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The Warmest Boots on the Web
The Warmest Boots on the Web


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Why Choose Us? (

WinterBoots.Com is the ultimate online destination for all your foot warmth needs. We are proud to feature classic winter boot brands, such as Baffin, Sorel, Columbia, Timberland, Merrell, The North Face, and Salomon.

We began selling winter boots online in 2000, and we are leading experts in all things winter boot. Not only do we know our boots inside and out, we test our boots against all winter conditions.

Our office is located in Burlington, Vermont, with the New York Adirondacks to our West and the Vermont Green Mountain Range to our East.

We offer worldwide shipping, so whether you're braving the winter right here in Vermont, or hitting the slopes in Utah, we want to help you find the best boots to fit your need.

We are open from 9:30am-4:30 pm EST, so if you need any help in your search for the perfect winter boots, please let us know! Reach out via email and tell us what you're looking for in a boot ( what activities you'll be doing, the level of warmth you're looking for, the temperature where you are, etc.) and we'll make recommendations tailored to your needs!

Visit our website to see our selection and prepare for the cold winter months:

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Where are Baffin Boots Made?
Baffin is a Canadian company that originally manufactured all of their cold weather footwear in Canada but has since moved most of their production overseas. Two factors led to that decision. First, was the difficulty of maintaining a seasonal workforce. Second, Baffin like most footwear companies, couldn't compete price-wise against companies who had already sourced product in Asia.

It's a difficult dilemma for both manufacturers and consumers. We all want to support Made in Canada and Made in US products, but we also need to be mindful of our wallets.

Learn more about the Baffin boots that are made in Canada here: #winterboots #baffin #madeincanada
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How to Break in Winter Boots
Buying a new pair of winter boots can be a blissful shopping moment when the streets are wet and your feet are cold. Taking the time to strategically break in your new boots, however, makes all the difference between bliss and blisters.

We've all jumped headlong into a new pair of shoes without considering the consequences only to come up with bloody ankles and tender toes. Be still your broken feet ~ a little advanced planning would have made all the difference.

Guest blogger Vincent West, an expert in boot fitting, gives us his best advice on how to break in your boots for the long-term.

Check out his stellar suggestions here: #winterboots #winterbootcritic
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How To Tell if Your Snow Boots Fit?
We've all been there. You try on your new snow boots. Love them. Wear them all day long. Have blisters. Hate them. It's too late to send them back.

Believe it or not, both you and your online shoe retailer dread this scenario. So, what are some tips to make sure your snow boots fit before you decide to keep them?

First and foremost, the upside of online shopping is that you have loads of TIME to make sure the boots fit. While you can't go outside in them, you can spend wear them inside for longer stretches to make sure they don't have uncomfortable pressure points. You also have time to determine if those pressure points might subside with time.

We recommend wearing the boots a few evenings in a row, as you watch the news, vacuum, run some laundry. Be sure to keep them in brand new condition, but use that time to make sure the boots are the right size.

Snow boots don't fit the same as a street shoe. They tend to be bulkier - a necessary side effect of the warmth - which often results in heel lift. You have to find that balance between too much heel lift, which can lead to blisters, and too little room on the boot, which can lead to cold feet. A lot of factors come into play!

For an in-depth look into the finer points of snow boot sizing, read our blog:

We're always happy to help! #winterboots
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One of our favorite new women's snowmobile boots is the Baffin Suka. It's a mighty winter boot that will keep you warmer than just about any other boot on the planet.

Unless you happen to live in the Arctic Circle or the far reaches of Siberia, the Baffin Suka is not for everyday use, . It is however, one of the warmest boots for sub-zero activities like ice fishing and snow machining. If you happen to be a ski racing mom, or a pond hockey spectator, they also might be just the ticket for keeping frostbite at bay. Although it's a heavier boot, it feels light as long as are wearing it in temperatures below 20° F, when you truly need that much protection.

There are several cold battering features that make the Baffin Suka the Wonder Woman of snowmobile boots. First, take a look at the beefy base. It's made of an arctic rubber compound that provides plenty of space between your sensitive feet and the unforgiving cold ground. Next, check out the cushiony removable liner. Seven layers of moisture wicking, aluminum warming construction that envelops your foot in a protection cocoon.

It's important to understand that the Baffin Suka is not an everyday boot. It's burly and bulky so it's not meant for temperatures above the mid-30s, and it is not meant for high activity. Most women will find the Suka is even too much of a boot for dog walking in extreme weather. That's because your body heat rises when you're active decreasing the need for your boots to keep you warm. In a high energy activity like snowshoeing, even in below zero temperatures, you just don't need the power of the Baffin -148° F boots.

A smaller everyday snow boot like the Baffin Snogoose, pictured on the model's left leg does the trick for your all around winter days. The larger boot on the right, is the Baffin Resolute, a boot that is similar in size to the Suka.

Want to learn even more about Baffin's best snowmobile boots for women? Check them out here:

We have every kind of winter boot you might need. Check out our website and give us a shout if you have any questions. We're happy to help: #winterboots #snowmobile #womenwhoride

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When it comes to cold weather boot technology, nothing has changed faster in recent years than the advancement of slip resistant winter boots. Whether you're looking for the full time protection of carbide studded snow boots or removable ice cleats, options abound.

Perhaps the fastest growing brand in the outdoor category is Icebug boots, a Swedish company that had its beginning designing running shoes that could withstand winter streets and paths. That technology quickly morphed into a series of ice ready winter boots with BUGrip and BUGsole boots,carbide and rubber studs, respectively.

Boots with fixed studs are more comfortable for walking than an ice cleat, but they are permanent, meaning you can't take them off to walk in the grocery store, for example. If you spend many a winter's day hiking or dog walking however, the fixed studs are a lifesaver. Mine are by the door along with a classic pair of Baffin snow boots. Because my Berner needs her walk every single day, I get tons of miles on both sets of boots.

Pajar boots have a line called Ice Gripper that features a retractable spike. The studs are built into the boots, but you can flip them out or flip them in, depending on the conditions. Walk to the slopeside restaurant with the spikes out and then, voila, flip them in when you reach the dining room.

Whether you want a boot with full time studs, part time retractable spikes or sometimes ice cleats, you can find them all at! Learn even more about our favorite slip resistant boots here:

#winter #winterboots #icebug #pajar
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Why Are Some Winter Boots Warmer Than Others?

Have you ever wondered why some snow boots keep your feet warmer than others? There are multiple factors in play but the most essential is the type of insulation the manufacturer uses in their winter boots.

The fact is, if you're going to be standing around monitoring a playground you'll need a warmer boot than the gang that's running around playing King of the Mountain. The harder your body is pumping, the less insulation you'll need to keep you protected from the cold.

All snow boot insulation is not created equal. Whether it's the grams of thinsulate in your Merrell boots or the number of layers in a removable liner from Baffin, you'll want the boots that match up to your winter days.

Read up on how insulation impacts your boot's ability to make your snow days the best they can be! If you're not quite sure, visit our website ( or drop us an e-mail so we can help!
#winter #winterboots #staywarm #snowboots
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Ice Fishing for Beginners!

If you live where it's cold, you can choose to hibernate for the winter or to embrace your inner winter adventurer and try something new! Ice fishing is a fantastic beginner's sport because:
1. You don't need to be coordinated. No double diamond trails on the lake.
2. Once you've made your initial investment, it's not expensive. No lift ticket required.
3. Happy hour starts whenever you say so.

If you want to put your ice fishing prowess on fast forward, invest in the Vexilar, a sort of below sea-level fish finder that will help you determine if you're fishing up the right tree, so to speak.

A little risk, a little investment and you just might add a new option to your winter fun factor!

If you need the warmest boots for ice fishing, and believe me you do, you can always shop our selection here: #ice fishing #warmest boots #winter boots
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Warmest Boots for Hunting in Cold Weather (

As we're moving into the season of the deeper freeze, hunters looking to stay outside for the long haul need to choose their footwear with care. Hunting can be either active or sedentary. For those who will be in tree stands for hours on end, it's critical to find the best hunting boots for winter weather. While there are no shortage of options, it's a classic "Go big or go home" decision.

The warmest hunting boots on the market have either 2000 grams of insulation or a -148° F/-100° C temperature rating. Either of these standards will give you protection for the longest length your body can handle. Not all hunters will get cold at the same level of exposure so there isn't a guarantee which boots will keep you warm all day long, but if you shop for these numbers, you'll know that you've given yourself the longest stretch until your personal frosty meter goes off.

Baffin and Irish Setter are the top hunting boots we sell at If you find yourself with cold feet, come check us out! #warmestbootsontheweb #huntingboots #winter
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Enjoy 10% off all Baffin boots today with coupon code BAF10!
Baffin Winter Boots
Baffin Winter Boots
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