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SuperGoogleGeek / Conversion Analytics Consulting in Kansas City
I Enjoy Helping Companies Recover from the Google Panda Algorithm and More.
  • William Rock LLC.
    CEO, 2001 - present
    Conversion Analytics Specialist first, then I figure out how to make the rest work :) KNOWN to Many as the #GeekAholic or #MasterGeek True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel it is my destiny to keep companies not only SAFE ONLINE but to help them GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads. Areas of Expertise & Skills: I have a vast skill set gained through years of past experience. I provide high caliber marketing solutions to companies, and specialize in Conversion Analytics Training -Business Marketing Seminars - Internet Marketing Strategy Advisement Web Site / Off Site Forensics / Security Video / Editing Photography and Much More
  • Half Price Banners
    E-Commerce Marketing Director, 6 - 2012
    My responsibilities include managing a complete online business selling vinyl banners and other promotion signage. My responsibilities include Paid advertising, SEO, Social Media, Video and develop extensive monthly reports for management to show our gains and or losses. Since I started in July Half Price Banners had very little organic traffic from the search engines and relied only on paid traffic from Google Adwords. Half Price Banners was spending 60 -80K per month on advertising on Google Adwords, I was able to modify the campaign and within 3 month decrease the monthly spend to 30-40k while at the same time increasing conversions. Within a few Months my other accomplishments was to quickly increase the organic rankings on the search engines, allowing us to gain double the business.
  • NetStandard - Kansas City Data Center
    Internet Marketing Director, 2011
    Privately Held; Information Technology and Services industry September 2007 – February 2011 - Managed PPC Campaigns - Managed Social Media - Developed SEO Strategy and Executed a successful campaign - Managed Content Writers - Maintained All Website Modifications - Produced corporate videos - Developed Trade show material and booth design NetStandard Inc. was at far the most difficult industry, I needed to rank in organic search with most of the keywords being just as hard as the credit card processing. My tasks included maintaining the online website, Social Media Campaigns, Print Media, and Trade Show Design, Video as well as many other duties. I was able to rank for over 1,000K + organic keywords resulting in online lead generation tracked through Microsoft CRM with profits analyzed with Microsoft GP. I ranked for root terms such as “Hosted Microsoft CRM “, “Kansas City Data Center”, as well many other manufacture type keywords putting the company above its competition and showcasing to the partners we are at the top of our game, this bringing us additional marketing dollars to spend generate more leads from the website. I was given the opportunity to acquire a large amount skills focused around conversion analytics and competitive analysis helping my fly by and take the tops results next to the big boys. Another opportunity I had was to shoot videos for both advertisement of the company not only getting the branding out on Google results but was able to bring the same exposure to some fantastic charity groups to help drive awareness to their cause through YouTube. I was given a camera and learned how to optimize video to rank well for very competitive keywords increasing the lead generation. Not only did I shoot the video but edited the film similar to a commercial, as well creating viral videos that would be shown at our Microsoft Partner conference, later being nominated for an award at the Kansas Business Association competing with other local marketing agencies. One of our many goals for ranking in the organic results led to a reduction in paid advertising spending.
  • BankCard Central
    Internet Marketing Director
    Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Banking industry April 2005 – July 2007  - Managed PPC Campaigns - Managed Social Media - Developed SEO Strategy and Executed a successful campaign - Managed Content Writers - Maintained All Website Modifications While working with Choppers Apparel Rick Noble offered me a life changing job and moved my family out to Kansas City. Credit card processing is a huge industry and highly competitive. The PPC prices were over the $20 limit and some of the higher ranking words were more. It was imperative that Bank Card Central ranked very high in the organic search to avoid the high priced clicks of Google ad words. My duties were to do a complete redesign with their existing site, do the PPC campaign along with internet marketing and social media. I maintained the site and constantly changed the interior of the site to keep up with the newer technology with credit card processing.
  • Choppers Apparel
    Internet Marketing Director
    Apparel & Fashion industry February 2003 – April 2005  Choppers Apparel started out as both an online store and a walk in store located in a mall. Eventually the owners decided to go completely on line. This was a challenge to keep their rankings up because people were used to walking in a store instead of searching for them on the internet. Motorcycle apparel is a very competitive arena. My duties included creating an online e-commerce store, internet marketing and social media, Google ad words and a PPC campaign.
  • Concrete Network
    Internet Marketing Director
    Concrete Network is a complete content oriented site based around the decorative concrete industry. My duties included internet marketing, Google ad words, PPC campaign, and working alongside another web designer, maintaining the site.
  • Computer Career Center
    Web Design & Graphic Arts Instructor
    I was a student going through rehabilitation training from an injury and become a teacher Certified by the State of California to teach Web Design and Graphic Arts.
  • Cybertime ISP
    Web Designer / Consultant
    This was my Start in the Online Industry after getting injured as a Firefighter / Ski Instructor .. as I learned how to adapt to change, and had to learn web design just after MCSE school... the floppy disk days of Web Pages :)
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Conversion Analytic Geek
Conversion Analytics Specialist
True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel I am obligated to keep companies SAFE ONLINE and help GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads. I have a vast skill set gained through years of experience and have been developing marketing strategies for companies on Google since 1998.

Areas of Expertise & Skills:

I have a vast skill set gained through years of past experience. I provide high caliber marketing solutions to companies, and specialize in
  • Conversion Analytics Training
  • Business Marketing Seminars
  • Internet Marketing Strategy Advisement
  • Web Site / Off Site Forensics / Security 
  • Video / Editing
  • Photography
….. and Much More

Favorite Color: Blue was my NORMAL Goto however NOW it's Bright #ORANGE for Support to FIND a CURE for CRPS (Chronic PAIN) 

Hobbies Include:
  • Paintball
  • Bass Fishing
  • Archery
  • Sporting Clays
  • Technology
  • Photography
  • R/C Truck Racing
Bragging rights
I ENJOY Teaching
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William Rock

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Are you CLOSED NOW on Google??? Business Hours as a Local Search Conversion Rate Factor -  With Google's emphasis on showing business hours AND hanging a big red "Closed Now" sign on your listing after hours, it's super important to make sure your hours are correct.

If I had an emergency at 10PM, who am I going to call in the pack below! The one that's open right? Note that one at the bottom of the pack has the least amount of reviews - but if a consumer is in need, they'll call whoever looks open. (So in this case "Open" trumps both ranking and reviews.)

Here's how to ETHICALLY optimize hours for Google search and boost conversions and sales!
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William Rock

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Super Excited for The NEW Nexus 5 (2015)
this is so going to #ROCK  and the Next Business Tool I want is the  Upgraded Nexus Watch :)
The Nexus 5 (2015) is expected to launch in September or October 2015. Check out what we know about release date, price, specs and features of the 2015 Nexus, built by LG
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William Rock

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Exciting News For Plumbers, Locksmiths, House Cleaners and Handymen now have some #NEW Real Estate within Paid Ads on Google.
Limited to the San Francisco Bay Area, the ads are available to a plumbers, locksmiths, house cleaners and handymen.
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Funny you should ask +William Rock This is a beta test just in San Francisco to showcase "local" businesses like plumbers, handymen, and locksmiths.

When consumers use Google’s search engine to look for terms like “lock repair” or “house cleaners,” they’ll get more than a series of links — they’ll also get businesses prescreened by Google that could be paired with potential clients.

Looks to me what Google is trying to take these search results and automatically produce "qualified" businesses just like all of those business directory listing websites.

Just like with any Google product they are taking it for a test "drive" (Sorry I could not resist the pun on the driverless cars) 

Google is testing this is to cater more to "local" search results and highlight businesses who have proven themselves as ethical and trust worthy.

Makes sense to me!
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William Rock

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I was on my First #BlabMOB  Today .... WOW that was so much fun, if you have not worked with ...

Video Networking with Everyone on your Twitter Profile.. Today I was on a Show and the Host decided that we where going to take the entire audience from the show to a NEW link within Blab with a Show that only has a small group and MOB it.

It was Amazing to watch all of those viewers actually jump over and have 2 Blabs going at the same time ... 

Just after the Show they had a ton of other people not from our group in the show within seconds. 

Blab is still very much in Beta however this new technology caught the attention of many all over the world. 

Check it out when you get some time @

However be careful, it is very Addicting .. Networking on Steroids :)
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+William Rock I think blabs are great. very easy to use and collaboration is very easy also. Easier to get people in and out too.
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William Rock

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Interview with the Wizard of +Moz +Rand Fishkin: Sept. 1
Join us as Rand Fishkin talks #SEO , the digital marketing industry, and +Pubcon in an exclusive interview with our +Kristi Kellogg. Reply "Yes" to get a reminder next week! 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Bruce Clay, Inc.. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin Talks SEO, Pubcon & Digital Marketing Trends
Today, September 1, 4:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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William Rock

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BAD SEO can be #VERY Expensive to Cleanup
Here is a Great Quote from the Article
A wise person once said that if you think search engine optimization (SEO) is expensive, you should see how expensive cheap SEO gets
Good SEO does not come cheap, but columnist Kaspar Szymanski has some tips for beginners on how to save on future SEO costs with a bit of streamlining and advance planning.
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William Rock

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Conversion Funnels Google Analytics Tip of the Week :)
here is a fantastic help document from Google that goes through how to setup the Funnel Reporting within Google Analytics.

Here is the Link to the Help Doc @ 

Once you have it setup then you can play with some of the advanced reporting within the tool. 

I have always loved watching simple modifications within a A/B Split Test Campaign allowing you to see exactly where in the funnel that the visitor experienced lagged. 

Imagine if you ran an ecommerce website and after someone added something to the shopping cart and had an issue during checkout..

Without watching the Funnel it is hard to tell if there was a technical issue that needs to be addressed or just a look and buy later visitor.

I have seen in some cases companies spending a ton of Advertising dollars toward a website and wonder why the lead does not finishing the transaction. Test - Test and Re-Test :)

Here is the Link to the Help Doc @ 
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Sounds Greek to me +William Rock but I love that you know all of this. 
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William Rock

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Come join me later today: Wicked Smaht Blab

I've been playing with Blab for the last few days. It's Hangouts On Air for the masses. I've had the opportunity to get in meaningful conversations and relationship building with top influencers I've never been able to talk to in person before.

Anyway, after being in a bunch of Blabs and watching how people are using it, I've decided NOT to try to create some regularly scheduled show, at least for now. What people seem to love on Blab is the spontaneous chats that happen the way they would at a local bar or coffee shop.

So that's what I'm going to do. From time to time, when I have time, I'll schedule a show where I'll invite smart people I know to seed the chat, and then let others rotate in to the "seats" as we go. 

No fixed topic, just smart stuff that anyone wants to bring up. Can be marketing, biz, tech, science....whatever.

I'm calling it Wicked Smaht Chat (in honor of Stone Temple Consulting's Boston roots). 

First show later today at 5pm ET. Go to and click the subscribe button to get notified when the show starts!

See you on Blab! #blab   #smartblab   #hangingout   #chat  
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William Rock

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??? Did You BLAB Today = What is Blab ?
One of my friends +Ileane Smith created a Fantastic Tutorial on how to Blab or not to Blab :) Be Carful because it is Addicting ...

More Information about this NEW Social Network using Twitter
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+Mark Barrus Thanks dear. 
How exactly do you plan to use the co-host feature if they add it? I think there are different scenarios -- so I'd love to hear what you are thinking. 
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William Rock

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Webmaster / Search Helpdesk Hangout - What is New with SEO
Both +Matt Storms and myself hosted the 128th Show as we are Finally Coming Back on Friday's.

Today we discussed the Google  Local Listings with the
3 Pack vs. the 7 Pack along with the changing landscape for companies and their competitors going forward. 

We also spoke about the Companies getting SPAM calls about Google My Business Listings and what to do about them.

Here is a Google Help Document about what to do in this situation.

Another Great Topic that came about is how to get #HELP
with your Business Listing..

One would be to Ask Your Question within the Google Help Forums!home 

and the other is:

Call a Google Rep about your Listing

All in all it was a Fun Show :) We hope to See you All Next Friday.

View Archived Shows:
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+Anthony Castelli Thank You Sir.. I do my best, however I wish I knew everything ... but the truth is , I am Always Learning :)
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William Rock

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Friday Weekly SEO Updates from +Barry Schwartz 
Tons of Great Information for Webmaster's & Marketers 
A Must Watch :)
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William Rock

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Who Moved My Cheese  ??? WOW does this book bring things into the Spotlight for many companies all over the #WORLD

If you have not been #EXPOSED to this Book, here is an #EASY Audio Version this way you have no excuses not to pay attention :)

Oh and it is FREE, just an FYI :)

this is one of my Favorite Books with personal skills developed after reading as well the exposure for many of the years always thinking of this book based on what I #Learn  from so many of my #Peeps  
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Here is the link to Amazon where you can buy the book :)
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I would like to say that Zara has been so inspirational to so many, including me :) TALK About a #ROCKSTAR Google HOA Host, as I have had the pleasure of being on a few shows. One of the coolest things I can say is she does a wonderful job with not only the GUEST Speaker but the entire audience ... Especially with Geeks like me, SHE keeps me on track during the show :) Not Sure Exactly how I came across Zara however I believe it was a suggestion from another on G+ and WOW talk about a cool friendship we have developed, as I look forward to one day meeting Zara in a in Real Life Hangout one day :) The LADY is #GEEK and I love how much passion she puts into every Hangout... Always focused on Learning something #NEW and Exciting.. I would Highly Recommend Zara as one of the LEADERS in HOA's and would recommend watching past and current shows to see the POWER she brings to the NET..
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My daughter and I just got back home from this place of anything you ever dreamed of being on ice cream but its Yogurt.. Fantastic and Fun experience, took pictures of our creations and then ordered moms for the way home, and I think she agrees just as much as we did that this place just ROCKS. Thx for the coupon, my daughter got $5 off from a friend and figured ok, let's go play and get a sugar high from all the toppings.
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This is one of the best paintball fields in the Kansas City Area.. I take my son down to play once every few months but when we go I have to say everyone who works their are extremely helpful and very educated on the sport. However I think one of the things that this paintball field excels in is SAFTEY they have some of the BEST Refs on the field, making sure everyone is having fun and doing it in a safe mannor. If you are a new player or experienced each one of their fields are unique. Two of our favorite fields are the Woodsball/Speedball style field as well the Castle is my favorite of them all, as they have developed many cool games to play with that field. They have portable bathrooms and are well kept up as well they have snacks but we like bringing the cooler and as we sit back and relax we cook up some Hot Dogs and such.. The other cool thing these guys do are Birthday Party Events and they really cater to the party as you have your own ref/guide for the day.. If you have not played at this field and you are in the Kansas City or Lawrence Area you need to stop by and play.
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