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Feeling at home in my natural state. I also believe that the following quote was written for me: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
Feeling at home in my natural state. I also believe that the following quote was written for me: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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It still is the failure of public transport to provide fast and smooth transport to major industrial and city areas.
Bus lanes on motorways should have long been a thing of the past. (Smaller) Buses should provide frequent and fast transport to train stations (and arrive BEFORE the train leaves and not having to wave to the back of train just when you run onto the platform). Trains should depart every 10 (or even 5 if necessary) min. from 5am to the end of rush hour (which appears to almost the whole day in Auckland). Buses should be waiting for the train to arrive and almost immediately leave so there is no long wait in between. Public transport should have been developed to meet a max. of 1 hour transit time between any major suburb to city center and any major industrial area in the city, both in the morning AND at peak times in the afternoon. No excuses. Going to the airport from Papakura by bus (NO TRAINS) can take anywhere up to 2.5 hours (if you're lucky). Who on earth is ever going to do that if you are also expected to work 8 hrs in between?

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If the new standard is working in other developed countries, then that is a goal worth going for. In the future it can be tweaked to tighten rules on specific organisms (like algae producing toxins).
Now the Government MUST put the money where their mouth is. Also, Regional Councils and other bodies must develop action plans that MUST be implemented as soon as targets are exceeded. Currently they just put warning signs up. That's not good enough. There are many lakes in the country that are over the limits for Nitrogen and Phosphor. That means Councils MUST target polluters to stop doing what they are doing and force them to implement systems for treating effluent and (dairy) run-off to a standard that is below the limits set to avoid further pollution. If they can't do that, simply put them out of business and only allow land used for other purposes that do not cause the same pollution rates. Land owners may have to become more creative and by targeting polluters, the good operators won't be painted with the same brush.

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What's happening in Sweden? Trump could take some guidance from this.

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The best place for ICE to start looking for illegal (alien) workers is at Trump's own projects in progress.

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The NRC has the toughest regime in the country and so most people assume significant non-compliance means a serious impact on water quality

Toughest regime probably relates to 'actually carrying out inspection of all farms'.

It doesn't seem to relate to the national compliance. Algal bloom appear more 'down country' indicating a significant over supply of nutrients.

Perhaps other RC's should take a lead from NRC and check all farms too (including forestry 'farms' and orchards)>

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I bet those guys were NOT nudists!!!!
Shows again that you have to more scared of the guys that keep their clothes on (they probably can't control themselves even less without clothes) than those that enjoy the beach in freedom.

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"We try to take care of our liver and our heart and our lungs, well the skin is an organ too, and we should be taking care of it."

If you live in  an agricultural area (most in NZ do), it is likely that your skin is exposed to airborne toxins from herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and the likes. I have not yet seen a study on the effects of UV on those toxins and the possible damage they can do to your skin.
It is easy to 'just' blame it on UV, but it is most likely that other factors play a role.

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Is it a coincidence that Taranaki has the highest incidence of skin cancer?
Taranaki was home to the worst polluting chemical company in NZ and Manawatu is right down wind from it.

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Why doesn't the Govt prosecute WRC for failure to enforce RMA & HSNO? (Most) fertilizers are classified as hazardous under HSNO. The workplace is responsible for containment and disposal in an approved landfill, or disposal after sufficient treatment.

The EPA also has the option to set stricter criteria for discharge (and runoff) if the current criteria do not create a safe environment. The current discharge/disposal is not working, causing potentially deadly conditions in our lakes. FGS it's summer, people want to swim in those lakes. 

Sad to see that so many 'sports people' in NZ support cheating. 
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