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To schedule an appointment simply dial (920) 593-1800
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Anyone sharing office equipment must use it with the utmost respect, care, and courtesy, and also be sensitive to the needs of others. Remember, if you expect everyone with whom you work to clean up after themselves, you must model that behavior yourself.
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Schedule an appointment today to get a regular maintenance on your Office Machinery! Prevent future problems with copy machines, fax machines and printers. When the printer is down… the whole office is down!  
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Most offices have at least one copy machine, and when it breaks, becomes jammed or stops working properly, they need someone to fix it right away. If the machine is under warranty or the company has a service contract with its manufacturer, a repair technician comes out and fixes it.
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Line of Credit or Term Loan: Which Does Your Business Really Need?
As more and more alternative lenders enter the small business loans market, small business owners have more debt financing options than ever before. That’s great news for borrowers, who are far more likely to find a loan they can qualify for and that can suit their needs. But at the same time, how do business owners decide which product is right?

Let’s break down two of the most common loan products that small business owners find themselves choosing between—the term loan and the business line of credit. How are they similar or different? How do you decide which one your business really needs? We’ll start with some basic definitions:

Term loans: A traditional term loan is the easiest type of debt financing to understand because it’s probably what you naturally think of when you think of a business loan. You borrow a fixed amount of money, usually for a specific business purpose, and pay back the loan over a fixed term and typically at a fixed interest rate.

Business line of credit: Perhaps the most flexible form of business funding, a business line of credit gives you capital to draw upon to meet a variety of business needs. Once established, you may draw on your line of credit as you would a personal credit card, to get more working capital, buy inventory, smooth seasonal cash flows, pay off other debts, or address almost any other business need.

Basically, the difference between these two loan options comes down to two keywords:

Term loan = fixed
Line of credit = flexible
Fixed or flexible. Which type of financing does your business need? Consider these six questions to find the right choice for you:

Do you have a clear picture of your upcoming financing needs? Are you a Type-A personality that already has an organized list of each use of your potential funding, along with the costs for each? If you’re sure of your funding needs and have a timeline for the working capital you’ll need and when, you can probably use a term loan to meet your needs.
Are you considering a business credit card as an alternative to a loan? Sometimes, new business owners in need of debt financing for day-to-day working capital will choose a business credit card in order to cover these expenses. While using a credit card is certainly convenient, the interest rates can be high. If you’re choosing between a credit card and a business loan to finance your new venture, using a line of credit could be a lower-cost alternative.
Is price your most important consideration? If you know that you need funding, but the idea of paying a hefty interest rate has you balking, the deciding factor may come down to price even more than convenience. For you, it won’t be a line of credit versus a term loan, it will be whatever is cheapest.
Do you operate a seasonal business? If your expenses and sales volumes vary widely from season to season, your need for debt financing might change from month to month—along with your ability to maintain a monthly loan payment. That’s why owners of seasonal businesses can benefit from a line of credit, which offers more flexibility in borrowing and repayment than a traditional term loan.
Does your business’ financial future feel uncertain? If you’re a Type-B personality or just starting out in business, you may have a difficult time predicting what the immediate future holds for your business. How much money will you need? What monthly payments can you afford? The more unknowns about your business finances, the more flexibility you’ll want in order to prepare.
If your business doesn’t need a lot of flexibility in your funding, it might be best to take out a term loan, which can be more affordable. If you do need flexibility for the unexpected, a line of credit, even if more expensive, might be best for you.

Meredith Wood is editor-in-chief of Fundera, the easiest way to shop and save on a small business loan. Follow her on Twitter at @Mere_Wood.

Preventive Maintenance will maximize equipment uptime, minimize expensive repairs and extend the useful life of your printers, copiers, faxes and scanners.
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