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Federal Criminal Offenses in Wisconsin

Criminal charges can be brought by State or Federal Law Enforcement agencies.  Federal Criminal charges are prosecuted with the full force of the United States Government on behalf of the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”) by assistant United States Attorneys (“AUSA”).  The Federal Law Enforcement Agencies typically involved in Federal Criminal Investigations include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) and the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”).

Federal Criminal charges differ from State charges in two significant ways.  First, the DOJ often investigates Federal Criminal cases for years before bringing charges.  This means that Federal charges are far more completely put together than most State cases before the person even knows s/he was even under investigation.  The second major difference involves the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  The Guidelines are no longer mandatory, but they still take most discretion away from judges.  At the best they give a judge an often high starting point in a sentencing decision.  At worst they provide for sometimes harsh mandatory minimum sentences, especially the enhancer for having a gun during the commission of a crime...

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Wisconsin Tax Fraud Attorney in Milwaukee, WI

If you have been charged with Tax Fraud, or if you are under investigation for Tax Fraud, by the State of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (“DOR”), you should contact me immediately.  I am a former Revenue Auditor with the DOR, and former Tax Consultant with one of the top 3 international accounting firms.  I have passed the Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) examination.
When you are investigated for, or charged with, Tax Fraud by the DOR, you need a qualified, experienced Tax Fraud Attorney with the experience and inside knowledge of how the government agencies operate.

Most individuals and or businesses who get charged with Tax Fraud have never had police contact.  It is important to contact a qualified Tax Fraud Attorney immediately when you get notified of such a charge.  One should never talk to the authorities without a lawyer.

Tax Fraud cases are fraught with reams and reams of documents that the government purports support a Criminal Tax Fraud charge against the person or business involved.  While it is a time consuming process, I have poured over such documentation, both as a Government Auditor and as a Tax Fraud Attorney.

Call me immediately if you have been contacted by the authorities regarding a State of Wisconsin Tax Fraud

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney in Milwaukee, WI – Call Now! (414) 704-0019
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Possession of a Controlled Substance in Milwaukee, WI

The most basic Drug Charge in Wisconsin is the charge of “Possession of a Controlled Substance”.  The nature of the charge, Misdemeanor or Felony depends upon the type of drug and the number of convictions that a Defendant has had in the past.  A simple first offense possession of marijuana is typically charged as a misdemeanor and could carry a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail (with work release) and a $1,000 dollar fine.  However, many county District Attorneys now charge a second simple marijuana possession as a Felony.  Depending on the amount, charges for cocaine, heroin and other drugs could be more serious.

In order to be convicted of Possession of a Controlled Substance contrary to section 961.41(1)(3g) Wis. Stats., the State would need to prove the following:

The Defendant possessed a substance.
The substance was an illegal “controlled substance”.
The Defendant knew or believed that the substance was an illegal substance and prohibited by law.

Possession may be shared with other people. And the Defendant does not need to actually “own” the substance to possess it for the purpose of this law.

Contact Jeff Purnell Law Firm for a FREE Consultation of your Possession of a Controlled Substance Charge.
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Domestic Violence Charges in Milwaukee, WI

Most, if not all, of the 72 counties in Wisconsin receive Federal grants to staff Domestic Violence units.  In Milwaukee county, this includes dedicated Assistant District Attorneys who prosecute nothing but Domestic Violence charges.  These grants also provide for victim/witness associates who try to maintain contact with an accuser throughout the pendency of a case.  In some cases the government even rents an apartment for an accuser.

Domestic violence cases are typically charged with emotion.  In some cases, a person who has a heated argument with a significant other, perhaps over infidelity, gets angry and calls the police.  If the accuser embellishes what actually happened, it is very difficult to get the government to believe that a subsequent statement is actually the truth.  In these cases, it is important to have an aggressive and successful trial lawyer show up prepared to try the case and get to the truth.

Contact Jeff Purnell Law Firm to schedule a FREE Consultation for your Domestic Violence Case.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney in Milwaukee, WI – Call Now! (414) 704-0019
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OWI Attorney in Milwaukee

Wisconsin OWI Attorney/Drunk Driving

Suspected drunk drivers in Wisconsin face more scrutiny today than at any time since the first automobile rolled off the assembly-line. The accepted alcohol levels have been lowered while the penalties have escalated to the point that we are sending people to prison after repeated convictions.  Police conduct Impaired driving sweeps of certain areas periodically during the year to apprehend otherwise good people for OWI.  It doesn’t take much, in terms of alcohol consumption, for a normal person to find themselves over the limit and headed to jail.
The current blood alcohol limit in Wisconsin is .08.  Most normal people will find themselves at or above the limit after just two beers or glasses of wine in one hour.  In addition, many people will not even feel intoxicated at the level of blood alcohol that will send them to jail.
These facts; increased police attention, and the lower illegal level of blood alcohol, combine to bring more good, otherwise law-abiding people in conflict of Wisconsin OWI laws.  So, while you might not be a murderer or drug-dealer, you still might need the services of an aggressive Wisconsin drunk driving lawyer.

Wisconsin Drunk Driving laws contain many potholes that an unwary defendant might step into. From clarifying prior convictions, to the reason for the seizure, or stop, of the defendant, and the manner the police officer administered field sobriety tests, all the way to the validity of the Breathalyzer and correct Blood Alcohol Content at the time of driving, there are several critical points in the process where an astute Wisconsin OWI lawyer can challenge the charge of Wisconsin Operating While Intoxicated, or OWI.

A new Wisconsin law also prohibits operating a motor vehicle with any detectable amount of many illegal drugs, including Marijuana. This can be a very troubling matter if a person had used Marijuana days before and is not actually under the influence at the time of driving. I expect there to be litigation on this matter going forward, but presently, any detectable amount of THC found in a driver could give rise to a charge of OWI in Wisconsin.

I have represented many people accused of OWI in Wisconsin. As appropriate, I will challenge the reason the police stopped a client, the manner in which field sobriety tests are administered, and the level of blood alcohol at the time of driving.

Why Should I fight my first Wisconsin OWI/Drunk Driving ticket?
Wisconsin is the only state left in America where the first drunk driving offense is not a criminal offense.  Many people simply pay the ticket for a first offense for Wisconsin OWI. That is a huge mistake!  It is equally, if not more, important to contest the first Wisconsin drunk driving charge. While the result might be the same, initially, as a speeding ticket, the long-term affect is far more important.  If a defense exists for the first OWI, exercise that defense.  From sky-high insurance rates to the danger a person faces for a subsequent offense, the reasons are myriad to fight that first offense.
First offense drunk driving matters in Wisconsin are handled in municipal courts for the jurisdiction where the offense allegedly occurred.  These cases are not criminal, as the penalty is simply a fine.  However, the process is unique, and you need a criminal defense lawyer who knows the process.

New laws require an Ignition Interlock device to be installed on ALL vehicles owned by the individual convicted of a first offense OWI if the blood alcohol level is .15 or higher.

Trials for first offense OWI are handled, as a rule, in front of a municipal court judge, and not a jury.  A jury trial must be demanded early in the proceeding.  I will guide you through this intricate and nuanced proces to protect your rights and ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

I have litigated my case completely and I still face sentencing for a criminal OWI conviction, will I lose my job?

In nearly all drunk driving cases where prison is not at issue, a person convicted of a Wisconsin OWI charge will be allowed Huber privileges.  The “Huber Law” in Wisconsin is a work-release option so that a defendant is allowed to retain his or her job while serving a sentence.  In some cases the person can also have time to care for children.  However, there are limits of, usually, 72 hours per week that a person can be released for such activities.  I ensure that my clients are afforded the maximum time possible to manage their lives while serving their sentence for drunk driving in Wisconsin.  In addition, some counties in Wisconsin allow defendants to serve their sentences under house arrest.  House arrest allows a person to serve their sentence at their own home, leaving only to go to work and run a small number of essential errands.

Wisconsin law now requires that in 3 rd and subsequent offenses, the defendant will be taken immediately into custody, or remanded. This means that after the plea or conviction by a jury, the person goes directly to jail. While it is still possible to get work-release privileges, it is important to be aware of this fact to adequately plan for the life disruption.

Second offense drunk driving convictions do not require immediate remand into custody. I have been very successful planning the dates so that many clients otherwise eligible for work release have not had to spend a single night in jail. They were processed and released on electronic monitoring the very same day.

I am intimately familiar with the nuances of the laws affecting people accused of OWI in Wisconsin. I will litigate your case aggressively and effectively, and ensure you get the best result possible.
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