Chinese Language Information and Discussion of Dalian Protests Censored

On August 14, 2011, Xinhua issued an English language report entitled "Gov't Orders Immediate Shutdown of Chemical Plant Amid Strong Protest in NE China." The report stated:

Authorities in northeastern Chinese city of Dalian on Sunday ordered a chemical plant be "immediately" shut down amid a large-scale protest demanding the plant's relocation over pollution concerns. The authorities also pledged to relocate the controversial Fujia Chemical Plant, the municipal committee of the Communist Party and the government said in a statement. The government action was prompted by a protest involving over 12,000 of the city's residents that has been going on since Sunday morning.

Websites censored a Chinese language report about the protest entitled "Dalian Residents Go On the Street to Protest Against PX Project" (大连市民上街抗议PX项目) published by Caixin. The report was originally available at the following links:

The screenshot shows the Sogou cache for those websites. The screenshot also shows that Sina's Weibo microblogging service censored searches for terms such as "Dalian" (大连) and "Stroll" (散步).


Just came across this detailed blog post about the censorship around these protests:

Dalian protests erased from social media
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