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Crab Apple
Just thought I would show off our crab apple tree.  It's really beautiful this year.  I did this hand-held just before sunset a few days ago, and don't know how I ever managed to hold focus like that.

#flowerphotography   #naturephotography   #gardening  
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Thank you very much, +P Phillips !!!
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William Parmley

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The Serviceberry trees were all in bloom in the Shawnee National Forest yesterday.  This picture was taken during a casual walk along the top of a bluff in the Max Creek area.  The link (below) will take you to a Google Map showing the route we walked, and if you turn on Earth or Satellite View and zoom in a bit you will see all of the bright, white serviceberry trees.  According to Google Earth that (map) image was taken on April 1st, 2012 and the forest was quite green.  This year on April 12th there was hardly a leaf to be seen!
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William Parmley

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Are you kidding?!!!
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William Parmley

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Pine Cone at Teal Pond
Taken during last week's exploration in the Shawnee National Forest, I found this on the edge of Teal Pond (map in photo details) and thought it might be a good subject for #seedurday  -- +Seedurday is curated by +Kathryn Brown.  The pine trees in this area are not native, but were planted by the CCC to help stabilize the poor, shallow soil after decades of farming.
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Burden Falls
A couple of the waterfalls at Burden Falls (map in Photo Details).  A beautiful day for a nature outing yesterday.  We saw several mourning cloak #butterflies  and a questionmark #butterfly .  Still not many wildflowers.  We tried exploring at Bell Smith Springs, but there was too much water in the creek to get around very well.
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Cache River Footbridge
This is the bridge over the Cache River along the trail to Heron Pond.  It seems just about every time we go there I try to capture a different view of it.  This was taken last week after a rainy period, when the river was quite a bit higher than normal.  Submitted for #MonochromeMonday (+Monochrome Monday) Curated by +Hans Berendsen , +Jerry Johnson , +Steve Barge, +Dominique Hilbert , +David Orr and +Martin Heller  (As usual, map in photo details.)
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Shades of Brown
Some 'shrooms found during our walk at Lake Glendale last weekend (map in details).   My camera kept trying to recognize the one on the left as a face!  Submitted for #shroomshotsaturday +ShroomshotSaturday  curated by +Patti Colston  +Michael Albrecht and +Anders Stedtlund +Sabeena LoBello.
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Thanks for the feedback, +Michael Albrecht!
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Bridge at Lake Glendale
The outfall from the Lake Glendale dam flows down a spillway, cuts a channel under Lake Glendale Road, and then flows into Sugar Creek.  If you look closely at the water before it runs under the bridge you may recognize pieces of shale that have been exposed by the flowing water.  This seems unusual to me, as much of our rock outcroppings here are sandstone, with limestone in a few areas.  Shale is interesting stuff and I can just picture an archaeologist hitting a piece with a hammer to  split it open to reveal a fossilized fern leaf.  This image is submitted for #bridgesovertuesday  curated by +Clare Bambers.  +BridgesOverTuesday  See Photo Details for a map of the location.
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Hey, look what I found while strolling around the garden this afternoon.  The peach tree is blooming!  Are you ready for some home-made peach ice cream?  It will be a while, I'm afraid.   #peaches   #peachtree   #gardening   #naturephotography   #blackandwhitephotography  
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Thank you very much, +Madeline Pophal and +Eugenia Pace!
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William Parmley

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Great short video highlighting some of the beautiful Southern Illinois scenery and a local explorer / photographer / videographer.
If you missed WGN - Chicago's Cruisin' Illinois segment last night (4/2/14) then here it is. Julian and Sean did a great job representing our area. It was an honor to represent Southern Illinois to our Chicago neighbors.
The melting snow and ice have created a spectacle in the Illinois Ozarks, east of Carbondale. Locals say now is the best time to witness waterfalls in Southern Illinois, especially after a heavy rain. So bring your mud boots and a detailed county
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Retired on the Family Farm
My interests include electronics, radio, photography, computers, gardening, cats, and all kinds of outdoor activities -- hiking, canoeing, birdwatching, etc.  I am also an Amateur Radio Operator (Callsign: KR8L).  I particularly enjoy photography and work very hard at trying to improve my composition and post processing skills.  I shoot only RAW and primarily use Lightroom to process my images, augmented with Photoshop Elements and the Nik plugins as needed. 

Please visit the PhotosPosts, and YouTube tabs while you are here (see above).

If you would like to contact me you can do so using the "Email this user" icon to the right of my name at the top of this page, or from my About Me page:

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