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Overland Park, Kansas
Lake Arrowhead, CA - Forest Falls, Ca - Victorville, Ca - Redlands, Ca - Upland, Ca - Blue Jay, Ca
KNOWN to Many as the #GeekAholic or #MasterGeek
True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel it is my destiny to keep companies not only SAFE ONLINE but to help them GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads.

As for Skills:
  • Training
  • Seminars
  • Internet Marketing Strategy Advisement
  • Web Site / Off Site Forensics
  • Video / Editing
  • and Much More

Favorite Color: Blue was my NORMAL Goto however NOW it's Bright #ORANGE for Support to FIND a CURE for CRPS (Chronic PAIN) 

Hobbies Include:
  • Paintball
  • Bass Fishing
  • Archery
  • Sporting Clays
  • Technology
I have a vast array of skill sets gained through past experience providing high caliber marketing solutions for every company I have worked for in my career and bring forth Internet Marketing, Project Planning, Media Production and all the design skills to brand any company for success.

I enjoy helping others :)

Bragging rights
I ENJOY Teaching
Self Employed / Internet Marketing Coach in Kansas City
I am a Professional Internet Marketing Coach / SEO / Videographer / Entrepreneur / WHITE HAT all the WAY!
  • William Rock LLC.
    CEO, 2001 - present
    Small Business Marketing Consulting Kansas City When Hiring a Consultant for your Project: The role of the internet marketing consultant is a form of a business analyst for the client. It's important that the SEO consultant have at least a basic understanding of the core business and the goals of the businesses. This is critical to provide solid recommendations throughout the SEO process. This could potentially be the most time-consuming part of the Project.
  • Half Price Banners
    E-Commerce Marketing Director, 6 - 2012
  • NetStandard - Kansas City Data Center
    Internet Marketing Director, 2011
  • BankCard Central
    Internet Marketing Director
  • Choppers Apparel
    Internet Marketing Director
  • Concrete Network
    Internet Marketing Director
  • Computer Career Center
    Web Design & Graphic Arts Instructor
    I was a student going through rehabilitation training from an injury and become a teacher Certified by the State of California to teach Web Design and Graphic Arts.
  • Cybertime ISP
    Web Designer / Consultant
    This was my Start in the Online Industry after getting injured as a Firefighter / Ski Instructor
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Internet Marketing Specialist


William Rock

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3. Focus on the user: Tap targets, margins and font sizes

Join us for a 4-part web series on making great mobile sites for your small and medium businesses. Learn the correct configurations, go-to tools and optimization strategies to make a big impact on both your customers and search engines. Invite your company's web developers, webmasters, decision-makers and marketers. We'll see you soon!

——— Full Schedule ———

1. Learn the tools: PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile-Usability

2. Bring it in: Viewports, zoom and plugins

3. Focus on the user: Tap targets, margins and font sizes

4. Set it right: Redirects and canonicals
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Google Webmasters. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
[Basics of a mobile website for SMBs] 3. Focus on the user: Tap targets, margins and font sizes
Yesterday, March 26, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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William Rock

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The power of an Engagement Broadcast
+NOD3x shows us the numbers of just how engaging these broadcasts are.

Before even getting into the what, we have to ask why: Why an Engagement Broadcast?

Because consumers want a conversation. Your audience demands it and simply broadcasting no longer works the way that it used to. Already don't believe us? This event is our way of showing you, by the numbers, how much more powerful engagement broadcasting is!

What is it?

If you ever watched a televised wedding you know what it is not. In a mobile, connected web consumer opinion and sentiment drive brand values and perception. Telling someone what to think about you no longer works. Audience engagement is a metric associated with the semantic web, Google engagement ads, semantic search and mobile reach. It become the key to making content worth producing.

An SEOWiSE Engagement Broadcast is a mutually beneficial real-time conversation between brands and their audience that anyone with access to the internet can participate in. 

Using a blend of cutting edge technology and engagement strategy we create a powerful, semantically relevant conversation and a trackable content plume around the event. All of this deep context engagement is focused on your brand and indexed by Google.

Efficient Content Creation

After the live event, the video is cut into segments and processed for strategically placed short video clips, blog posts, and podcasts with transcripts. This content is also indexed by Google when published, creating an immediate ontology, or "knowledge base" of relevant information around your brand.

Hangouts, YouTube, and LiveStream

We use Google Hangouts as the virtual studio for our engagement event. Anyone can join with a link, no account required. Using LiveStream Studio software, we capture everyone in the hangout, and turn a regular HOA into a network quality production with all the benefits of the hangout interface.This is broadcast in 720P HD via Youtube Live. This way anyone can watch or participate from any device with web access.

A Real-Time Conversation with the World

As NOD3x demonstrates, our audience joins us via the text and image layers of the social platform they choose. We engage them with you, wherever they are. Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, wherever they are comfortable. We use each social space for what it's best at, bridging the gap between brands and fans by carefully guiding the conversation. 

It's BIG... It does a lot of things. It's new and it’s powerful. 

The best way to understand how it works is to watch a few of the past events. Then look at the data around the shows and the content generated from them. This episode of the SMT PowerTalk NOD3x Recap with +David Amerland +John Dietrich and +Lee Smallwood offers the data to do just that, to see just how powerful an engagement broadcast is in building relationships and why we use NOD3x to find the most significant relationships.

Join us! As always, make sure to join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #smtnod3x  @TheSocailBizCo. Let’s start the conversation, we're listening!
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Google Analytics + Launchpad

Launchpad (formerly Startup Launch) helps developers and startups launch and grow apps -- and Google Analytics has joined the program! 

Watch the video, and visit the Launchpad site to learn about recent events and hear from some of the thousands of startups we’ve helped: 

Learn about recent name change in this Google Developer’s blog post: 
#GAdevs   #Launchpad  
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William Rock

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What is #VIDEO without Metric  ???
Everyone is making content these days but are we paying attention to it, how productive they are to our audience?
-->>> *Have YOU Looked into the data to see how you can get better view time as well figure out where your viewers fall off during the video?

Here is a fantastic article that breaks down the reports into #EASY  
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William Rock

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Create a Great Site And Have It Found In Google
1. Here >
2. Support/Help >
3. On YouTube >
4. On Google+ > +Google Webmasters 
5. Resources:
Web Fundamentals: a curated source for modern best practices
Web Starter Kit: a starter framework supporting the Web Fundamentals best practices out of the box
The Most Comprehensive Google Webmaster Tools Guide
The Ultimate Guide To Google Webmaster Tools
Bring your local business online -- no website required!
How Google Understands Web Pages
Analyze and optimize your website with PageSpeed tools

7. Google I Multi-Screen Resources:

8. Webinars: <- click here
Principles of Mobile Site Design:

9. Multi-Screen Starter Guide:

10. Multi-Screen Implementation Guide:

11. (click)
Whitepaper (download):

12. Web Starter Kit
Boilerplate & Tooling for Multi-Device Development:

13. Mobile First:

14. Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to:

15. Smart Phone Tips: An Advertiser’s Checklist for Getting Mobile Righ:

16. (click)

17. The Next Big Thing In Responsive Design:

18. The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly:

19. The Full Value of Mobile:

20. #mobilefriendly #mobilefriendlywebsite
Webmaster's Mobile Guide

21. Building A Better Business Website:

22. Mobile SEO - The tool and the guidelines:

23. Google Web Designer:

24. Website Testing Guide:

25. The Short SEO Cutts:

26. Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports:

27. 30+ Webmaster Guidelines
. Make pages for people, not search engines (
. Descriptive and accurate titles and ALT tags (
. Make your website stand out from others (
. Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings (
. Make sure Google understands your website (
. Avoid using automatically generated content (
. Don't participate in link schemes (
. Avoid cloaking techniques (
. Avoid sneaky redirects (
. Hidden text and links (
. Avoid doorway pages (
. Avoid using scraped content (
. Add value to affiliate pages (
. Avoid loading pages with irrelevant keywords (
. Don't add viruses, trojans, or other badware (
. Avoid abusing rich snippets markup (
. Make sites with a clear hierarchy and text links (
. Use a site map that links to the important parts of your site (
. Don't have too many links on one page (
. Create a useful, information rich site (
. Include relevant words that help people find your webpages (
. Try to use text instead of images for important stuff (
. Check for broken links and correct HTML (
. Make sure dynamic pages are search engine friendly (
. Don't deceive your users (
. Make sure your web server supports if modified since (
. Use robots.txt but don't block Googlebot by mistake (
. Don't confuse Googlebot (
. Submit it to Google (
. Block unuseful pages from search engines (
. Paid links and advertising (

28. Finding more mobile-friendly search results:

29. HOA / Q&A about running a website for your businesses, Google Search, and Google Webmaster Tools.

. Here ->
. Links mentioned in the slides:
1. Building mobile-friendly websites:
2. Web Fundamentals:
3. Webmaster Tools:
4. Business location pages:
5. Webmaster Help Forums:
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William Rock

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools To Improve Your SEO
(SEO Tip Of The Day)

No matter the size or the business purpose of your website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential if you want to be found online. 

There is a good probability you already know that. What most people don't know or tend to ignore when it comes to #SEO is The Google Webmaster Tools. 

With only some basic configurations you get a lot (and I mean plenty) of technical and SEO feedback about the state of your website. 

1. Most Linked Content Report
2. Search Query Report
3. HTML Improvements
4. International Targeting name a few

In simple words, this wonderful  tool helps you to see your website as Google sees it and make adjustments accordingly. 

Some articles to get you started:

Mobile Usability Feature in Webmaster Tools (or the new mobile reality) by Omi Sido 

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools To Improve Your SEO via +Adam Jones - the inspiration for this SEO Tip Of The Day

How To Identify A Mobile Rankings Demotion Using The New Search Impact Report in Google Webmaster Tools by +Glenn Gabe  (via +William Rock)

Mammoth Guide to Webmaster Tools for SEO by +Silicon Beach Training (via +Mark Traphagen "A Truly Complete Guide to Google Webmaster Tools")

Google Webmaster Tools: Search Traffic by +Michiel Heijmans (via +Tihomir Petrov)

Manual de Google Webmaster Tools via +Sergio Redondo (we do care about the spanish community :-) )

Now like +David Amerland (SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that Will Help Your Business Grow - may say "Saturdays are for coffee, long reads, deep thoughts and the sugar-fuelled mental connections that only good donuts, croissants and cookies can supply."

Have a lovely weekend guys.

#seo   #seotips  
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William Rock

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As we approach the April 21st date of the release of Google's mobile-friendly algorithm, we uncover more SEO facts about what to expect around the algorithm.
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William Rock

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 The friendly curmudgeon and wyld stallion of Google+.+Ammon Johns, pioneer online marketer, brings his wisdom and expertise to building your web presence empire. Without a strong and deep foundation your empire will collapse. 
Responding Yes or Maybe will set a reminder so you can catch the replay.)

Watch live at Actation Now!
Watch live on YouTube:

*Hashtag: #MWZlive * Please use for your tweets and when sharing out the show.

Like the topic? Know someone that will enjoy it? Invite your friends! 

Love the show? Become a patron for just $1 a month.

About Ammon:
Marketer, SEO, and Pioneer
The common view I get from what others say about me is that I'm a long-timer of Internet marketing, well respected, and described as a mentor, expert, and guru, especially in relation to SEO and search marketing.
(See for what others say at and )

Sometimes I feel I could describe all that to myself in one word: Old :o)

I've been commercially involved with the web since 1995 when I started building websites, first for myself and later for pay.  Through 1996 and '97 I was spending more and more time on working out how to get traffic and custom to sites.  

Following demand (what people were actually hiring me to do rather than what I advertised I did) I shut down my web design business in 1997 and became a full-time specialist in web promotion.

By 1998 I'd started to attract something of a following for my advice, help and general observations in one of the big forums of the day - MarketPositionTalk - which was run by Web Position Gold.

Later, I moved over to a new forum my old friend +Kim Krause Berg was starting and there met a lot of new friends and seemed to gain even more of a following.
Bragging rights
Internet Marketing Consultant since I was the only match for those words together.

If you came to the show and commented in the events page, you will be put in a notification circle to be invited to future shows.
Host +Zara Altair  created *The Midweek Zap*to help you develop an online strategy that works for you and your business. You are here!
Go to Actation Now! website to view all original events plus articles to help you create and sustain your web presence. 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Zara Altair. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Midweek Zap - Foundation to Empire
Wed, March 25, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Thanks for sharing the event +William Rock.
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Join us for a Google News & Webmaster Central office hours hangout :)

A few weeks ago, Google News Community Manager, Stacie Chan, presented on the Google News Publisher Center, the one-stop-shop for you to more quickly and effectively manage your site's information in Google News. There were many great follow-up questions, so tune in to this Hangout to learn more about Google News and the Publisher Center. 

Add your questions to this event page and vote on existing questions!

This is a Hangout on Air here on Google+. It works best with a webcam + headset. You can find out more about Hangouts and how to participate at
This Hangout On Air is hosted by John Mueller. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
English Google News & Webmaster Central office hours hangout
Wed, March 25, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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#GoogleFLUX   or just left over Panda Crumbs Site Review for #Techcrunch  from a recent post for #TOP Lost Ranked Sites for the month of Feb #2015 from my earlier post @  and the more I look into things even with sites I maintain personally.

We did have an update for Feb
Unnamed Update — February 4, 2015
Multiple SERP-trackers and many webmasters reported major flux in Google SERPs. Speculation ranged from an e-commerce focused update to a mobile usability update. Google did not officially confirm an update.

and we have seen chatter from the community about Flux
so I figured, to play around with some data.

Something IS Shifting :) for #SURE ! just starting to analyze the data as I have done in the Past ... Personally I think most of this is mainly #GoolePanda  however it is difficult to see if this is just one update or Others Updates to come in #TESTING

Historically around this TIME Every Year we normally can expect the #NEW Stuff  to roll out.  = Lost organic keywords (27,316)  Feb 2015
from what I can see from the +SEMrush Data 

Always a  Time for many :)  Some Good and Some Bad, however we must #REMEMBER many Algorithm Updates are temporary... The hard part is figuring out what to #FIX  

Thx to +SEMrush for the Reports

GEEKY STUFF - Full Report PDF Doc <<<< Enjoy >>>>>
also here is a full PDF Doc Report for those Geeks into this type of data :) @

To get a detailed list of #REPORTED Google Algorithm Updates from  @

Here is a video Tutorial I built last June for Panda Version 4.1

Penalty case study ( & ( + actionable tips you can use daily to increase your traffic.

More to come as I learn it :)
Leo McDevitt's profile photoMolly Youngblood Geiger's profile photoJeffrey Lapin's profile photoWilliam Rock's profile photo
Agree this is panda related. All of the websites I've worked on having been doing great even through these updates. 
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William Rock

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Top Winners & Losers for Feb 2015 from +SEMrush 
I came across this report today within the dashboard .

I know many of the Geeks have talked about #FLUX with Algo changes and wonder if this is just a #Panda Issue but if I have time I will look into some of the similarities are from some of my old posting of Panda 4 and 4.1

Within this graphic  it shows an example of RANK LOSS

I have used a ton of tools but have really have enjoyed the #NEW data #SEMRush   is always bringing to Business Owners giving us ideas into a direction on how to #HELP   Companies Grow vs. Fail  :)

What can we learn from this ?
especially with the shakeup with mobile...
It would be #ROCKSTAR if we could separate this data for both Desktop and Mobile ...

This way we could see the difference and what we need to fix.

Fun Stuff <<<---
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I would like to say that Zara has been so inspirational to so many, including me :) TALK About a #ROCKSTAR Google HOA Host, as I have had the pleasure of being on a few shows. One of the coolest things I can say is she does a wonderful job with not only the GUEST Speaker but the entire audience ... Especially with Geeks like me, SHE keeps me on track during the show :) Not Sure Exactly how I came across Zara however I believe it was a suggestion from another on G+ and WOW talk about a cool friendship we have developed, as I look forward to one day meeting Zara in a in Real Life Hangout one day :) The LADY is #GEEK and I love how much passion she puts into every Hangout... Always focused on Learning something #NEW and Exciting.. I would Highly Recommend Zara as one of the LEADERS in HOA's and would recommend watching past and current shows to see the POWER she brings to the NET..
• • •
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My daughter and I just got back home from this place of anything you ever dreamed of being on ice cream but its Yogurt.. Fantastic and Fun experience, took pictures of our creations and then ordered moms for the way home, and I think she agrees just as much as we did that this place just ROCKS. Thx for the coupon, my daughter got $5 off from a friend and figured ok, let's go play and get a sugar high from all the toppings.
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