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For those of you who don't know how UniSystem rolls normally work, you roll 1d10, add stats and stuff, and if it totals to a 9 or more, it's a go. There's also some byzantine system involving a 1 on the die possibly making things worse and a 10 possibly making things better.

Cinematic UniSystem does away with that and instead has Drama Points. One DP can give a roll +10.

How bad would it be to have the earlier-mentioned "things might go much better or much worse" setup, and have it so you can drop 1 DP to have +5, and 2 DP to have +10? So it works out a bit like D&D20's "taking 10" and "taking 20", but with Luck/Karma/Plot/Drama/Whatever points being expended?
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How difficult is it to obtain a DP? What's the DP economy like? Both those questions need to be answered before I can give any kind of real answer to yours.
So fairly standard "bennie" pricing then. In that case, I'll go with:

So long as you limit the catastrophic failures and glorious successes to natural rolls of 1 or 10 respectively then I don't see a problem with it.

Remember: Even in d20 D&D if you "take 10" or "take 20" you don't roll and so while you don't have the chance of a critical failure, nor do you have the opportunity of a critical success.
Immortality's pretty cheap, I reckon.
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