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Not all those who wander are lost.
Not all those who wander are lost.
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Maybe this will help..

+Google please integrate +Google Voice support into Google Hangouts asap!  In the hangouts settings, for each google account I would like to have the option to choose a google voice account to associate with it.

I have two Google Accounts on my Phone, one for Personal, one for Business.  I also use Google Voice for both Personal & Business and would like to have both integrated into hangouts (use hangouts for both accounts).

I have SMS blocked at the carrier, therefore I am unable to send text messages from hangouts - I have to use the google voice app.  It's also a problem that the GV and dialer only work with one google voice account.


Let's Go DEVILS - Die Kings DIE!!

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Well, 8+ months later, he looks much better..
20120522-red-fox (7 photos)
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Beautiful day to be hiking out in the woods alone, but then again, so us every other day.

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Awesome, service between newark and secaucus is suspended (broken amtrak train in way). Devils destroyed, now stuck in newark

D E V I L S ! ! !

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Red Fox in my backyard today around 11:30am. Looks a little sick (some sort of mange?).
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crazy thunder shaking the house... fun!

So Borders is going out of business.. and all the signs say "up to 40% off".. The place was mobbed.. well, the books are only 10% off the original price (DVDs are 20% off and Blu-rays are 40% off). Huge line of people with stacks of books, for 10% off - TEN percent.. really? They used to have 20-35% off coupons fairly regularly.. maybe they could have stayed in business by killing the coupons sooner and just hanging the 10% off signs everywhere.. people are nuts.
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