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You have pushed yourself enough, my friend. You've forced yourself many times and did it make you feel good throughout the way?
Can you allow yourself to be quiet and listen to the soul's desires? Can you let go of the urge to achieve and open into stillness, into simple being?
To outshine in something or to create something brilliant can give you a feeling of worthiness. But is it true worthiness, or is it looking for someone to tell you you're good enough maybe even amazing because you dare not tell yourself?
Wat if we could allow ourselves to rest, my friend. To enjoy this moment of inner piece or inner struggle without judging ourselves for being 'unproductive' or 'great' or something in that spectrum of appreciation based on output.

This life is not about the final result. It is about the journey. So why not allow ourselves to choose the scenery we want to see and really enjoy it?

- Wilrieke Sophia

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"If there is any doubt, there is no doubt."
- Hebrew saying, taught to me by Eyal

"If it's not a 'Hell yes!', it's a 'No'."
- wise words from Steve Pavlina

Life is actually very simple. There are things you want in your life, and there are things you don't want in your life. And although this is very simple, it takes courage and an ability to look inwards to really feel what it is you do/don't want in your life.

I'm practicing with every decision I make. Small decisions and large decisions. Easy choices and dificult choices. I learn that saying 'No' strengthens me and gives me that wonderful feeling of trusting myself. And even though tehre are still layers of insecurity, neediness and looking for things outside myself, there is a strong, loving core that becomes more and more tangible and apparent.

I have said 'No' to business deals, clients, dates, potential lovers. That moment of saying 'No'and sticking to my choice if another tries to persuade me is a little scary. But the moments afterwards... I feel so true to myself. It's a wonderful path.

You might experience me saying 'no' to a question or suggestion you do. Realise that when I (or anywone else) doesn't reject you as a person. It's a no to a situation. A feeling of non-allignment. For me to say 'Yes!', I need my mind, intuition, focus and desires in allignment. If one of them isn't in for it, there will never be a real 'yes'. A partial 'yes' means that I will never be able to give myself completely. I'm never in the moment for the full 100%. For me to say 'no' to you, is - to me - more respectful than giving you a partial 'yes'.

My 'no' to you is an act of respect to both you and myself, acknowledging the suggested situation isn't the most beneficial experience for either of us.

My 'hell yes' means a complete allignment in me for this suggested experience with you.

You can find more of my writings on my blog: 

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We all have emotional needs we wish to fulfill: feeling safe, nurtured, cared for, touched are a few examples. Making sure these needs are met is a primary drive in daily life; leaving them unfulfilled creates feelings of insecurity and discomfort. There are two basic ways to deal with our needs: taking responsibility for our own needs, or making others responsible for meeting our needs.

Do you experience neediness in areas of your life?

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I have updated my business offerings. Horse Assisted Coaching is now officially announced!

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"When we are talking about who you are, we’re not talking about the being you are. You are vast, much larger than what you perceive as ‘you’.

For a long time it has been thought that spirituality was somehow separate from earthly matters. But it isn’t. It’s daily life where we can manifest ourselves right now. It’s everyday life where our shadows step into the light."

Who are we really? These words wanted to be written and shared, so here goes 

Who are you?

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