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Have you been garnished by a creditor who obtained a judgment against you?  You may already know that filing a bankruptcy means that they cannot garnish you any longer.  But did you also know that you might get the money back they already took? That is…
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Wow, I can't believe it's almost Christmas time!

This Christmas we're offering special discounts on Adoptions and Estate planning.

Give our office a call 248 567-9939 and receive $200 off our retainer!
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Adoption Finalization Hearing. This is it. The end of a chapter in your adoption journey. The biggest step-the adoption finalization!

Depending on the county in which your adoption is finalized, you may waive your right to a finalization hearing and have your adoption order entered by the court's own motion.

So what is the finalization hearing. It's when the judge finds everything has been done according to procedure and the law and therefore enters the order of adoption.

Your adoption is final!

Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoption Attorney, Adult Adoptee, 248 567-9939
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Today is independence day 2017 and it’s time to reflect on 25 of the signers of the declaration of independence who were lawyers.  After all who better than lawyers to write a document that says “we hold these truths to be self-evident”. Lawyers can be…
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We all know how important good website content is. This is our list of frequently asked questions by client callers regarding divorce. Are they similar to yours? Should we add anything? All thoughts are appreciated!

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This is our list of frequently asked questions from clients calling about divorce. Are they similar to your client calls? Should we add anything? Thoughts are appreciated! We all know how important website content is.
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What fees are included on a petitioner's verified accounting. We're talking about fees that can be counted as reasonable fees for an adoption excluding step parent.

Adoption...attorneys fees for paperwork and in court representation, agency fees such as for the homestudy, medical expenses for the biological mother, traveling expense in furtherance of the adoption, some living expenses, and court fees.

This is not an all inclusive list, but provides an idea some of the fees for an adoption.

With that being said, it does not have to cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Call us to find out how we can work it out so you can adopt. Everyone deserves a home!

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Adoption: Out of Court Consents

So when you adopt directly from the biological parents they get to give their consents out of court; meaning they do not have to go to court to testify, "yes, I want so and so to adopt my child." They can give their consents at a meeting at either the attorney's office or the social worker's office.

This is wonderful as court intimidates many people. And it saves the parties time and money.
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Did you know if a biological mother directly places her child in your care for adoption, an adoption attorney can save all the parties involved thousands of dollars?

A recent poll of readers from "Adoptive Families" magazine shows the costs of adoption for the reader for their new adoptions for 2015-2016.

Newborn adoption with an agency $42,336.00.

Newborn adoption with an attorney $31,890.00.

Call our office whether your a biological parent or an adoptive parent to be...we can offer you the same quality service with exceptional legal guidance as attorneys at only a fraction of the costs listed above. Only attorneys, for the protection of the public, can provide legal advice.
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What can I pay for as an adoptive mother for the biological mother?

The Michigan statute only allows an adoptive parent to pay for:

A. Reasonable living expenses;
B. Medical bills;
C. Attorney's Fees for an adoption;
D. Housing;
E. Counseling; and
F. Misc.
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