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Have the 'leaders' lost faith? (That god will protect, or that it is to test their faith)
Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist representatives call for more security at places of worship after the jihadist murder of an elderly priest in his own church.
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Karma suckers... you guys have advocating enough violence yourselves during the ages...
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William Scuby

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A perfect example of how (not) to identify the root cause:
She said Wellington's D-graded bays shared similar high urban development and hills running down to the beaches, which was the cause of the problems.

Wouldn't you think that people are using substandard equipment to do their business in, causing it to run into our pristine 100% pure water resources? The Council, of course, doesn't want to hear that, because they are responsible for or approved the use of of substandard equipment.
It might not surface as solids, but human waste is present in two Wellington bays, says report.
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I wonder if the Manawatu will release it's river data.
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William Scuby

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Perhaps again superior NZ educated drivers involved? Reporters are quick to point at 'tourist drivers', but why not state that NZ drivers are involved? Are reporters too biased to be able to bring untainted news? Perhaps a proper overseas education would help with that. (Don't look at the US, as all the news from there is also biased, but that's just my personal opinion). 
Ambulance says one person died in the two car crash at Te Mapara.
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Certainly, the oddities of NZ Roads
(Terrain, Topography, Black-Ice, ContraFow, etc., do catch out lots a foreign drivers,
that are used to something different).

But this weekend, it appears that KIWIS
are outdriving our skills,
are outdriving our visability,
and outdriving the variable conditions
(weather, etc.) !

Youth (inexperience),
the Winter-damp (grip),
Complacency (older drivers ?),
and shortage of good passing opportunities,
are the usual factors.
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William Scuby

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Over-use probably does. Like with most other things, too much is not good for you.
Your body has an amazing ability to restore itself after damage. However, if you keep 'rubbing salt in the wound' it won't be able to repair that damage.
First things first: No one has proven that cellphones cause cancer. In fact, most research suggests otherwise. But you might not realise that, based on some news circulating Friday - New Zealand Herald
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William Scuby

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"We have nothing to hide so at the end of the day New Zealand should have the best international practice in this area," Mr Key said last month.

I guess he means to say that we are among the best performers in hiding the dirty money for the rich and infamous.
The Prime Minister says the Panama Papers whistleblower is confused about his role in Cook Islands trusts. - New Zealand Herald
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William Scuby

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This is so wrong in NZ. They will get away with a slap on the wrist and they are allowed to keep their mouth shut about their 'mates'. They should get a full sentence in prison without parole, only to be reconsidered if they name their co-offenders.
Two teenagers have been arrested after an aggravated robbery in South Auckland. - New Zealand Herald
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Yeah, if they don't cough up the names of their accomplices, they should have whatever time they'd get for the crime added to their sentences.
So two slaps on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.
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William Scuby

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And Key would say: I don't know. You know, it's not that bad. We have a world class economy. (before he gets briefed on the issue). After that he will just say that the government is working on these issues.
Strident remarks by Stephen Jennings, one of New Zealand’s wealthiest citizens, on housing, education and the economy suggest that the even the business community is tiring of the government’s endless softly-softly, writes Duncan Greive. Over the past few days we’ve seen a startling insertion int
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John Key really is The Great Dissembler
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William Scuby

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Would you think that this is another tourist driver? Or would it be one of those really well educated NZ drivers, that also have a fair amount of consideration for their fellow road users?
Police are looking for witnesses to a hit and run in Auckland that left a teenage boy with a leg injury. - New Zealand Herald
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William Scuby

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With all the upheaval about tourist drivers in NZ, it would be good to know whether a tourist driver was one in charge of one of the two vehicles involved? The reporter not mentioning it (we're not biased) it probably is one of those superior NZ educated drivers.
Emergency services were called to the crash on Harris Street in Huntly at 3pm.
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William Scuby

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Why watch it at all - or 'grin and bare'? Just go for a skinny dip and be free from all this hype.
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ditto me.
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William Scuby

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It's probably time for the US to do some serious damage to Assad. Bomb the palace/official buildings in Damascus with the clear intention to do take Assad out.
The US State Department has said Syria's air strike on a hospital in Aleppo was "reprehensible," and has called on Russia to use its influence to pressure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government to stop the attacks.
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Russia owns Assad, they have two bases there, used to do 30 billion in trade. If Putin was decent, he would end the war and let Assad steal a couple billion and live in Moscow.
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William Scuby

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Another nail in the coffin of our clean and green image.

We’ve certainly been a party to fraud
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