Out of the blue Auroch Digital contacted me to playtest the Ogre computer game.
TL,DR; It's awesome!

This is a fantastic implementation of the classic tabletop board game.
The user interface is clean and easy to use. The display has all the information at your fingertips, and helpful prompts assist you with the current options. The official soundtrack gets you right into the action. The single-player opponent uses AI that is diabolical.

And the graphics...those gorgeous graphics!

I'm the guy who drew the original Ogre. I created the look and feel of the cybertank. Of all people I know what these things look like. And the wizards at Auroch Digital captured it perfectly!
The miniature combat units are crisp, color coded, and subtly animated. It makes the game come to life. Even the hovercraft have their central lift-fan rotating. And the Ogre moves its arsenal of weapons in a menacing fashion as it decides which of your units to kill next.

The map display is polished and professional, both amazing eye-candy and a crisp clear display of the tactical situation. The map can be panned, rotated, and zoomed. The boarders look like something from Industrial Light and Magic. I love it!

However, underneath it all is the classic Ogre tabletop wargame. Which came out in 1977 but has passed the test of time.
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