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Wilmington Symphonic Winds
Playing the world's greatest band literature.
Playing the world's greatest band literature.


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We're waiting for Google to attach our videos to our page.. That might take a while. in the meantime, here is our Youtube page!

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Sandy Mitofsky is our newest sustaining member! Can you help sustain the group? All it takes is $50!

Thank you to our very own Andrew Gore for being a sustaining member!

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. James Taylor for your section leader contribution!

Big thanks to John & Lydia Kelso for become section leaders!

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Our own Lisa Teem Bell is a Section Leader! There's no need to feel left out, lead a section today!

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Have you dreamed of being a soloist? Join Rufus & Kimberele McGill and become a soloist today!

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Are you Section Leader material? Dan & Nancy Corsi are!

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Thank you Jonneke and Eric Dundore for your $50 contribution! It's not to late to participate in 10 for winds!

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Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sloup are sustaining members, can you match their $50 donation?
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