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So the alchemical wizardry continues with my latest creation, a Jamocha Joe Ice Cream Vape. It has a Vanilla Bean cream base, with hints of hazelnut, chocolate, mocha, and notes of caramel. God I love DIY juice making.

6% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA)
4% Caramel Candy (TFA)
2% Caramel Original (TFA)
1% Sweet Cream (TFA)
1% Sugar Cookie (CAP)
.6% Mocha (TFA)
.5%Double Chocolate (DARK) (TFA)
.5% Hazelnut (TFA)

#diy_ejuice   #quixotic_vapes  
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William Tatum

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Happy Zombie Jesus Day
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William Tatum

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I recently started making my own juices for vaping. After a week now I must say, I wish I had done this sooner. So much cheaper and tastier than most Brick and Mortar juices. 

If you vape, even if you are just using a travel EGO pen, you should be making your own juice. Its so easy a caveman could do it. 

Don't be scared to start, check out for great primers on how to get started, who to buy from, and how to guides with video and step by step instruction.(see sidebar on reddit)
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Commenting so I can find this again later when I have a chance to check it out.
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William Tatum

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This is what globalization looks like, Chinese company, Chinese customers, listed on American Stock exchange. We may have lost millions of jobs, and the corresponding billions of dollars in Tax revenue, but parts of our society have gained tremendously(hint the tax code needs to reflect a global marketplace,not just a series of national ones, to smooth out the gains).
Anyone invested in any of the brokerage firms that got shares, or are invested in the indecies themselves, will benefit from this IPO. Even despite our insane tax code the Federal government and the State of NY will benefit tremendously from this IPO.
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William Tatum

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Help find treatments for Alzheimers with me by donating spare compute cycles with Folding@home. My team number is 227030, it's like Clicktivism but with tangible useful Scientific results. 
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William Tatum

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Bittersweet pills in this months job report, we have just barely surpassed where we were six years ago. Half a decade of growth lost and more to probably come with the actual labor market remaining fragile and weak. 

 Average hourly earnings grew by a single penny in July (to $24.45), and have grown just 2 percent over the past 12 months. This suggests that even though unemployment is coming down, the labor market is still weak. Theoretically, if there was healthy competition in the job market, companies would be offering higher wages, and we aren’t seeing that yet

For me personally this part rang particularly true, I am today making just a lil over 5% more than what I was making back in 2008. 
It’s Jobs Friday! The economy created 209,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate ticked up to 6.2%.
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William Tatum

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Some photos and a Gif from our ‪#TedXMtHood‬ adventure
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William Tatum

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Spring came early this year
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Have a great weekend text me if u have time go out in sup and fly
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William Tatum

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Self driving cars may be quite a ways away, but I could sure use something like this in my car like a "Jarvis". 
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You might be making huge exaggeration saying ways away but the next decade will show I guess.
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William Tatum

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Better headline, "Israeli evidence shows only 53% percent of Gaza dead were non-combatants" 
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All of 'em except for children under 12 years of age?   This is a genocide program, plain and simple.  Were I Jewish, I would have changed my religion long ago.
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Great family owned minimarket with awesome snacks, great priced beers, ciders, and wines. They also carry Lochmead Dairy products.
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My fiancée and I stopped in here because of the reviews here on Google and it was absolutely worth it. The mole was terrific! The salsa was delightfully spicy and the beans were fantastic. Don't miss out on this Tucson gem.
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Great prices, good staff, great selection. I am new to Oregon but was glad that I came to this shop first. Will go again, you should too.
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