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William Hoyt
Music, Rice, and Games.
Music, Rice, and Games.

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Tales of the Arabian Nights.

I had never heard of this game until I walked into my FLGS a couple weeks ago. And I am wondering why.

I get that it may be a few years old. But that is a moot point when one takes into consideration how old the games that are constantly brought up in conversation are.

Honestly, it confuses me. I ended up doing some research and after a short while, realized I wanted the game. In fact, my SO wanted it more than me and was the first one to suggest looking at while in the FLGS.

Needlessly to say, I have introduced the game to my gaming group and everyone has enjoyed it (casual gamers all the way to deep strategy gamers). The stories that we have produced from the game have brought much laughter. I would strongly recommend that everyone play (or own) this game.

It deserves much more conversation than it currently gets.

So, I'm not a huge tactical battle/war gaming board gamer, but I do enjoy them occasionally (I like gaming in small to large groups, but sometimes two is all you get).

As of right now, I do not have one in my collection. But, some day, I hope to remedy this. While that day may not be coming any time soon, I would like to know what games people enjoy in this vein.

I have played Battle Cry and enjoyed it. I have looked at Command and Colors and there seems to be a few variations of it.

What do you people suggest as a good only-one-type-of-this-game-in-my-collection option? If there are multiple variations on a game, which variation do you prefer?

Which of these two makes more sense.

Fire > Wind > Earth > Water > Fire
Fire > Water > Earth > Wind > Fire
Note: ">" means greater than, as in the thing on the left is more powerful than the thing on the right

I can come up with a narrative for either, but I wanted to see which one people preferred.

Question: What is the difference between Game Type and Game Mechanic?

Background: I started to classify Power Grid as an Area Control, then thought that it also had Resource Management. Then I was like "Resource Management is more of a mechanic than a game type, because even Agricola has some amount of Resource Management and it is a Worker Placement game." This was followed by a pause when I realized that Worker Placement is also a game mechanic.

This thread may end up turning into a "how do you classify your games" thread, but I am interested in knowing what people consider about the intersection of Game Type and Game Mechanic.

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Holy crap you guys. Check this out.

This may very well replace all the other mats in my gaming group.

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So, this is happening.

And they had to throw in a limited edition expansion for backers to make my wallet go "Whyyyyyy?"

In contrast, my inner child is shouting gleefully.

+Ben Gerber's post earlier today about game complexity and length preferences brought to mind two questions:

How do you define short vs long?
How do you define simple vs complex?

The first one seems the simplest to answer as most people can quantify time.
Complexity is harder (excuse the pun), but I think there is a way we all have of measuring something like this: thresholds. Essentially, there is a game[s] that sit near the threshold of simple and complex.

So, to answer my own questions:
1 hour is my threshold for game length.
Agricola (Basic Deck, no expansions) is my threshold for complexity.

What are your thresholds?

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So, this is my first foray into uploading photos of games. Hopefully, I'm not setting the bar too high, +Paul Beakley.

In any case, this was spurned by my most recent acquisition; Eclipse. My God, is this a beautiful looking game. I mean, the component quality alone makes the game worth the price, IMHO.

But enough of that, I'm actually posting this to see if anyone has played/heard of the other two games.

The first is called Panic on Wall Street. My fiance's mother bought it because she thought it looked nice and also because it played 3-11. The game has up to 5 managers who own the stores and up to 6 investors who buy stock in these stores.

After investments are made, dice are rolled, and investors make/pay based on the stock price (color based). The color of the store dictates the volatility of the stock price. Then investors pay the managers however much they invested in the store. Then managers get to auction for new stores. The goal is to be either the richest manager or the richest investor (2 winners).

The party aspect comes into play during the negotiation phase. Each manager wants to have high paying investors, while investors want to invest at the lowest possible price. And you only get two minutes.

The next game here is the one that piqued my interest by quite a bit. It's called The Rise and Decline of the Third Reich or just simply Third Reich. My fiance's mother found this game in her basement and it hasn't been touched in years. And, from what I can tell, is complete (although, there isn't anywhere in the rules that states how many pieces there should be). It is by Avalon Hill and was produced in 1974.

There is a lot to this game. The rules are a novella in themselves and the level of detail to the mechanics is astounding. The part that I found amazing is that it played 2-6 players! Wow!

Look through the album to see the captions to some of the photos about Third Reich.

In all cases, I will be giving an update when these games get played.
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A couple questions for those whom have played Eclipse and its expansion:

I will soon be getting these two items and will have the opportunity to introduce the game to my board gaming buddies. And we will indeed have more than 6. Some of us have played TI:3 before.

Should I play with/without certain parts of the expansion?
Should I play with a certain number of people?
What mistakes should I avoid?
Any other suggestions?

Inspired by a previous post; what game was the easiest to pick-up and play for you and your gaming group that you still play?

Specifically, if you have an example, what game have you been playing correctly since you first started playing it?
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