Search Engines Censoring Search Results About Dalian Protests

Here is nice summary from +Jonathan Watts of the Guardian of the protests on August 14 in Dalian demanding the relocation of a chemical plant -

I've posted some screenshots of search results on several popular search engines in China for the phrase "Dalian PX" (大连PX) ["PX" is short for "paraxylene"]:

Sogou: "The keywords you input may relate to content that does not comply with relevant laws and regulations." (您输入的关键词可能涉及不符合相关法律法规的内容。) "Web pages that do not comply with relevant laws and regulations have already been filtered!" (已经过滤了不符合相关法律和法规的网页!)
Youdao: "Apologies, the content you searched for may not comply with relevant laws, and search results cannot be displayed." (抱歉,您搜索的内容有可能不符合相关法律,搜索结果将不能被显示。)
Baidu: "In accordance with relevant regulations and policies, a portion of search results have not been displayed." (根据相关法律法规和政策,部分搜索结果未予显示。) Search results are in fact limited to Xinhua, People's Daily, China Daily, China Central Television, and a few other websites operated by the central government.
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