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Check our this monthly digest of our content - June edition

What it Feels Like to Shop in a Busy Store if You Have Anxiety (

For many people, going #shopping is a relaxing and social experience. Browsing through the racks for a new favorite outfit makes most people excited; the phrase "retail therapy" is a thing!

Healthy Eating & Depression (

Eating #healthy makes a body feel "good" in a number of ways. The right nutrients can help our body perform at optimal levels, while improving the many interconnected systems within our bodies.

Cellphone Addiction? (

Here's an interesting test. Next time you're on a #bus, #subway or some other form of public transportation, take a minute to glance around you and see how many people are staring down at their cell phones versus those that might be reading a book, newspaper or otherwise engaging in conversation with a human.

8 Million People in the U.S Suffer From Poor Mental Health (

A new report into #mental #health in the U.S has found that more people than ever are suffering with mental illnesses. However the U.S health care system is poorly equipped to deal with the increasing rise in the demand for mental health services.

Are Your Nightmares Telling You Something? (

No one likes waking up in a cold sweat after having a #nightmare. However normally a person brushes off a nightmare as nothing to worry about.

Sad Truths, Drug Addiction Patients Receive Least Amount of Treatment (

Our staff are experts in the field of #drug #addiction, but a recent statement from the Surgeon General paints an alarming picture of the ratio between people who are suffering from addiction versus those who receive treatment.

During Addiction Treatment, Many Remain on Prescription Opioids (

The unfortunate truth is that #opioid addiction is a severe problem for many people in this country, and even with treatment, there is a high rate of relapse for addiction therapy cases.

Could the Need for Marriage Counseling be Confused with Money Counseling? (

When you get #married, there are a whole new set of responsibilities that need attention. There are the obvious ones, like maintaining love and respect for your partner and then there are some not so obvious issues that can cause friction.

"What Couples Therapy IS, And What It Is NOT" - (

#Couples #therapy is designed to encourage growth in a desired relationship. At the Williamsburg Therapy Group, we often help couples break cycles of communication that contribute to an adverse environment for their relationship.

Mental Health Care's Role Within The Community - (

#Williamsburg Therapy Group provides a safe and confidential environment for those seeking help. The collective is proud to provide mental health services to local Brooklynites. The doctors are all highly skilled with diverse backgrounds.

An Accurate (and Playful) Description About Starting Therapy -

When it comes to starting #psychotherapy , there are some hurdles that everyone has to overcome. The saying is true that the only qualification you truly need for going to psychotherapy, is to be a normal human!

25 Famous Women on Dealing With Anxiety and Depression -

The feelings of #depression make no exception based on social status, it's no surprise that many celebrities have had their own personal battles with anxiety and depression.


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Restoring Morale in Hard Times Important for Mental Health (

It may feel as though every time you turn on the #news there is another horrible event to discuss. From the recent terrorist attacks in London to the Portland train stabbings it might feel that you are only ever hearing bad news.

These sorts of stories are causing a lowering of morale in people that is having a noticeable impact on mental health.

Joan Cook is an Associate Professor at Yale School of Medicine and has written an article for The Conversation about how demoralization is having an impact on our society and the individual in the face of so much bad news on a daily basis.

But our current sense of disempowerment and despair threatens not just the integrity of our individual body and mind. Collective demoralization impacts our relationships, sense of community and willingness to work together to engage in much-needed restoration. Our social fabric is torn. We’re disconnected and mistrustful. And the current situation looks grim.

Here is Cook’s advice on a way to move past this demoralization:

One way to promote a sense of morale and a return to reasonable confidence is to look to our commonalities and build upon them. We need reassurance that we care for one another, are part of the same team and are on an equal plane. We need to problem-solve together – sanely, respectfully, allowing our voices to be heard and honoring each others’ perspectives.

Click the link above to read the full article.

#currentevents #mentalhealth

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Expert Psychiatric Services for Brooklyn (

The choice to pursue #psychiatry is a difficult one to make, initially. Our staff is trained to provide top-notch psychiatric care for Brooklyn and Williamsburg residents.

Our approach involved adjunctive treatment to therapy and we see patients through whatever style fits the client best, independent consultations, evaluations, medication management, and diagnostic refinement.

We provide a unique ability for patients to receive treatment from a variety of mental health disciplines under a single roof. If you, or a loved one are struggling with mood disorders, anxiety, psychotic episodes, personality disorders, or trauma-related disorders we can help you.

Additionally, those dealing with substance abuse and ADHD can benefit from psychiatric treatment. Also consider our team for relationship therapy, anxiety & depression treatment, group therapy, treatment for severe emotional conditions, and addiction treatment options.

Are you ready to meet our team? The Williamsburg Therapy Group offers free consultations which provide the ability to get to know our team, give them the opportunity to learn about your situation, and create a blueprint for getting on the road to effective mental health management.

Click on the website to learn more about the collective. We're looking forward to meeting you!

#Brooklyn #mentalhealth #doctors

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Higher Number of Teenage Girls With Depression (

#Parents are often advised to watch out for warning signs of depression in their teenagers. However a recent study has shown that the rates of depression in teenagers is much higher than previously thought. In fact children as young as 11 are developing depression.

Further the study also found that there is a significant gender gap when it comes to teenagers suffering from depression.

By the time teenagers reach 17 years of age the rates of a child having had or currently having depression are 13.6 percent of boys and 36.1 percent of girls. This is a staggering difference between the genders. So why is there this big gap and what does this mean?

The Washington Post put together an article investigating the reasons that boys and girls have such significantly different rates of depression:

There are numerous theories about why boys develop differently than girls from a mental health perspective. While depression may be more common among girls, other conditions are more common among boys, such as conduct problems, aggression and substance abuse. One way of explaining this pattern involves a possible single underlying phenomenon, with different people branching off to develop different disorders because of social influences. There's also the possibility it may be connected to biological differences, perhaps involving changes in hormones or other ways that are distinct to how girls are socialized.

Click the link above to read the full article all about this new research: (

#healthnews #depression

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Mental Health Days (

At Williamsburg Therapy Group we are thrilled that #mental #health is being discussed more openly now than ever before. We especially are fond of doing our part to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental disorders such as anxiety and depression is decreasing.

One trend that is gaining in momentum in more industries is the idea of "mental health days", or taking a day off work when you feel overwhelmed and need a day to get on top of things.

It is perfectly normal for everyone to feel overwhelmed mentally from time to time. Personal and professional stress can contribute to anxious or depressed feelings. However it is important to recognize the difference when you are simply feeling anxious to when you actually have anxiety.

So when is it right to take a mental health day off work and when do you need to seek professional help? The online magazine Health put together an article all about mental health days and gave this advice about when a mental health day is justified:

It comes down to what's causing it. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, skipping a day of work may not always be helpful, says Dr. Saltz. “One of the most common defenses against anxiety is avoidance,” she explains. “But avoidance—like staying home from work—is often what you don’t want to do, since it’s essentially positive reinforcement. It might help you feel better in the short run, but it makes it that much harder to go back.” _

_On the other hand, if you’re struggling with a sudden traumatic crisis or something that’s overwhelming you right now, a mental health day might be the perfect break for you to get a handle on things.

Click the link to read the full article: (

#mentalhealth #vacation #worklife

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Mental Health Essential for Physical Health (

Our #brains are powerful, and certainly capable of having a large impact on our overall health, for better or worse.

This comes as no surprise to the team at Williamsburg Therapy Group. However with nearly 20 per cent of Americans suffering from a mental disorder it would appear that there is still a lack of understanding of the essential link between mental and physical health.

An article on StatNews has delved into how mental health affects a person's physical health. In particular the article looks at the disconnect between the ability for traditional health care to treat mental health as efficiently as it does other illness:

Too often, individuals suffering from serious mental illnesses — those in greatest need of care have been isolated and cared for outside of traditional health care, as in the asylums of the past. There, mental health care was separate from, and far from equal to, traditional health care.

Proven regimens for treating common mental disorders and addictions are aiding the “cure” rate and boosting public acceptance that such care works. Modern practices have the potential to improve public health and, perhaps equally important, engage families more actively in the care of individuals suffering from mental disorders and addictions.

Click the link above to read the full article: (

Here at Williamsburg Therapy Group we provide mental health treatment for those living in the Brooklyn area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation via our website, through the link above.

#mentalhealth #healthnews #Brooklyn

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Healthy Eating & Depression (

Eating #healthy makes a body feel "good" in a number of ways. The right nutrients can help our body perform at optimal levels, while improving the many interconnected systems within our bodies.

Typically, people associate "eating healthy" with a physical benefit. But there are definitely reasons that a healthy diet can improve cognitive functions as well, and may even curb symptoms of depression.

The opening line in this article from +Gallup caught our attention:

U.S. adults who report eating healthy all day "yesterday" are 34.1% less likely to currently have depression than those who say they did not eat healthy. Healthy eating is also associated with a reduced likelihood of having other chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and diabetes.

It's interesting they broke down the time segments into a 24 hour period. And this may be an item that requires more testing in the research:

Gallup and Sharecare ask respondents whether they had eaten healthy "all day yesterday." The survey does not measure long-term eating habits, so it is unknown whether a respondent had only eaten healthy the previous day or if they have a long-term pattern of eating healthy. But each day of healthy eating may have a cumulative effect in reducing an individual's likelihood of developing chronic diseases.

You can read more here - (

If diet and exercise are not helping, it might be time to consider a consultation with our team here in Williamsburg. Click on the link above to schedule a free consultation.

#nutrition #mentalhealth #depression

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Looking for outdoor depression treatment? Try bouldering (

Just as there are many different types of #humans in the world, everyone has a unique mental health state. The experienced staff at Williamsburg Therapy Group often help the men and women of Williamsburg and Brooklyn struggling with various degrees of depression and anxiety.

No matter what your particular road to treatment may look like, there's some well-established truths that exercise can provide a "centering" function within the brain and its mental state.

Rock climbing is a fairly approachable and inexpensive activity that may help contribute to depression treatment.

You don't need a mountain in order to brush up on your skills either, you can find rock climbing gyms or even just a big enough rock in almost every city in America. This article in Medical News Today provided more of an in-depth look into the reasons why:

According to the team, the improvement in the Beck's Depression score seen in the immediate bouldering group represents a change in depression severity from moderate to mild.

Stelzer notes that bouldering requires high levels of concentration, which is likely what makes the sport beneficial for people with depression, given that rumination is a problem for such individuals.

"You have to be mindful and focused on the moment. It does not leave much room to let your mind wonder on things that may be going on in your life - you have to focus on not falling," she explains.

Read more through the link above. You can schedule an appointment with our team to discuss your situation here: (

#mentalhealth #depression #lifestyle

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From our family to yours, happy Memorial Day! (

Just a quick note today folks, hoping you all have an awesome #MemorialDay! We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow - but for now don't forget the sunscreen!

#honor #memorial

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Habits That Can Reveal Depression (

#Depression is a complicated mental illness that can affect people in different ways. Due to this it can be difficult to pinpoint if a person actually has depression. However, there are some key habits that people with depression will often exhibit.

A recent article by Romper has put together a list of the seven habits that people with depression might have. This list helps loved ones to be able to notice the potential signs of depression in those around them:

Watching Too Much TV For A Long Period Of Time

Many people's evening activities include cleaning out their DVR. That being said, if you're spending your day watching hour after hour of television or using TV as a crutch to stay home instead of going out with family or friends, it could be a sign of depression. "If you find yourself wanting to curl up on the couch with some food and Netflix that is totally OK, but if it becomes a daily routine this can become a problem," therapist Kimberly Hershenson tells Romper by email. "Social isolation leads to anxiety, depression, and loneliness."

Click the link to read the full article: (

If you or a loved one are suffering from depression there are many options for seeking help. Our team of Brooklyn and Williamsburg-based psychologists can work with you to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Contact us today via our website for a free consultation: (

#mentalhealth #anxiety
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