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Winston Bromley
Award winning web designer and Social Media Specialist who is creative and gets results for Businesses
Award winning web designer and Social Media Specialist who is creative and gets results for Businesses

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Social media has really become one of the most important avenues for businesses out there, in order to reach out and communicate with their market.

Richard Gans AXAWhat makes it even better is that it is still growing and business establishments are still learning how to best use social media in order to make their services better. According to Richard Gans, Director of Social Media at AXA, social media usage, both on a paid and organic nature, continues to grow and evolve as a means of marketing and engaging with consumers. More specifically, using social media as an active channel for resolving customer service moments continues to evolve as the needs and expectations of consumers change. Consumers expect brands, even financial service companies, to be available for help when and where they need it and social media is serving as one of those necessary options.

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How to conquer WordPress and make your WP site rock with Randy Mann

WordPress is awesome as a platform and there is so many things in it that make my life and my clients lives better. And the great thing about what I do, is I am learning all the time. If we can learn, we can grow.

So, for today’s article, let’s grow a little together.

I wanted to give you a few insights I learned from Randy Mann, who is an accomplished marketer, IT & webguy. We got talking and he mentioned a few things that I know, and one that I didn’t think about before regarding WordPress (WP), various plugins and tips.

So here is Randy’s list…….

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My Latest article: You know how when you watch Youtube or Vimeo videos and there is an ad that is played before the video? Wouldn’t it be great if you would control exactly WHAT ad goes in front of videos you play? Well, that’s exactly what this awesome software does It easily allows you to create In-Stream Ads JUST LIKE YOUTUBE does! (Yes, you can control your own ads)... See demos and examples of how they are best for here:

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**Exclusive Pimpr Review Interview with Pimpr's creator Trevor Carr**
Want to read a Pimpr Reviews? Will "Pimpr" work. You can watch this insightful interview to get all review information about Pimpr, which launches on March 2, 2017.

For all details:

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Does Pimpr Work? **Pimpr Product VIDEO Review**

Are you looking for Pimpr Reviews? Find out how this new product works in my video below, and most importantly how to make Sales online!

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Pimpr Review – Find out is it worth it and if it actually works

Are you looking for a Pimpr Review? Does Pimpr work? Or is Pimpr A Scam?

Pimpr comes out on March 2, 2017 – and I was able to get an advanced review copy to test it out and answer these questions: Does Pimpr work? and is Pimpr worth it?
I have to say, it’s really straightforward and easy to follow. First off, Pimpr does work (if you follow the system) and it is not a scam nor a waste of your hard earned money. To ensure that I keep with my word on what I do, whenever I post my articles, I do it thinking how businesses and people will be able to implement them in their online business. So, keep reading this Pimpr review as I will walk through some of the ideas and notes about this product that made me enjoy the simplicity of the strategy. I will also be posting a video shortly right here to help with the walk-through.

Read the whole article here:

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Pimpr Review – Find out is it worth it and if it actually works. Launches March 2, 2017 10am EST:

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such a great video of a train demolishing the snow in front of it!
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