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William O'Connor
The true priests of our age are its poet-philosophers and I am blest to be one of them. William O'Connor
The true priests of our age are its poet-philosophers and I am blest to be one of them. William O'Connor

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Just to let anyone interested know I will be publishing my latest poetry chapbook. I just publish through Amazon. It is cheapest! There is no real market for any poetry in America, but since it is always important to actually produce and to publish to get it all out there for the public; it is important that such a venue exists!

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People are fundamentally different! They'll look different; plus, they'll think different. Evolution occurs always by favoring one over another for survival; conflict exists since it's how it works.

Regard belief system such as religions, politics, and sociology; the mistake is simply to dismiss the belief whatever that belief is, as being complete nonsense! There is a "why" behind faiths and it's always deliberately hidden from any adherent of faiths.

Regarding political, religious, sociological beliefs and practices; the criterion is always: What works best for you and for society.

Regards deportation of aliens in America, when I had studied various Shaolin martial systems, this study was conducted in New York City's Chinatown at Buddhist temples and such are routinely swept by ICE special agents for any Tong members.

On genius, it does indeed exist; but, is always extremely rare as it constitutes a threat to existing beliefs as it's transmutational. 

Regarding the real existence of evil; such certainly, does indeed exist as five percent of all humanity is born brain deformed and as such will be absent the ethical and moral virtues and values. 

Regards to persons claiming some sort of special knowledge and insight; the majority are frauds whatever their titles might be. Best always to trust yourself and to learn from experience.
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