best way to do!thanks;)
That's amazing
Ii love random wise sayings
Sue R
i agree
Really like this. Thank you.
Really like this. Thank you.
Are there it is, theres a slider on the top of the screen to turn off this constant dribble
I like him, I want him to know this, but I can't do anything.
Could not have worded it any better than this. So very true
Wow I just started this google thing and was going to get on fb instead but something happened and wow this is the first thing I see and it's soooo true! I'm fighting for my relationship and I think we need to start over and not try to fix the broken parts! 
True said but how to fix if his gone :(
It depends on individuals, fixing is needed in some circumstance while fresh actions are better options in another ways. Just be sure of any actions u are taken not to be a victim of circumstance.
If hes gone be creative and start all over again. Drop d sugar d ants must gather. Invent new ways to reach him and win him. For sure he has a price tag. Pay it. He is all urs again.
everyone has a mistake in life, failure and disappointment so we have to move on and fixed our lives.
Beautiful put the past behind the. 2 of you & MOVE ON MIZZ R

can't collect milk that's already been spilled among shards of broken glass...I agree.
A new way to view wisdom, anytime a chance to start over is given, if yr wise enough to realize yr on the wrong path, you can choose to change it & start I like it
Trust no one except God who create you
Changing the path is another way to solve our problems. There are things that's better left unfix. 
This is the real problem with our society. We never want to fix what's broken. The new person, new manager, new chief, always wants to start over with their vision rather than analyzing what's wrong with what we have and fixing it.
happy it's good over marriage.. wasteful time to fix it a few times..
Am I the only one who noticed the wonderful penmanship?
+keyur patel as a long time member of the corporate rat race, I can image it very well. Every new member of a team, especially those with any authority want to remake every project and every org chart in their own image. The person that can fix what's wrong with what is already in place is the rarest of individuals. Nearly every person I've ever known has expressed the sentiment that, "The person that had this job before me was an idiot." and you can quote me on that :-))
Could be applied in some cases but not all
indeed true,its also about forgeting the past and moving towards the future and also about forgiving what had gone wrong
Trying to fix is the key or initiative to proceed further on invent or creat something new. This is much practical in solvation of real life problems and also in new inventions 
(-͜͠ - ) Well said "Janice Michalek" I' m fully agree with U...Well it is just a quote every person have their different opinion.
Love when we can find new ways of perceiving life, with an open mind and a desire to help someone, i think most of us can live a fairly positive and fruitful life... Lessons learned!!! Never take advantage of who you have in your life, cuz u might just wake up without 'em one morning, and i wish that for no one so plz cherish every moment, and don't ever let go.

Oo I love that cuz broke a couple of times lol 
For me, in the process of initiating a Divorce proceeding; to happen upon this randomly this morning borders on the prophetic. Thanks for sharing
Old is more better and longer for use. New is only for 1-2 years
awesome pic also you have good taste
Exactly the kind of quote I was looking for
Or perhaps it's about accepting that what's broken has good uses and to focus more on using broken things for less broken purposes.
something I am slowly learning the hard way ...
Thats a good thought i will remember that forever
This is so true because sometimes things break for you to find something even better #AWESOME
I'll always remember this thought.
And then breaking that! Do it all the time.
start new life again.............................
سوق طيبه بالرياض
Or maybe its about fixing it. Because you know, it was very expensive and I sure as hell am not paying for a new one.
The flood was God starting over, Jesus dying on the cross to take the punishment for our sins was his way of fixing us, if we'll take the glue and love the tinker.
+Telia Garner
Example: my ipad. Bitch I ain't paying for the new one because its better.
And we can start by rebuilding society... which is broken.. and for which we need a better solution... but it is started thankfully!
If only we could apply this to our society in general. Sadly it isn't so straightforward.
This is pretty much the reason I'm giving up on biology and switching to robotics.
start with all the good old boys , who want to suck the hearts out of the 99% of Americans- Clean house- vote for someone who cares about the middle class - old - disable poor You never now when you will fall into this class-who have worked hard all there life & got screwed. like me
Words that many more people should live by. What is broken may not be able to be fixed.
Oki Dok
fix first if u want somthin stay with you 4ever..dont ever think with that qoutes..but somtimes, maybe, its our 2nd choice..
kinda good advice, at least 4 me. thnx 4 that word
It lets u know that u can start something new and better than what u lost. I like it!
yeah, it's like saying "fixing this broken vase will be really difficult, so it's better to buy a new one"
yeah.lyk trying to put pieces of a broken glass together. tis so true
yes because there are other people who like u or need u
What's broken can never, repeat, NEVER, be fixed....
i can tell by the wording that this was meant to directly oppose the 'old couple' image about choosing to stay together, that was trending a few days ago. In which case, I STRONGLY disagree with this quote.
What about relationships? lol
That's why no one treasure anything anymore.
The ultimate destination of our life path is wisdom,Wisdom is the highest and deepest degree of knowledge,insight,and understanding.It provides us with the broadest perspective on life's it's purpose, and lesson we learn throughout our lifetime.
I really have to say i do agreed with you because that is so true...
Just don't trade one problem for another, people that have nothing to lose, have everything to gain, and will tell you what you want to hear
Is this responding the post about the couple?
Kady - sorry its spelt definitely but the saying is good
you cant start over is you have genital warts and a bloody rectom. shit is mad nastey
or fixing that dildo so you shove it up that poop shute bitches
this is so true i love this pic and u just lame for that
Creating something better may not always be the answer. Trying to put back together what is broken may bring about a more fulfilling result.
The key though is not the "starting over and creating something better", but ensuring that you have a deep and clear understanding of what was broken, if anything, in the first place.

There have been many "second mover" successes by people who learned from those who went before them, as well as many spectacular failures by overconfident people who moved without fully understanding the needs they were addressing.
sometimes, you will have sob over the broken one in the future
so thing is probably never broken
Maybe it's about accepting that you are stuck with something broken.
i love that. It is very good advice and very true, i just wish that i had realized that a few months ago. :(
Really true. Sometimes "quitting" is good. You're not saying "I'm not strong enough" you're saying, "I know there are better things for me to do". :)
Maybe its about making something new an unique.
ironic......the way of the explore tab issues.......its just that I recently scrolled to that one picture about the couple that had lived together for 65 yrs. only to have the quote in front saying that they were raised in a time where they first thought to fix things instead of throwing them out.
somtimes yes somtimes no
Upload the one of the hand holding up a paper saying "here's to the past", I like that one.
starting over is hard but essential to be great success
Guess they can't fix whatever they tore that piece of paper from.
yes… there's a difference...
sometimes we all need to take a second look and start over.
yea i wish i could fix the death of my sister
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