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Overland Park, Kansas
Lake Arrowhead, CA - Forest Falls, Ca - Victorville, Ca - Redlands, Ca - Upland, Ca - Blue Jay, Ca
KNOWN to Many as the #GeekAholic or #MasterGeek
True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel it is my destiny to keep companies not only SAFE ONLINE but to help them GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads.

Areas of Expertise & Skills:

I have a vast skill set gained through years of past experience. I provide high caliber marketing solutions to companies, and specialize in
  • Conversion Analytics Training
  • Business Marketing Seminars
  • Internet Marketing Strategy Advisement
  • Web Site / Off Site Forensics / Security 
  • Video / Editing
  • Photography
….. and Much More

Favorite Color: Blue was my NORMAL Goto however NOW it's Bright #ORANGE for Support to FIND a CURE for CRPS (Chronic PAIN) 

Hobbies Include:
  • Paintball
  • Bass Fishing
  • Archery
  • Sporting Clays
  • Technology
  • Photography
  • R/C Truck Racing
Bragging rights
I ENJOY Teaching
Self Employed / Internet Marketing Coach in Kansas City
I am a Professional Internet Marketing Coach / SEO / Videographer / Entrepreneur / WHITE HAT all the WAY!
  • William Rock LLC.
    CEO, 2001 - present
    Small Business Marketing Consulting Kansas City When Hiring a Consultant for your Project: The role of the internet marketing consultant is a form of a business analyst for the client. It's important that the SEO consultant have at least a basic understanding of the core business and the goals of the businesses. This is critical to provide solid recommendations throughout the SEO process. This could potentially be the most time-consuming part of the Project.
  • Half Price Banners
    E-Commerce Marketing Director, 6 - 2012
  • NetStandard - Kansas City Data Center
    Internet Marketing Director, 2011
  • BankCard Central
    Internet Marketing Director
  • Choppers Apparel
    Internet Marketing Director
  • Concrete Network
    Internet Marketing Director
  • Computer Career Center
    Web Design & Graphic Arts Instructor
    I was a student going through rehabilitation training from an injury and become a teacher Certified by the State of California to teach Web Design and Graphic Arts.
  • Cybertime ISP
    Web Designer / Consultant
    This was my Start in the Online Industry after getting injured as a Firefighter / Ski Instructor
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Conversion Analytic Geek


William Rock

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Google's Changes Have Created More SEO Value for Those w/ Loyal Audiences

New WB Friday:

This week, I'm talking about 5 changes Google's made over the last few years that have resulted in a powerful bias in the organic results toward those sites and brands that have built up loyal audiences. Also included - some marketing tactics that can help build loyalty.
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William Rock

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This week we will learn all about header design and go over the key features of for header design - and other web graphics.

Join +Ron Snayberger and +Amanda Cote' - our #TechScholars ,+Bill Reed our IT Master and me, +Arizona Lowe, the Tech Mentor as we delve into the world of header design.  

Also, as a special treat this week,+William Rock will be joining us to discuss the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspects necessary in good header design and while choosing your topics.  I cannot wait to see what I can learn from William.  

+William Rock 

"True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel it is my destiny to keep companies not only SAFE ONLINE but to help them GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads."

+Arizona Lowe 
A self-professed geek and the Creative Director for A&G Synergy, LLC. She also is the founder of which sponsors this show.


+Bill Reed 
Over the last several years I've been deeply involved and focused on migration planning, system design, and implementation of Google Apps and Messaging.  The results of Google Apps implementations have been the successful deployment and migration of customers to Google Apps for Gov’t & Enterprise.  

While customer satisfaction has been vital in the success of these projects; more importantly, building trust with partners, customers and users has allowed for consistent transitions in the cloud computing model of doing business.

My Blog:

Watch the last series here:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Arizona Lowe. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Blogging Lunchtime Bytes | Design Your Header with and Meet William Rock
Thu, April 16, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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William Rock

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( +Guy Kawasaki is definitely all set...can't say the same for +Morgan Spurlock. Well he can always be a stock photography model...)

If not ready for this important #Google  update read this article called '7 Common mistakes to avoid when when going mobile-friendly' here

#mobileseo   #seotips2015   #seotips  
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We got our Mobile friendly site upgrade published a month ago, and Google still hasn't crawled all of it. If you aren't ready by now, you are so screwed, the hit is coming.
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How to Rank a YouTube Video
How can you make sure your hard work pays off and your videos rank high on Google and YouTube?

#videomarketing #videomarketingtips #youtubemarketing
In the digital era, few sites are more powerful than YouTube. As the number one video site, second-most popular search engine and third-most trafficked website on the entire Internet, YouTube is the place to be. Smart business owners know that they can connect with current and potential customers by creating engaging and informative YouTube videos. …
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William Rock

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In Chapter Three of my new video book, "How Do You Answer These 100+ Questions About Your 2015 Small Business?", +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao and +William Rock give their answers to:
* Does your 2015 “Small Business Technology” drive the efficiencies you need in your business.  Is “Security” an issue?*

To see what other content is in the first six chapters, click on and click on the VIDEO BOOK tab at the top right...

Here's a timestamping of their video:
1:30 Self Publishing with Technology
5:20 Fundamentals of Technology
7:00 Importance of a website
7:45 Technology and Business Strategy
8:10 Challenges of Small Business and Technology with William Rock
9:15 Do you need a website?
10:03 Functionality of Small Business
10:40 Enterprise vs. Small Business vs. “Solopreneur”
11;20 How to protect your Company
11:45 “Spider-bots”
12:50 “Hacks”
13:28 ebay Hack cost them 80% of the organic ranking in less than 24 hours
15:00 Level of Security Risk
16:00 Small Businesses are hacked daily and we don’t hear about them
18:15 Email Hacking/Phishing
20:20 Level of Security determines Risk
21:00 Have a 2015 “Security” Plan
21:39 Simplistic Plan
22:30 Disaster Recovery Plan
24:30 What to do when YOUR site goes down
25;00 Business Interruption Insurance
26:45 Turning off Google Adwords in a “hack”
27:45 Online vs. Offline
29:00 Keeping PASSWORDS safe
31:00 What “Access” do you really need in your Small Business?
32:00 Technology summary
33:00 Who is William Rock?
35:00 “Google Cloud”
37:00 Introduction to Vivek
39:33 Google Cloud
40:00 Why?
40:45 Busy Businessman vs. Happy Businessman
41:25 ( Busy Businessman--a seven minute story)
48:15 What Technology should John be using?
51:15 (Happy Businessman--a 14 minute story)
55:11 What is the difference between the two stories?
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William Rock

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For the first time in CRO history, a global audience will come together online to celebrate a marathon of data-informed marketing!
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Keeping it Real
Is it just a mantra or can it be used as a strategy?

Join the conversation right now! We're already listening. Just use  #RealSMTPowerTalk  @socialmedia2day to start talking about keeping it real in social... Start talking, we're listening!

"Keep it Real" is the latest mantra marketers use on the social web. Just like bold letters in text it works only when it stands out. Or does it?

Can "Keep it Real" be part of an evergreen strategy?

If it's a strategy can it be real, at least in the sense we understand it? These are questions that cut to the heart of what we do across the web. How we interact and why. Traveling down this rabbit hole with us is +Vincent Messina, a marketer who takes an uncompromising approach to the social web.

We're already four episodes into the #SMTPowerTalk for Social Media Today, so what better time to tackle the complex idea of keeping it real? Keeping an eye on the social web will be +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales while +David Amerland tries to keep things on the straight and narrow. Keeping the web together and production flowing, as always will be +John Ellis of +SEOWiSE. Join us and find out how deep this tunnel runs...
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William Rock

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#tbt to the 2nd presentation in our 'Basics of a mobile website for SMBs' series.

If the #tldr below catches your eye, watch the full YouTube presentation here →

- a #MobileMadness  recap
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William Rock

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Why Identity is important?
in 35 seconds, by +David Amerland.

"When you're dealing with a business - you're really dealing with the people behind it" - David Amerland

More discussion on this topic coming soon in HOA #2...
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William Rock

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I was curious what variety of Local Pack displays there might be across devices, OS & screen sizes. I used a responsive testing tool to find out. 

The results are interesting to say the least. The variety is legion.
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William Rock

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For the longest time I struggled to give a straightforward answer to a question: "What systems should I work on first."  I'd always ask about the nature of that person's business, their business model, even personal strengths and preferences...

And that's certainly important!

But what I've found is that  all of that is not as important as the stage of that person's business.  Here is what I mean:

#smallbusiness #businessdevelopment #businesssystems

Thank you +Danielle Olson for an amazing sketch!
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I really like the Breakdown of 
- Vision
- Chaos
- Clarity
- Impact
- Ripple Effect

The Article Goes into much more detail for sure :) 
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I would like to say that Zara has been so inspirational to so many, including me :) TALK About a #ROCKSTAR Google HOA Host, as I have had the pleasure of being on a few shows. One of the coolest things I can say is she does a wonderful job with not only the GUEST Speaker but the entire audience ... Especially with Geeks like me, SHE keeps me on track during the show :) Not Sure Exactly how I came across Zara however I believe it was a suggestion from another on G+ and WOW talk about a cool friendship we have developed, as I look forward to one day meeting Zara in a in Real Life Hangout one day :) The LADY is #GEEK and I love how much passion she puts into every Hangout... Always focused on Learning something #NEW and Exciting.. I would Highly Recommend Zara as one of the LEADERS in HOA's and would recommend watching past and current shows to see the POWER she brings to the NET..
• • •
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My daughter and I just got back home from this place of anything you ever dreamed of being on ice cream but its Yogurt.. Fantastic and Fun experience, took pictures of our creations and then ordered moms for the way home, and I think she agrees just as much as we did that this place just ROCKS. Thx for the coupon, my daughter got $5 off from a friend and figured ok, let's go play and get a sugar high from all the toppings.
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This is one of the best paintball fields in the Kansas City Area.. I take my son down to play once every few months but when we go I have to say everyone who works their are extremely helpful and very educated on the sport. However I think one of the things that this paintball field excels in is SAFTEY they have some of the BEST Refs on the field, making sure everyone is having fun and doing it in a safe mannor. If you are a new player or experienced each one of their fields are unique. Two of our favorite fields are the Woodsball/Speedball style field as well the Castle is my favorite of them all, as they have developed many cool games to play with that field. They have portable bathrooms and are well kept up as well they have snacks but we like bringing the cooler and as we sit back and relax we cook up some Hot Dogs and such.. The other cool thing these guys do are Birthday Party Events and they really cater to the party as you have your own ref/guide for the day.. If you have not played at this field and you are in the Kansas City or Lawrence Area you need to stop by and play.
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