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There is one thing that management ask and tester has hard time answering. How much testing is enough? Essentially an organization is looking at delivery and as risk free as possible. However, testing cannot finish and we don't know what we have not found, so how do we justify as tester?

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Random Rants - Basketball Weekend Warrior's experience
I play basketball every Sunday over the past 22 years and I started to miss some of the weekend as I am either down with injury, personal home commitment or some other issues. I certainly love the sport and enjoy the game with a group of guys who (like me) ...

There has been a lot written (or advertised) on choosing the test automation technology for the application that we are testing. Can anyone share the thought process that you personally go through in picking one technology over the other, or simply a set of criteria that you have?

I think it is important sometimes in not just jump straight into the tools that is available (minimal costs or free), but we must do due diligence as well as thinking down the road how much it costs to maintain the tool in the long run.

Well that is for me, some points, any opinion from the rest of you?

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Random Thoughts (for 2017)
LPWA - Low Power Wide Area Network seems to be the next big thing especially for IoT. Seems to be low power usage, transmit a wide range and this shall be good devices to cover a lot of area. The only issue seems then that the data transmission should be li...

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Goodbye 2016
It's time to part with 2016, time for a new beginning. I've in my hand massive projects coming my way and I'm getting all excited already. Right now, I am building a team to do that. It is something like the Bill Gates scenario, fully focused on the outcome...

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Hanz on his 2nd anniversary
Little Hanz is my son. He currently loves to play with a set of Disney characters that is about 8cm tall. He likes all the character. He would hold on to them and arrange it on the table while also arranging his train set as well. This must have been attrib...

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I'm not a recruitment consultant, but, we are looking to fill the following positions in my office. If you are interested, please message me. I'll be happy to provide more information

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Pushing on...
Please try to fight and be more confident, a little.... Please try to fight and be more confident. Please try to fight. Please try. Please. ~~~ Life is an adventure where we search for the meaning of the outcome.

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My Love...
August 21st, a day to remember someone I loved, and to be able to love for such a short time only. The time is excruciating short and painful, and I wish it has not happened. It did though, and feelings cannot be taken away, the love, the pain, the hurt and...

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Be real, be yourself, be awesome
Random thoughts but one thought that came to my mind is that, we have to be real, be ourselves, be present and be genuine. Sometimes we tend to advertise too much of our perspective in one area and not the others. Not that we should do that deliberately, bu...
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