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I was just watching Macgyver on MeTV ( and saw an advertisement for Perry mason.

The ad went something like this:

There's a murder and then a client.....
There's a murder and then a client.....and so on....

It reminded me that it seems like all modern (murder-style mysteries) are like that...

There's a murder and then there's an investigation and all I can think is this...............................


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For anyone who is interested I created this simple circuit using an LM317T that can be used to drive 2 to 4 ohm e-cigarette coils such as the commercial offerings from blu-cig, Vuse, or any manufacturer as long as the coil is 2 to 4 ohms.

For example the Vuse Vibe Solo has a 3V battery and uses 2.5 ohm coils.
The current draw is: 3V/2.5ohms = 1.2A with a power draw of 3^2/2.5 = 3.6W.

R2 can be decreased to lower the output voltage and, conversely, R2 can be increased to increase the output.

However, the datasheet for the LM317 states the maximum output current is 1.5A so that must be taken into consideration when setting the value of R2.


On a side note:

On these vuse cartridges there are three terminals and they are laid out like this:
( x ( + ) x )

The two terminals on outer perimeter are for delivering power to the coil to produce vapor.
The center terminal is the one that enables communication between the cartridge and the battery.

I would bet that if you removed this center terminal that you wold be able use the cartridge indefinitely with a Vuse Solo battery until the cartridge ceases to funcation.

right now I have one of these cartridges jerry rigged to an Eleaf IStick 30W running at 5W and have not had any trouble -- although I have only used 2 cartridges so far.

You could connect a battery with a switch to the two outer terminals and do the same.
For the power source I would recommend: 2x AA batteries = 3V and if the cart is 2.5ohms you would be running the cart at ] P=V^2/R = 3V ^ 2 / 2.5 ohms = 3.6 watts ] [ I=V/R = 3V / 2.5 ohms = 1.2 amps].

A single AA cell (at 1.5V) can deliver 2500 mAh or 2.5 Ah if you were to run at 3.6W /1.2 A as above constantly you would get 2.5Ah/1.2A or ~2 hours of usage before you needed to replace or rechange the batteries since the coil won't be constantly energized for that 2 hours.

2.5 A/hour = <1 mA/second and for 3 seconds it totals to a draw of ~ 2 mA.

If you take a puff for 3 seconds every 10 minutes ( a total of 60min/10puffs or 6 puffs per hour ) you be pulling ~12 mA per hour.
12 mA / hour = 12/1000 Ah = 0.012 A/hour.
2.5Ah / 0.012A/hour = 208.333

That means that a AA battery providing 2.5 Ah would last for at least 200 hours under these conditions -- assuming that my math is correct, but the point is that you will at least get a very long runtime.


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I had the melody for a song stuck in my head for 20 or more years and I recently figured out what the song was.

It was Saria's Song from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

However it could also be Epona's song since they both share the same basic notes/medlody -- however Saria's song is the closet match.

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I saw the title of the show on ION in the tv listings and.....

The Listener: Family Secrets....

Come on it's Cicero and the Night Mother.....what more would you expect.

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Skyrim will be co coming to the Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2017

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An emergency medicine physician has warned that e-cigarettes may lead to kids breaking into homes and turning to a life of street crime in order to feed their addictions to serious drugs.

How exactly is this the fault of e-cigarettes?

Serious drugs (and the addictions they cause) have been around for more then 50 years -- well before e-cigarettes were even a thing.

This physician is: Dr. Sudip Bose (

Clearly, this guy must be pro-tobacco (to write his followup to the sugeon general's report on e-cig usage).

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Timeless Season 1 has a likely chance for either a renewal or a cancellation
likely chance? The chance it will be one or the other is the same....( 1 out 2 is 50:50)

Imagine a light switch that will be either on or off -- the chance that it will be in one of those states is 50:50 -- saying that it has a likely chance for being on or off is ridiculous and it also could be seen as a self-fulfilling prophecy (in that there are only two states it could be in -- as it was said that state would be either on or off).

More to the point......'The light switch is likely on or off' (which is a true statement, but doesn't really tell you anything -- in other words it is an entirely pointless statement).

This is a problem with semantics.....I wonder who proof-reads these articles?

To make it semantically correct and not be one of those 'no shit sherlock' moments -- as it will obviously either be canceled or renewed -- it would better to say: 'NBC has not renewed or canceled Timeless.'

As the article was based on a report from 'TV by the Numbers' where the show's ratings were a toss-up between renewal or cancellation -- in that it could go either way (but one of them will indeed happen).

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I just closed my account with and filed a complaint against
slamming them for how most of their job listings are locked behind premium accounts.

This is a copy of the complaint I sent them:
Basically telling them that I would do business with the competition because
they offer basic job listings for free (some do offer premium features, but they don't require them to have access to basic job listings).
I had a basic (free) membership...
Pretty much all of the job offers I received via email or the ones that I found on the site required a premium account.

According to this : "Premium Membership gives you all the benefits of Basic Membership, plus the full content (title, location, company,
description, how to apply) of every job. Premium Members are also highlighted in resume search and candidate lists of in-network
employers and have unlimited use of iScore Premium to compare their resume to a job posting before applying."

I believe that the access to "the full content (title, location, company, description, how to apply) of every job" should not
require a premium account.

The premium account features should be limited to the extra services provided: "highlighted in resume search and candidate lists of
in-network employers and have unlimited use of iScore Premium" as well as other services that go beyond just a job listing.

I am a job seeker that currently has no way to afford paying a company to provide me with information that other companies are
willing to provide for free.

As a result, I have closed my account and will be going "business" with the competition.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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Is everyone tired of all the porn spam in this community?

If so, I'd recommend joining this moderated Android community created by Android Central.

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It seems the up-tick in Android spamming is the result of an unmoderated community.

This is an unmoderated Android community (where the spamming is happening):

This is the one that is moderated:

I suggest that anytone that wants to be a member of an Android community should join second one (and leave the first)

As it turns out I was a member of both communities -- I have since left the first one (the one with spam).

As for the home stream -- they will both appear to be from the Android community (and there is no distinction between the two).

I only remember joining the one created by Android Central, and honestly don't know how I became of member of the unmoderated community, but I'm thinking some shenanigans went down .

I guess it would also be a good idea for people to revisit the communities they have joined, checking that the joined community is the correct one, and that they are not joined to a community they don't want to be -- like I was.

Also you might want to considering leaving any unmoderated community.

You can check who the moderators are by doing the following:
1) Goto the page for the community
2) Click the link at the top left-hand side of the community page as shown in this screenshot:
3) from the pop-up you can click on the drop-down at the top and select 'moderators'
4) This will tell you who the moderators are as well as the owner is

If there are no moderators -- then you only be shown the community owner (at the point you could decide to leave if you wanted to).
bye. the mods don't give a fuck. Making this the porn channel?
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