The infamous EmDrive rises from the grave
NASA paper
Wikipeida overview
My take:

[1] Inventor Roger Shawyer's theoretical basis for his EmDrive appears to be total rubbish. It violates conservation of momentum, which would basically mean scrapping all of physics and starting over from scratch, yet still predicting the same results of every experiment in physics in the last few hundred years.

[2] Shawyer's theoretical basis may have nothing to do with the equipment. That is, his basis may be rubbish but he stumbled onto an arrangement of equipment that actually does create anomalous thrust.

[3] It is a good rule of thumb to be skeptical of positive results when the measurements are at the limit of accuracy.

[4] The fact that three experiments by three different researchers have shown positive results is interesting. However, there are questions about the results. See the link I posted above.

[5] If the EmDrive actually works, it is a reactionless drive. Which means it is a weapon of mass destruction that would make the Dinosaur-killer asteroid look like a wet fire-cracker.
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