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Ranger. Scouting the Adjacent Possible.
Ranger. Scouting the Adjacent Possible.

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Like Tinkerbell, Physicists Discover Information can Serve as Fuel

"The erasure mechanism can be used to design generalized heat engines operating under the reservoirs of multiple conserved quantities such as a thermal reservoir and a spin reservoir," Bedkihal said. "For example, one may design heat engines using semiconductor quantum dot systems where lattice vibrations constitute a thermal reservoir and nuclear spins constitute a polarized spin reservoir. Such heat engines go beyond the traditional Carnot heat engine that operates under two thermal reservoirs."

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Michigan State University Bans Whiteboards

Next up, banning Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Texts, Phones, Speech, and all future communication technology.

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Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child

"Monetary investment in education is not sufficient to boost educational performance. Discussion on education policy often centres on funding, but this study now establishes that a much more effective 'tool' to improve education performance and ultimately the competitiveness of a nation, is to focus on school discipline," said co-author Associate Professor Chris Baumann of the study, published in the International Journal of Educational Management.

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Behavior is Encoded and Passed through Genes

In a new research paper, published in the journal Molecular Ecology, the team from QMUL's School of Biological and Chemical Sciences sequenced the DNA and compared the genomes of two types of individuals: those carrying the supergene version responsible for colonies with a single queen, and those carrying the supergene variant responsible for colonies with multiple queens.

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Discovering Molecules to Store Your Charge

Sanford began collaborating with Sigman and University of Utah electrochemist Shelley Minteer through the U.S. Department of Energy's Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), an Energy Innovation Hub dedicated to creating next-generation battery technologies. Sanford's lab developed and tested potential electrolyte molecules, and sought to use predictive technology to help design better battery compounds. Minteer contributed expertise in electrochemistry and Sigman employed a computational method, which uses the structural features of a molecule to predict its properties. A similar approach is widely used in drug development to predict the properties of candidate drugs.
Chemists improve batteries for renewable energy storage - Because the sun doesn't always shine, solar utilities need a way to store extra charge for a rainy day. The same goes for wind power facilities, since the wind doesn't always blow. To take full advantage of renewable energy, electrical grids need large batteries that can store the power coming from wind and solar installations until it is needed. Some of the current technologies that are potentially very appealing for the electrical ...

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RoboCop Meets Dirty Jobs

DAQRI Visual Operating System™ (VOS) is built to be adaptable to the complexities and demands of your work environment. Running an array of first-party apps and services like 4D Viewer and Remote Expert - with world-class computer vision baked in - the DAQRI VOS is built to be built upon.

DAQRI Computer Vision is designed specifically for industrial AR applications and features advanced visual inertial odometry combined with powerful AR mapping technology.

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This Won't Hurt a Bit

The nanostraw sampling technique, according to Melosh, will significantly impact our understanding of cell development and could lead to much safer and effective medical therapies because the technique allows for long term, non-destructive monitoring.

"What we hope to do, using this technology, is to watch as these cells change over time and be able to infer how different environmental conditions and 'chemical cocktails' influence their development – to help optimize the therapy process," Melosh said.
Nanostraws sample a cell's contents without damage - Cells within our bodies divide and change over time, with thousands of chemical reactions occurring within each cell daily. This makes it difficult for scientists to understand what's happening inside. Now, tiny nanostraws developed by Stanford researchers offer a method of sampling cell contents without disrupting its natural processes.

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The Importance of Metaphor to Innovation

A.I. owes much of its recent success to biological metaphors. Deep learning, for example, which underlies technologies from Siri to Google Translate, uses several interconnected processing layers, modelled after the neuronal strata that compose the cortex. Still, given that even the most advanced neural networks are run on von Neumann machines, they are computationally intensive and energy-greedy. Last March, AlphaGo, a program created by Google DeepMind, was able to beat a world-champion human player of Go, but only after it had trained on a database of thirty million moves, running on approximately a million watts. (Its opponent’s brain, by contrast, would have been about fifty thousand times more energy-thrifty, consuming twenty watts.) Likewise, several years ago, Google’s brain simulator taught itself to identify cats in YouTube videos using sixteen thousand core processors and all the wattage that came with them. Now companies want to endow our personal devices with intelligence, to let our smartphones recognize our family members, anticipate our moods, and suggest adjustments to our medications. To do so, A.I. will need to move beyond algorithms run on supercomputers and become embodied in silico.

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The American Left has Lost Its Collective Freaking Mind

On Saturday, Phil Rice, an emergency physician at Harvard Medical School expressed concerns about what he called “an authoritarian fascist government”. He called on scientists to stand up for those who may be attacked for their work or discredited for political gain.

“This is a locomotive coming at us and they will come for the scientists,” said Rice, reminding the room of the imprisonment of scientists under Hitler.

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The Birth of a Revolution

I still remember with great fondness the day I found a Cr-48 at my doorstep near Christmas 2010. It now has a prominent location in my office, eventhough I moved onto a Samsung 13" Chromebook 2. Both are still great machines compared to my Windows 10 machine that is still stuck in a perpetual update/reboot loop...
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