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OMG. Another amazing post and photography by +Zack Arias  on his site,

Was just taking a break from cleaning/organizing the wasteland called my home office and saw Zack's post. Wow. Powerful. Need to work more of that childlike curiosity into my daily life.

Also, damn, I need to get out and shoot with my Indra. :(
Resources, educational videos, tips and inspiration for photographers by Zack Arias & More.
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Wing Wong

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That's definitely one way to motivate folks to get vaccinated!
The Australian government launched a plan to ensure its children are being vaccinated. The rate of vaccination has jumped to 93 percent in just seven months.
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Wing Wong

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Quick video on how to re-apply Kapton to a 3d printer bed.
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Wing Wong

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Reviewing my home voicemail, got like a dozen voicemails from folks running for political office. Not going to say who.

Food for thought: Getting robocalls with automated messages multiple times on my voicemail is NOT the way to get my vote. In fact, it is the fast track to getting me to vote for whomever is your opponent.

To me, robocalls from anything other than emergency services or people/businesses I do business with giving me important relevant messages(like my rentals are coming due, I have an unpaid bill, etc) are considered just as much of a pain as scammers currently calling in about IRS lawsuits, computer viruses, etc.

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Wing Wong

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Hmm.. getting a chance to do some portraiture shooting. Super excited. Then I realized, it's windy out, so if I'm bringing any lights/etc. out.. I'll need some sandbags/weights. Except... I don't have any. sigh

Current plan: get some empty bags on Amazon and get something inexpensive/durable/heavy to fill them with. And no.. it's not going to be sand. I have something in mind. Will post about it once I've got the bags and the fillers.
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Wing Wong

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Sony finally announces an update on their DSLT flagship camera, the A99, after quite a few long nail-biting years for those of us who kept our A-mount gear. The A99ii is released. Woot!

I want to just describe it as an A7RII inside of an A77ii body, but that really doesn't give it the credit it deserves.

The body is actually smaller than an A99, so it actually makes use of the A77's vertical grip, just like the A77ii. But dang! 12fps at full resolution of 42MP on an sensor with no AA filter. Hybrid AF using both SLT and on-sensor PDAF. Dang.

November 30th can't come soon enough. It's going to be an early xmas. :)

(Linking Brian Smith's blog since it's a good blog, but I originally read about it at )
Sony just announced the 42MP Sony a99II A-mount camera featuring 5-axis image stabilization and 4K video to mark the 10th anniversary of the alpha series!
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Wing Wong

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Wow... was re-reading about the C10K problem( while answering a Quora question about Nginx.

While reading the article, this caught my eye:

"You can buy a 1000MHz machine with 2 gigabytes of RAM and an 1000Mbit/sec Ethernet card for $1200" This was written in 2001.

Fast forward to today, late 2016. A couple of months ago, I bought a used computer: 4 cores, 2.66Ghz, 3GB of ram, built-in gigabit ethernet, and 4 PCIe slots. It was second hand, so was definitely a few years old. I got it for $40.

Realistically, getting a new system with those kinds of specs would be in the $150-$250 price range. Gigabit ethernet cards are $15-$50 for a typical one vs the $150-$400 price ranges they commanded when they first appeared on the scene. Folks are generally wiring up homes with Gigabit ethernet in mind, some with 10GigE in mind. And that's not out of the ordinary.

Come to think about it, aren't most recent phones(Apple,Samsung,HTC,etc.) equipped with 2-6 cores running at 700Mhz-1Ghz and have 2-4GB of ram? Some are even equipped with 802.11ac or MIMO setups allowing them to hit 350-700mbits wifi speeds. Fits in your pocket. And costs <$1000 if you buy it without a contract. <$600 if you buy it with a contract.

That's in the last 15 years. I wonder what another decade or two will bring in terms of advancements?
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Moore's law is distinctly slowing down, unfortunately. Sub-100nm circuits are getting hard. 
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Wing Wong

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Not a bad idea.
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Wing Wong

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Pretty cool... And pretty scary how fast the rate of evolution was to overcome the high concentrations of antibiotics.

But here is my own paranoid takeaway from this: it's scary fast/easy/cheap to create a batch of superbug for nefarious purposes.
We know that bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics, but we've never seen it happen. An MIT scientist figured out how to show bacteria surviving antibiotics and invading a giant petri dish.
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Wing Wong

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So it's come to this.... sigh

Prisoners committed crimes. They are serving time. They are supposed to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment. Are we saying that cutting down quantity and quality, and effectively rationing their food to the point that a ramen brick is a viable currency isn't inhumane?

Seriously, think about this. Prisoners have moved away from CIGARETTES, which are addictive and moved to RAMEN packs as a form of currency.

People who do that, do that because they need to. And if prisoners are driven to the point where they need to barter and even fight for food, what does that say about the humane-ness of our prison system? 
Instant ramen has overtaken cigarettes as the go-to currency in U.S. prisons, according to a study.
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Same here. :)
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Tech-loving, slightly off kilter, random-factoid-regurgitating, kind of guy.
I'm just your typical tech-loving, slightly off kilter, random factoid regurgitating, camera loving, weird tech thing building, loving husband, overly cautious father, kind of guy. 

I spent half of my life growing up in Southern California and have spent the other half of my life in the Bay Area. My love of technology(and a good paying job) brought me to the Silicon Valley, but it was love and starting a family(and a good paying job), which has kept me here. ;)

I greatly enjoy photography and just shooting the breeze. Though lately, I've taken up 3d printing, micro controller project building, coding, and even got my ham radio license, though I've yet to engage in rag-chewing on my little 5W handie-talkie unit.

You'll find my various profiles all over the inter-webs. But this is where I spend the bulk of my time, on Google+ or in the Google Forums(The #deltabot forums mostly!).

I currently work for a technology platform centric company based out of San Francisco, but am fortunate enough to work out of the Palo Alto office, where I work with a very energetic and amazing group of engineers.
Bragging rights
Married to an amazingly straightforward, understanding, insightful, patient, and loving woman who somehow finds it within her to put up with me and the cloud of messiness/noise/random ramblings I bring with me. Proud father of an exceedingly energetic, unendingly inquisitive, and a paragon of positivity daughter. Both of whom remind me why life is wonderful.
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