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Ok Pluses, it is my Birthday. You know who else's birthday it is, apparently? +Zoetica Ebb 's. The reason this makes any sort of difference is, I'm not doing anything special this year, but she is doing this:

I am normally quite cynical about the prospects of things like art classes for remote Peruvian villages, but that is because I have a lump of coal where my heart should be.

Zoetica has some sort of pneumatic nanofluid pump where her heart should be, because she is a robot impersonating an internet celebrety, however a large part of that nanofluid is apparently composed of successfully bio-engineered optimism and love, so you should probably trust her instincts programming over mine in this case and donate to her Kickstarter.

I did, and I'm a carbonaceous curmudgeon. What possible excuse could you have in light of that fact to decline?

Plus it is our birthdays.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis, dear pluses, so donate to further enlongate the ars on the day I mark the brevising of my vita.
D4RT is a mobile art class that brings fantasy-based workshops to impoverished communities all over the world. Round 1: Yantaló, Peru!
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Happy birthday! Also, could anyone lend me $10,000 to donate to Zo's kickstarter?
Aw you guys! My pneumatic nanofluid pump brims with gratitude! What a thoughtful gift, William – I hope your birthday was as good as this post made me feel.
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