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Apparently, $9.20 for the paperback and $2.99 for its e-book version seems to be the break-even point for publishing one's own work if one is a self-publisher. More than that, no one will purchase the work; but less than that, one can't recover one's costs in creating the work. So, I'll use those two prices for all my future works. Of course, others might have come up with a bit different pricing schedule, but that works for me.
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Once decided upon price-point, one has to consider distributors and costs involved in distribution, when one is a self-publisher. CreateSpace and KDP Select, now both owned by Amazon, are the cheapest and give the widest distribution channels in the most markets. Both accept files of the latest version of MS-Word, which has become a very impressive publishing tool. The real costs, and those can be quite heavy, are for publicity, marketing and advertising. Self-promotion, which can be time consuming and hypocritical, is absolutely necessary to get anything sold. The best for that is Google+. That's why I'm posting here, frankly. I'm in love with the actual process of writing itself, regardless of the quality of the content. So, I thank Microsoft, Amazon and Google for making available opportunity for those self-publishers like myself to work and to go and to do their stuff. How one writes and what one writes is entirely up to the individual writer, but luckily there is the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution that allows one the freedom to write, to express; but that freedom cannot be exercised without the given opportunity to publish what one writes, what one wishes to publicly express, and Microsoft, Amazon and Google have all made this possible for even the most destitute of us. I thank them for that! Whether or not I'm able to sell my work is entirely up to my own efforts. Those efforts deal with self-marketing, which is a high skill unto and in itself; but one must first have a public product to market. This opportunity then is available, and it is available right now; so I will be pursuing it and in answer to all those queries that I received about the Druid religion, the two books I wrote on it and web-site I created responding to questions should be sufficient.
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