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Wing Wong
Tech-loving, slightly off kilter, random-factoid-regurgitating, kind of guy.
Tech-loving, slightly off kilter, random-factoid-regurgitating, kind of guy.


Wow, it's been a while. Been busy. Just got through some late spring cleaning and purged my ML350/G6 and old "Cheese Grater" Mac Pro.

Basically, I'm giving the big VMware ESXi server build another go, but with modern hardware. So far, the build/parts list:

* AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 16 core cpu
* Noctua 14S TR4 CPU heatsink/cooler
* Asus Prime X399A Motherboard
* 32GB (2x16GB) Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 (will eventually populated it out to 128GB of ram)
* 1kW Corsair PSU
* Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 PC Case (black, because it will go well with my current red desk and because I want it to be SILENT)

Will be transplanting parts from the other machines I've decommissioned:

* 2 x GeForce 1080Ti/11GB GPU(s)
* 1 x 16 lane PCIex16 HBA for Cyclone Microsystems PCIe bus expansion

Via PCIe 16x cable/HBA:

* 1 x 8 PCIe x16 slot Cyclone Microsystem expansion board (in it's own case)
* 1 x EVGA 1080Ti/11GB GPU (will probably go into the external chassis)
* 1 x BlackMagic HDMI 1080P recorder card (will probably go into the external
* 1 x 4 port USB3.1 PCIe card

Host OS:
* ESXi 6.5 or 6.7
* PCIe Passthrough of GPU cards to various virtual machines.

Guest OS 1: Windows 10 Pro ("Workstation")
* Will get one of the 1080ti GPU passed through to it w/physical monitor
* Will get the PCIe USB3 card passed through to it. w/physical keyboard/mouse/etc.
* Will get the BlackMagick HDMI capture card passed through to it.
* This will be my gaming/media editing system.

Guest OS 2: Windows 10 Pro (sandbox/HW dev)
* Virtex 5 PCIE pass through
* FPGA development (Altera/Xilinx)
* USB card/port pass through for programming dongles/etc.

Guest OS 3: Ubuntu TensorFlow/Keras/Caffe Machine Learning
* 1 or 2 GPU PCiE Passthrough for CUDA/CuDNN/GPU acceleration
* USB card/port pass through for access to Intel Neural Compute Stick access
* Tensorflow/Keras/Caffe workflow

Guest OS 4+: Various VM(s) for docker/ansible/deployment testing or automated build via Jenkins/etc.

In theory, I can setup multiple graphics cards for passthrough via the various Cyclone Microsystem ports and suffer some performance loss... something I might still do. The main limiting factor is the number of PCIe 6/8 pin power ports I have access to. For that to work, I'll need to get some kind of dedicated PSU for it. Maybe look to the bitcoin mining folks since they have quite a few of those setups.

Not of fan of the PCIe x1 => PCIe x16 adapters, as they usually don't have a good way to mount things. :(

Why AMD and not Intel? Various reasons....

1) Price point. I get more cores/bang for the buck.
2) More PCIe lanes. Most of the Intel systems max out at around 32 lanes. The AMD boards go higher to between 48-64 lanes or higher.

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+Netflix, watching the Netflix's take on #DeathNote. I've got to say, it's a very different approach. Whereas in the Japanese version... Light is from a good family and makes the personal choice to explore and kill people.. you went with a situation where Light is from a broken home and is being forced/tempted into killing people... It's almost like personal responsibility is taken away from the main actor... it almost takes a more biblical satan/temptation angle... _;

It's really... unpalatable. In the original source material... Light makes his choice based on his own sense of right and wrong. There is no absolute sense of "evil" in the world, only each person's point of view of right and wrong... but the Netflix take on it turns it into a good vs evil/devil thing and it is no longer about each individual's sense of right and wrong, but the corruption of someone who is weak.

Ryuk has no vested interest in forcing someone to use the DeathNote... if anything, any enjoyment he gets is from watching how Light uses the DeathNote... Light's choices is what Ryuk found entertaining.

Why? Why not leave it as it was where someone who wasn't in the down and out/underdog, but an elite of society with all the privileges and benefits is the one who finds the book and of their own accord, with no one forcing or tempting them, decides to use the book and kill people... and only after he has been doing this himself for a while, does Ryuk approach him to see how he's doing.

Since by then, Light had assumed there would be divine punishment... only to find that there wouldn't be. That right and wrong... good and evil... was up to himself to decide for himself... just as it is for everyone to decide for themselves?

The Netflix take on #DeathNote is... shallow. It is the overly used and abused plot of a beaten down underdog who gains and is tempted to use powers of a potentially demonic/evil nature/source... cast in that framework... it loses so much depth and meaning. _;

Honestly... I wish #HBO would pick it up and make it into a multi-season series.

#Netflix, you've licensed and done some good stuff, but this... this is as unpalatable as one of the dry dusty apples from Ryuk's world. Give it to HBO and maybe we can see something red and juicy.
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Would be nice if we could start mining asteroids. :|
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Lots of fluff in the article... no mention of the power level of the laser, effective range, or minimum surface area that it can target accurately.

From the demo video, it looks like it can be used to take out human targets easily(read: silent long distance assasination).

I can't help but wonder what the effectiveness of this weapon is through a cloud of metallic flakes. (Ala Gundam i-bean dispersion defenses)

I can see a single ship armed with say 24 of these (12 per side) with full articulation would be able to fend off a fleet of ships easily. Just have the targeting system strike the remote target's:

- communciations and radar systems
- the bridge(eliminate anything moving in the bridge)
- fuel tanks or armaments for secondary explosions.

I know they are being labelled as awesome defensive weapons, but they are pretty terrifying weapons of death and destruction.
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First disclosure of images taken by the JEM Kibo's internal drone "Int-Ball" :Experiment - International Space Station - JAXA

For some reason... i thought they would have gone with a Haro design (Gundam Seed)
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Hmm... something knocked together with bits from Home Depot and a plate made via Ponoko.
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I'm sure nothing bad will come of this... _;; thinking of all of the green houses using plastic sheeting and such...
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My happy kitty.
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