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On the Other Side - Ruckel Creek // Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

It's been a while since I've made a good old fashioned waterfall photograph.  Here's one from a lesser known (relatively) hike in the Gorge, up Ruckel Creek.  I'd like to get back out there now that the weather is warming up a bit, and hit some of the other falls a bit further up the river.  

Sounds like this weekend is going to be overcast and rainy in town, but it's sunny at Crater Lake National Park, who's ready for a snowshoe adventure?! Let's go! 
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This is so pretty! I love how the little flows of white water and the waterfall break up the greenery.
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Into the Desert - Racetrack Playa // Death Valley, California

Wow I can't believe it was nearly two years ago that we sped across Southern California, chasing an idea to see Death Valley for the first time.  Seeing the cracked earth pulling apart from itself, the soft feel of the packed ground were stark contrasts. The thing I remember most was the empty stillness.  It's like no where else. 

Tomorrow we're venturing in to a new desert, The Alvord Desert, in South East Oregon.  I expect some similarities, some differences, but mostly I expect it to be completely unexpected.  No cell service, sunny skies, a couple good books and a little curiosity should be just right.  
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The ground looks so cool, its almost like one big puzzle!
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Andrew - Eagle River Canyon // Anchorage, Alaska

It's amazing how small the world can make you feel sometimes. Andrew and I played rugby together in Illinois on and off over the last years, but probably hadn't seen each other in over 8 months. While I was traveling thru Alaska, sitting at a random bar getting a frosty beverage and taking in the day, a stranger sat down next to me, face obscured by a ball cap and beard. A moment of 'who the hell is this' quickly turned to amazement, followed by hugs and laughter.

I'm putting together a small photo essay on the dog's that we were introduced to thru Andrew, as it was a truly awesome experience to spend so much time with Andrew and his dogs, to really see the relationship that they have.

Meet Andrew. A solid rugby player, good friend, and dog musher.
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That's such an awesome random happenstance! And he has a beautiful dog. 
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Still - Columbia River // Naselle, Washington

Playing around with some long exposures at sunset.  Normally I'm pretty calculated with these as far as my timing, but this time I was just winging it. Turns out that 52 seconds seems longer than it really is :P
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+Kamili Thom that was the color of the water at sunset 

Thanks +Shannon Kalahan :)
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William Woodward

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Mind Blown - Mendenhall Glacier // Juneau, Alaska

If you haven't had the opportunity or desire to explore an ice cave yet, please find a way to do so. This was by far one of the most epic places in the world I've ever been. 

Few trips have the ability to make such an impact on you as I feel Alaska has on me, and I'm super stoked to get back here in the summer months to see what else this great state has to offer. 

Well done Alaska, well done. 
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Camp Photoshphere - Alvord Desert // Harney County, Oregon

This is my first photo-sphere, but it's a pretty awesome way to capture a scene!  Here's a little taste of what camping on an alkali salt flat is like. 

#wheretowillie   #alvorddesert  
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That effect is so cool!
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Flying High – Angel’s Rest // Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

I've found a real enjoyment in long exposure photography. While there are no rules to say how long an image should take to make, there’s something satisfying about setting up the camera and just walking away. Being lost in the moment while the camera is doing it’s thing is quite relaxing.

Angel’s Rest is quite the spot to watch a sunset, soaring nearly 2000 ft above the river below. After a 2.4 mile hike up to the summit, kick back and relax, and enjoy watching the clouds go by. And if you come for a sunset, be sure to bring a headlamp :)
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So cool
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The Duet - Haystack Rock // Cannon Beach, Oregon
After a windy adventure at Ecola park, making jacket parachutes and all around shenanigans, we ventured down to the beach to pick up rocks and shells (obviously).
A rain storm always has good potential for an interesting sunset, and just as this one looked to be a dud, a ray of hope and a bit of color peaked out on the horizon. Since you would have had to be standing in the rain to be on the beach at this time, there was only one or two other folks out there, making for a very peaceful time to photograph. I don't think I'll ever tire of the possibilities of the Oregon Coast.
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Night Wanderer - Little Chena River // Fairbanks, Alaska

'I don't usually take selfies, but when I do, there is Aurora Borealis in the background' ~ Me

So, who wants to go back to Alaska? 
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Alaska is soooo beautiful! I bet the lights look even prettier in person
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William Woodward

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Need to decide on my submission for this year's Plus One Collection! 
Let’s Publish Plus One Collection III - SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW ACCEPTED!

Want to be in the next volume of Plus One Collection charity book? Read on and act now!

Ever since Google+ launched, we’ve been publishing photography books that contained some of the best photographs you shared. We published two volumes so far. It wasn’t just a nice coffee table book - but all proceeds from the sale went to great causes. Two years ago we raised over $10,000 for Kiva. A year ago we raised over $13,000 for the Kilgoris Project and we bought cameras for kids in Kenya. This year’s cause will soon be announced, but as usual, all proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit a charitable cause. 

You can see more here (though the website will soon be updated to include this year’s information) -

Who can get published? Anyone! We hope to get as many submissions as possible. Due to the volume, we can’t publish them all, but we will publish as many as we can. 

Is there a theme this year? Yes, there is. The theme for this year’s book is “Our World” and the book will be split into three sections - “Our Planet”, “Our People” and “Our Creations”. You can interpret it however you’d like - we’d love to see how you express these. 

Do we accept color or B&W images? Either one is great.

How can you submit the work? Here are simple instructions: 

1 - Download and fill out image release form from here - (you can even scan it using your phone, or use apps such as SignNow or TurboScan)
2 - Fill out the information about yourself and upload your work here -
3 - Upload your submission to Google+, and tag it with #PlusOneCollectionIII tag 

Can you submit more than one image? Sure! You can submit first image for free. To submit three images to all three themes, or even three images to one theme (which increases your chances to get published), please make a small donation of $20 to our charitable cause (again, all of that will be donated with the book proceeds). Here’s the link to donate via PayPal -

Will you showcase all the submissions? Yes. All submissions will show up in the SmugMug gallery we will setup in the next day or two. Please allow 48 hours for your photo to appear there. 

When will you announce which images made it into the book? We will announce it in early April. 

The last day to submit your images is March 17!

Please help us spread the world about this by sharing this post. 

Questions? Leave them in the comments. 
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Same here. Between the Oregon PPA competition and Plus One, I need to spend some quality Lightroom/Photoshop time this weekend. 
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