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William Pees
Just another middle aged philosopher/martial-artist/IT Flunky
Just another middle aged philosopher/martial-artist/IT Flunky


Pathfinder: WHY would I play an Orc rather than a half-orc?

Going from half-orc to orc, you lose +2 Intimidate bonus, 4 pts of attributes, and access to things racially human.

For this trade, all you get is: the chance to keep fighting at 0 HP AFTER the first time per day (abilities you have to nearly die to use suck, and abilities you have to nearly die frequently to use just suck more)... plus, and light sensitivity. 
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Pathfinder (D&D) Class elements a-la-carte schedule and their summation in the core classes

Arcane Spellcasting: 69
Attack bonus per level after 0.25: 47
Divine Spellcasting: 46
All simp & mart weap prof.: 38
Feats per level after 0.5: 32
Aura Channel: 30
All simp weap prof.: 16
Save/level after 1: 8
Pair domain abilities: 8
Base feats: 6
Skill pts/Lev after 2: 5
2 faces HD/lev after 6: 3
Class skills after 9: 3

According to which system, the classes I studied scored out as follows:

Cleric  ~157
Druid   ~134
Fighter ~132
Rogue   ~132
Sorcerer ~125
Wizard  124
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