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I can see the future through Glass but sometimes it's a little too much, and I need to bring myself back down to earth with retro-inspired filters.

Something is wonky with sharing the results to Google+, but it works great with +Path!
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This instantly asks for Google permissions when I get there without giving me any idea what it's about. Maybe some sort of informational landing page?
Not worried about a trademark infringement lawsuit with that image and brand name? It is really riding that line of "is the average person confused". Some might feel this is an Instagram version of a Glass product.
It is a concern, but I see this overnight hack as a parody. If certain brands actually take notice and feel threatened enough to contact me, then I will respectfully stop poking fun at them.
Hey +Winnie Tong I'm writing a story on developing for Glass for CNET. Would love to hear back from you, 415.344.2545 or Thanks!