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Luangkan waktumu untuk membaca ini, dijamin tidak akan sia-sia.

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Indonesia a fascist state - Wajib dibaca!

"The military and the NUs (the largest Muslim organization in the country) youth wing, Ansor, participated zealously in the killings, along with hundreds of thousands of ordinary Indonesian citizens which are PKI members, men and women of Chinese ethnicity, intellectuals, teachers or simply those accused of sympathizing with the leftists and atheists.

“The goal was clear,” said Djokopekik, arguably the greatest Indonesian painter and a former “prisoner of conscience” in Suharto’s prisons. “It was… to create as many ‘buffalos’ as possible. To make Indonesian people totally stupid and obedient.”

The West helped the obedient collaborators – the local rulers – to fully implement an extremely savage form of capitalism, through mind control and indoctrination techniques. 

Sidewalks disappeared; public parks were converted into golf courses, the public transportation system collapsed, even by Dutch colonial standards (the length of railroads shrank, tram lines got covered by concrete and the mass transit system was never created). In Jakarta, you often have to hire a taxi just to cross the street.

Everything has become soulless, empty and very cheaply mass-produced, somewhere else.

Indonesian regime is complex. It’s both a neo-colony and a colonialist power, a victim and an oppressor. It is ultranationalist and extremely racist, but also servile and obedient to its Western masters.

“Rich people and foreigners are now eating all there is left of our natural resources,” explained an activist from an environmental NGO. “Java, where the majority of people live, produces nothing. So, once there is nothing left to plunder, Indonesians will starve, or begin eating each other.”

Such a prediction is perhaps too radical, but with almost no production to speak of, with miserable infrastructure, no research and almost no intellectual output, Indonesia appears to be in pressing need of a total overhaul, instead of serving as an example to other countries that are currently under the West’s heel.

The Indonesian model should definitely be studied, but as a chilling warning to the world.

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Awal, klasifikasi dan takdir dari sebuah bintang.

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How far would you go for education? How about getting shot in your face?

The story of Malala for defending her right for education.

"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world", said Malala on her speech at UN.

"You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation."

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Kementerian Perindustrian, Perdagangan, serta Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi menolak pengedalian tembakau di Indonesia dengan alasan Industri tembakau merupakan pendapatan penting untuk negara yang menyerap banyak tenaga kerja. 

Padahal industri ini hanya menyerap tenaga kerja sejumlah 900.000 orang dan kontribusi terhadap APBN dengan nilai cuma 100 dari 1500 trilyun Rupiah.

Dari survey yang dilakukan oleh Australia, karena kurangnya kontrol dari pemerintah dan lewat iklan besar-besaran dari Industri rokok, kenyataan di lapangan adalah jumlah perokok anak (laki-laki) di Indonesia sekarang meningkat hingga mencapai 10,2 juta orang.

”Masa depan anak-anak perokok muda tidak akan produktif karena berbagai penyakit yang mengancam serta kematian prematur” ujar Rob Moodie, profesor pelaksana survey.

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In 2012 Jokowi's bid for governor in Jakarta earned him a landslide win against the incumbent, Fauzi Bowo, who was backed by most of Mr. Yudhoyono’s governing coalition.

This was viewed as an emphatic rejection of the current political establishment.

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Kesurupan merupakan suatu fenomena yang pernah dialami atau terdengar dalam rata-rata kehidupan kita. Tetapi apakah penjelasan terjadinya 'kesurupan' ini yang sering kita dapat bahwa kesurupan adalah peristiwa masuknya setan/iblis/hantu ke dalam tubuh manusia benar? 

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Sudah merupakan realita hidup di Indonesia bahwa tempe adalah protein dasar yang dinikmati segala golongan, setiap hari. Fakta dari kacang kedelai, yang merupakan bahan dasar tempe, di Indonesia adalah mayoritas kedelai merupakan produk impor dari Amerika. Pemerintah dalam memenuhi kebutuhan ini tiap tahunnya mengimpor hingga 1,1 juta ton!

Jadi makanlah tempe tiap hari, agar kita pastikan tidak berhentinya pengiriman Rupiah ke Amerika.

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Ice age giants presented by Alice Roberts
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