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Windroy 20140113 build is available.
What's new:
-include the Quake  game
-use odex for system framework and app
-fix some bugs

Windroy 20140107 build is available.

What's new in this build:
- make surfaceflinger and drm server and whole system more stable;
- fix touch skew on windows before 8.1;
- support more apks;
- support video playback in webkit;

Though native code support is not ok yet, Windroy can run java apps nicely, even some with x86 native libs. Google play from gapps for ics, for example, could run safe & sound.

Windroy 20131212 build is available.

What's new:
Proper cleanup on app exit
App uninstallation bug fixed
Window rotation disabled in fullscreen mode
Windows Vista touch problem fixed

Windroy 20131126 build is available.

what's new in is build:
- fixed some bugs
- network optimization
- wifi emulation
- support Windows 8.1

For win8 users, for ex, those of surface pro: afrer windows update,  almost certainly Windroy would crash. Don't panic, that's due to Windows bug about loading gpu driver. After reinstalling video card driver, Windroy would run again. We hope Ms would fix this soon.

The default is full screen mode. To set main window size, set an environment variable WINDROY_RESOLUTION=widthxheight. For example, WINDROY_RESOLUTION=800x600

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Windroy 20130803 build is available.

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Windroy 20130724 build is available.

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