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Overland Park, Kansas
Lake Arrowhead, CA - Forest Falls, Ca - Victorville, Ca - Redlands, Ca - Upland, Ca - Blue Jay, Ca
Conversion Analytics Specialist
KNOWN to Many as the #GeekAholic or #MasterGeek
True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel it is my destiny to keep companies not only SAFE ONLINE but to help them  GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads.

Areas of Expertise & Skills:

I have a vast skill set gained through years of past experience. I provide high caliber marketing solutions to companies, and specialize in
  • Conversion Analytics Training
  • Business Marketing Seminars
  • Internet Marketing Strategy Advisement
  • Web Site / Off Site Forensics / Security 
  • Video / Editing
  • Photography
….. and Much More

Favorite Color: Blue was my NORMAL Goto however NOW it's Bright #ORANGE for Support to FIND a CURE for CRPS (Chronic PAIN) 

Hobbies Include:
  • Paintball
  • Bass Fishing
  • Archery
  • Sporting Clays
  • Technology
  • Photography
  • R/C Truck Racing
Bragging rights
I ENJOY Teaching
Self Employed / Internet Marketing Coach in Kansas City
I am a Professional Internet Marketing Coach / SEO / Videographer / Entrepreneur / WHITE HAT all the WAY!
  • William Rock LLC.
    CEO, 2001 - present
    Conversion Analytics Specialist first, then I figure out how to make the rest work :) KNOWN to Many as the #GeekAholic or #MasterGeek True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel it is my destiny to keep companies not only SAFE ONLINE but to help them GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads. Areas of Expertise & Skills: I have a vast skill set gained through years of past experience. I provide high caliber marketing solutions to companies, and specialize in Conversion Analytics Training -Business Marketing Seminars - Internet Marketing Strategy Advisement Web Site / Off Site Forensics / Security Video / Editing Photography and Much More
  • Half Price Banners
    E-Commerce Marketing Director, 6 - 2012
    My responsibilities include managing a complete online business selling vinyl banners and other promotion signage. My responsibilities include Paid advertising, SEO, Social Media, Video and develop extensive monthly reports for management to show our gains and or losses. Since I started in July Half Price Banners had very little organic traffic from the search engines and relied only on paid traffic from Google Adwords. Half Price Banners was spending 60 -80K per month on advertising on Google Adwords, I was able to modify the campaign and within 3 month decrease the monthly spend to 30-40k while at the same time increasing conversions. Within a few Months my other accomplishments was to quickly increase the organic rankings on the search engines, allowing us to gain double the business.
  • NetStandard - Kansas City Data Center
    Internet Marketing Director, 2011
    Privately Held; Information Technology and Services industry September 2007 – February 2011 - Managed PPC Campaigns - Managed Social Media - Developed SEO Strategy and Executed a successful campaign - Managed Content Writers - Maintained All Website Modifications - Produced corporate videos - Developed Trade show material and booth design NetStandard Inc. was at far the most difficult industry, I needed to rank in organic search with most of the keywords being just as hard as the credit card processing. My tasks included maintaining the online website, Social Media Campaigns, Print Media, and Trade Show Design, Video as well as many other duties. I was able to rank for over 1,000K + organic keywords resulting in online lead generation tracked through Microsoft CRM with profits analyzed with Microsoft GP. I ranked for root terms such as “Hosted Microsoft CRM “, “Kansas City Data Center”, as well many other manufacture type keywords putting the company above its competition and showcasing to the partners we are at the top of our game, this bringing us additional marketing dollars to spend generate more leads from the website. I was given the opportunity to acquire a large amount skills focused around conversion analytics and competitive analysis helping my fly by and take the tops results next to the big boys. Another opportunity I had was to shoot videos for both advertisement of the company not only getting the branding out on Google results but was able to bring the same exposure to some fantastic charity groups to help drive awareness to their cause through YouTube. I was given a camera and learned how to optimize video to rank well for very competitive keywords increasing the lead generation. Not only did I shoot the video but edited the film similar to a commercial, as well creating viral videos that would be shown at our Microsoft Partner conference, later being nominated for an award at the Kansas Business Association competing with other local marketing agencies. One of our many goals for ranking in the organic results led to a reduction in paid advertising spending.
  • BankCard Central
    Internet Marketing Director
    Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Banking industry April 2005 – July 2007  - Managed PPC Campaigns - Managed Social Media - Developed SEO Strategy and Executed a successful campaign - Managed Content Writers - Maintained All Website Modifications While working with Choppers Apparel Rick Noble offered me a life changing job and moved my family out to Kansas City. Credit card processing is a huge industry and highly competitive. The PPC prices were over the $20 limit and some of the higher ranking words were more. It was imperative that Bank Card Central ranked very high in the organic search to avoid the high priced clicks of Google ad words. My duties were to do a complete redesign with their existing site, do the PPC campaign along with internet marketing and social media. I maintained the site and constantly changed the interior of the site to keep up with the newer technology with credit card processing.
  • Choppers Apparel
    Internet Marketing Director
    Apparel & Fashion industry February 2003 – April 2005  Choppers Apparel started out as both an online store and a walk in store located in a mall. Eventually the owners decided to go completely on line. This was a challenge to keep their rankings up because people were used to walking in a store instead of searching for them on the internet. Motorcycle apparel is a very competitive arena. My duties included creating an online e-commerce store, internet marketing and social media, Google ad words and a PPC campaign.
  • Concrete Network
    Internet Marketing Director
    Concrete Network is a complete content oriented site based around the decorative concrete industry. My duties included internet marketing, Google ad words, PPC campaign, and working alongside another web designer, maintaining the site.
  • Computer Career Center
    Web Design & Graphic Arts Instructor
    I was a student going through rehabilitation training from an injury and become a teacher Certified by the State of California to teach Web Design and Graphic Arts.
  • Cybertime ISP
    Web Designer / Consultant
    This was my Start in the Online Industry after getting injured as a Firefighter / Ski Instructor .. as I learned how to adapt to change, and had to learn web design just after MCSE school... the floppy disk days of Web Pages :)
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Conversion Analytic Geek


William Rock

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Google Panda Detection / Recovery

Most people think they are dead in the water after a hit to their overall traffic from the big bad Panda. However, what most companies don’t realize is, they can recover if they add a few steps to their daily activities.

Step By Step Tutorial on how to Reduce Panda related  issues

Watch the LIVE Version of this on
Thursday, 28 May 2015 with +SEMrush 
Surviving Panda: Tips to Save Your Rank Webinar
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William Rock

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What if Your Doctor Could make the Perfect Logo ?
Thx +Dustin W. Stout for this one :)
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:) Thank You Sir ... It will be a ton of fun to hangout with your group in person.
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William Rock

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  There is only a few days before Google’s annual android extravaganza takes place. Of course, by now speculation is mega rife as to what we can expec
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William Rock

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Google Panda History - Flashback to Aug 3, 2012
from +Rand Fishkin​ 

What Can We  #Learn  from this #OLD Video ? 

- What is Panda ?

#SEOHistory   #Google   #Panda   #Ranking   #Content   #Keywords  
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William Rock

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Google to unveil new photo service, independent of Google+, at I/O later this month
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Yeah I think I have new photo folder looks different and pleasant to look at.
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William Rock

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The Google-Twitter Firehose deal goes LIVE

Starting today, U.S. users searching in English will see relevant Tweets in their search results within the Google app (iOS and Android) and mobile web.

The desktop web version is coming shortly, and we have plans to bring this feature to more countries in the coming months.

When tapping on a Tweet in Google search, you’ll be taken directly to Twitter where you can view the Tweet and discover additional content.

It seems like you’re more likely to see tweets in Google when a hashtag, topic, person or organization appears to be trending or is newsworthy - for now anyway.

More in-depth coverage by +Danny Sullivan at +Search Engine Land

Google announcement of the deal:
Twitter announcement of the deal:


More marketing news:
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William Rock

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It was 2  #CUTE to NOT Pass Around 
Thank You  +Coach G Moore for sharing ..
A New Ways to look at the Panda ROLL Out :)

What is the Google Panda Update Anyway ?
this is what the Google Answer Box is Currently Showing.

Google Panda is a change to Google's search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of "low-quality sites" or "thin sites", and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results

@ Wikipedia =

and if you would like a #TON of articles on this Update, Check Out
+Search Engine Land @ 
for the entire Archive of the Google Panda :)
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Dve pandi cudo golemo
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William Rock

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Join me for a Live Webinar  with +SEMrush  as we Dive into the Google Panda Algorithm, using Tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console looking for low quality signals that we can improve.

Thursday May 28 at 12pm EDT
RSVP Link for the Webinar  @

Details from the Email  ------------------- //

Most companies think they are dead in the water after a Google algorithm hit. Losing your hard-fought SERPs rankings can be devastating for businesses both large and small. 

If this has happened to you, fear not! William Rock, the 'King of SEO Geekdom' has a proven strategy that most companies can employ immediately to help recover lost rankings.

William has a checklist of daily activities companies can perform to drastically improve their visitor experience as well as traffic and rank. It all comes down to surviving Google Panda.

Join William Rock and our own +Peter Starr Northrop  Thursday May 28 at 12pm EDT, as they lead you on a deep dive inside the Google Panda algorithm to find ways you can not only survive the ranking hit, but to also use the Panda to actually IMPROVE your current rankings. 
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Way cool :) Thx 
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William Rock

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This isn't a surprise; who is the mystery head of Web Spam at Google?
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William Rock

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Not only do we use awful passwords, but we can't even remember the answers to our secret questions, Google finds.
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Seen my new video about +cPanel management of SSH-2 keys login to manage files?
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William Rock

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I remember ... back when Google Webmaster Tools first launched as a way of submitting sitemap files. It's had an awesome run, the teams have brought it a long way over the years. It turns out that the traditional idea of the “webmaster” reflects only some of you. We have all kinds of Webmaster Tools fans: hobbyists, small business owners, SEO experts, marketers, programmers, designers, app developers, and, of course, webmasters as well. So, to make sure that our product includes everyone who cares about Search, we've decided to rebrand Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console .
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William Rock

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If you are a business Owner :) You need to watch this fantastic show from +Ande Lyons  =  WOW talk about a Fantastic HOA

I had jumped in late but from where I started 30 min in and could not resist the Share especially with the way Technology is changing.

Totally worth your #TIME
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Becoming a credible and conscious leader of your company and your life demands tremendous self-awareness. What do you stand for? What are the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from becoming who you want to BE? How do others perceive and understand you?

Entrepreneurs: building a better YOU is necessary for your personal and your business’ growth, and it has a huge impact on the relationship and connection with your business stakeholders.

This week’s guest, Stephan K. Thieringer, founder of the Human Innovation Garage, educates executives, business owners and entrepreneurs about the importance of radical self-awareness and about the role of purpose in leadership. 

Stephan helps his clients create and set goals and boundaries around values and passions, which allows the creative mind to surface rather than being limited by compliance-driven thinking. 

The outcome:  your work feels richer and your contributions to society are stronger. 

Are you ready to go deeper and experience radical self-awareness? 

Then please click YES on the event invite and join us LIVE on Tuesday May 19 at 1pm Eastern.  

Or watch the replay later at your convenience by clicking play on the video above or hopping onto my YouTube channel here:  (thanks for subscribing!).  

At the end of the show, please join us for the “After Glow Party.” After I hit End Broadcast I provide the link to the Green Room in the event invite comment section. Stephan and I would love to see YOU for a lively, radically self aware and unrecorded conversation!

Thank you for tuning in – MUAH!

Ande Lyons

Watch here on Google+ via the event invite by clicking on the PLAY button

Watch on YouTube (please subscribe while you’re there – thank you!):

About Stephan K. Thieringer
A Boston resident, German native and global citizen, Stephan's sole focus is on The Human Innovation Garage focusing on executive, entrepreneurs' and teams' Radical Self-Awareness Transformation. Stephan ended a three-year tenure as President, CEO and Director at AcrossWorld Education, a platform technology company he co-founded in late 2008. 

In 2013 Stephan was selected a mentor for New York City's EDC Venture fellows class of 2013. In September 2012, he was honored by CMO Asia and the World Education Awards in collaboration with the Asian Confederation of businesses with the prestigious Asian Education Leadership award and given the “Visionary Leadership Award for his work impacting economic development”.

Stephan is a strong and public voice for innovative thinking about the nexus of business, strategy and education, Stephan has been featured in business and education publications such as EduTech, Business Week, the Financial Express, the Hindu Times, NYT, Boston Globe, Times of India, the WSJ and the BBJ. 

Stephan was an early visionary of SaaS in the online compliance learning space and impacted various learning standards in workgroups under IEEE SC36, with an emphasis on interoperability. Stephan is currently a member of the editorial board of SSRE's Science and Research Publication in India, a founding Executive Committee Member of the Open Educational Resources in Cancer consortium (OERC), an ELES Ambassador and an Advisor to the OEN Africa Network.

Please visit Stephan’s website and be sure to connect with him via the following social media platforms:


About Ande
An enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and four successful businesses to her credit, Ande is the founder and Chief Possibility Officer of Possibility Partners, where she mentors CEOs and provides tips, tools and resources for startup and early stage entrepreneurs.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ande Lyons. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Lead from a Place of Radical Self-Awareness
Tue, May 19, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Thank you for sharing the show +William Rock - we LOVED sharing the #AfterGlowChat  with you - MUAH! ♥
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I would like to say that Zara has been so inspirational to so many, including me :) TALK About a #ROCKSTAR Google HOA Host, as I have had the pleasure of being on a few shows. One of the coolest things I can say is she does a wonderful job with not only the GUEST Speaker but the entire audience ... Especially with Geeks like me, SHE keeps me on track during the show :) Not Sure Exactly how I came across Zara however I believe it was a suggestion from another on G+ and WOW talk about a cool friendship we have developed, as I look forward to one day meeting Zara in a in Real Life Hangout one day :) The LADY is #GEEK and I love how much passion she puts into every Hangout... Always focused on Learning something #NEW and Exciting.. I would Highly Recommend Zara as one of the LEADERS in HOA's and would recommend watching past and current shows to see the POWER she brings to the NET..
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My daughter and I just got back home from this place of anything you ever dreamed of being on ice cream but its Yogurt.. Fantastic and Fun experience, took pictures of our creations and then ordered moms for the way home, and I think she agrees just as much as we did that this place just ROCKS. Thx for the coupon, my daughter got $5 off from a friend and figured ok, let's go play and get a sugar high from all the toppings.
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This is one of the best paintball fields in the Kansas City Area.. I take my son down to play once every few months but when we go I have to say everyone who works their are extremely helpful and very educated on the sport. However I think one of the things that this paintball field excels in is SAFTEY they have some of the BEST Refs on the field, making sure everyone is having fun and doing it in a safe mannor. If you are a new player or experienced each one of their fields are unique. Two of our favorite fields are the Woodsball/Speedball style field as well the Castle is my favorite of them all, as they have developed many cool games to play with that field. They have portable bathrooms and are well kept up as well they have snacks but we like bringing the cooler and as we sit back and relax we cook up some Hot Dogs and such.. The other cool thing these guys do are Birthday Party Events and they really cater to the party as you have your own ref/guide for the day.. If you have not played at this field and you are in the Kansas City or Lawrence Area you need to stop by and play.
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