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Just because you can’t see it leaking doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong with your roof.

Even if your drywall doesn’t have visible water damage, your
roof may still have some leaking water, which can lead to
dangerous mould growth. You may not notice it because of the
vapour barrier in your attic.

“You have to be proactive with your roof,” insists Derrick
Delaney, owner of Windsor’s All-Star Roofing. “Every few years,
especially if you start to notice any kind of deterioration on
your shingles, you should get an inspection.”

Even mere condensation can feed mould growth. “If your roof
doesn’t have proper ventilation, it could create condensation
in your attic,” explains Delaney. “That creates moisture, which
creates mould.

You may have to swap out damaged insulation, or even have a
specialist go into your attic.”

Newly built homes have perforated soffit – the exposed outdoor
“ceiling” that bridges the gap between a home’s exterior siding
and the outer edge of the roof – which allows air to enter as
it rises and escape safely through roof vents. “If your older
home don’t have that,” advises Delaney, “it requires an ‘Edge’
air vent. It’s a new style of vent that you can put on the lower
part of your roof, which will allow the air to come in and escape
through the vents on the top.”

In any case, it’s important to go with a knowledgeable, certified
roofing company. “Roofing is a system,” stresses Delaney.
“Your roofing company is required to install a functional
system – with proper ventilation – that works in favour of your
attic. You get what you pay for, and a good company makes all
the difference.”

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CertainTeed Certain Tip: If your home needs roof repair, don’t delay until after the winter or storm season. The cost of replacing a roof is only a fraction of the potential loss that could result to a home’s interior, furnishings and possessions.

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