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William Jenkins
Interest in Edu, Technology, Organisational Culture & Start Ups
Interest in Edu, Technology, Organisational Culture & Start Ups

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Twitter Politics - Devos Tweets
Given that the world now seems to make major decisions based on 140 character Tweets, this post looks at the US Governments Education Nomination, Betsy Devos by exploring what US Senators, Congressmen and Governors were saying about the nomination on Twitte...

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#CeduAD - Skype a Supplier
This time last year I borrowed from Community Manager Appreciation Day and applied it to Connected Educators . The idea was to have this to coincide with with Black Friday in the hope that suppliers would thank connected educators for all that they do, incl...

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#Skypeathon, #MsftEduChat & The Three Nations Challenge
This time last year I was involved with organising the UK Digital Citizenship Summit. This was facilitated through connecting with someone who had been a member of my PLN for a while via Skype. This year I'm doing what I can to assist Skype Master Teacher A...

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Microsoft, Ambassador Programs... And MIE
Guy Fawkes weekend, the mess that is Brexit and a day before the US goes to the polls to elect a "Puppet," (That's not me being snarky but some of the kinder things that the presidential candidates had to say about each other). Time for a post that contrast...

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Exploring the Microsoft Innovation Network
In my last post I used Pokemon Go to explore how and why I felt that innovative educators and tech companies were achieving more than our policy makers. In this post I explain how and why I am going to be spending a little time exploring the world of Micros...

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Pokemon Go... Tech Vs Policy Maker Results
Over the last few years I have felt that education reform would come from tech companies collaborating with innovative educators and early adopters of technology before it would come from the political classes. This post considers these issues by looking at...

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Extreme, Radical Collaboration... But Beware of the Poseurs
Have fun, while getting s**t done!   Is how I would describe my professional goals at the moment, which is a surprisingly accurate and succinct statement for me... But I sure have taken the long way round to know what to look for in order to achieve this go...

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How I Met your Awesomeness: Plotagon... and Co-Opetition
This post details how I found out about a company called Plotagon and why within less than a week and after reading a single blog post about the startup why I think they will go far. Spoiler alert and hint: Culture! Culture! Culture! "Culture eats strategy ...

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Let's be ISTE2016 Pirates!
Let's Be ISTE2016 Pirates For the last 6 years I have been exploring alternative methods for EdTech companies to engage with educators. For the last 3 years I've been trying to curate big data sets that edchats and education conferences generate. This post ...

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My ASUGSVSummit 2016... Meets MyCmgr
This post details my ASUGSVSummit experience this year which was a little bit different from previous years. As an early user of Declara and fan of the event I was asked to assist with some community management... I thought I would use some advice from the ...
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