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I'm so excited about SOBCon LEVERAGE 2014. It's going to be the best SOBCon ever and I am excited to share it with you! I am also humbled because so many of you, my SOBCon family, have expressed interest in how LEVERAGE can help spark the magic back in your business. The SOBCon magic is indeed unique within our space and I can't wait to see and share with you all again!

This week, however, SOBCon faces a crucial challenge of the sort we have not had to overcome before.

SOBCon costs and investments begin to accelerate 90 days before the event. Those benchmarks are how we decide about special presentations, menus, and other perks. It's also how we know that the event is on track for success. 

But the recent medical hurdles (my own and my husband's)  have made us necessarily more risk averse than ever before. So I'm reaching out in candor to those who don't have their ticket yet to give a clear indication of their interest in reigniting the magic...

Think of this as a type of Kickstarter. If you plan to attend this year and have not yet purchased a ticket please let us know you want to attend. Here's how:

Go to Choose the Reserve Your Seat option by 3 pm Central Time Wed. March 24. 

This deadline is critical to our being able to provide you the quality event you love as well as a SOBCon experience like no other. 

Let's LEVERAGE the best SOBCon event of all time!

Thank you for your generosity and time!
Liz Strauss

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Check out this Local Wisconsin Political Race utilizing Social Media to dominate the race.
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William Caraher

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The future of the marketing: Sensor on monitor screen can detect when the train is passing by...
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It'll be the selfie heard round the world. And one that broke the Twitter, too.
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William Caraher

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Another thing to print and pin on your wall! How to create perfect SEO strategy with high value and approved tactics. Perfect for SEO managers and other folks in internet marketing. Don't waste your time and energy on wrong tactics. ;) Do you have anything to add?

This great and very useful graph is created by +ProBytes Software 
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The Illustrated History of Twitter

I love these videos, especially when their well done and informative. I wonder, was this video done by +TheDrawShop?

#twitter   #socialmedia   #history  
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How would you like to read 250-600 words per minute with little or no training?  This is pretty interesting, speed reading, high comprehension, and crank it up slowly as you get used to reading this way. 

"As online content continues to be increasingly consumed through mobile platforms, it’s no wonder we’re seeing new formats to deliver information more quickly and fluidly. In the past, we’ve seen Wibbitz present any news story as a visual and dynamic infographic instead of plain old text. But now Spritz believes that humans can read much faster using its system of ‘streaming’ text at up to 600 words per minute."

"Developed for smartphones and watches, the company has spent the last three years researching and trialling its system of what it calls ‘text streaming’. Based on the theory that most readers are slowed down in the information intake by the movements of the eye as it scans lines of text, Spritz squeezes entire novels into a small, 300 pixel-wide space and instead flashes each word for a brief fraction of a second. According to the developers, each word has an ‘optimal recognition point’ — a letter that the eye searches for once it’s jumped to that word in traditional text — and Spritz aligns all of its words around that letter, so it’s in the same place each time."
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Hi, Bill. I think you mention Spritz to me at the auction. I tried it out and it really is pretty amazing! I was quickly reading at 400 wpm.
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How Fast Is Your Website?

Good morning guys, do you frequently check your website's performance and speed? Well, I do. Because a website's loading time is a critical factor in SEO (oh yeah, Google loves faster websites) and user experience. Nobody likes a slow website. Isn't it?

I'm actually working on a WordPress theme with my good friend Neeraj to let bloggers and marketers have a much faster, professional and completely social website. (You've seen the demo already – or you may check my blog – that's the theme design we're working on).

So to see our progress, I do check my website's speed every now and then and keep optimizing it to do the best. Well my site has a lot of posts and especially heavy graphics in the home page. So that slows down it a bit. Still my blog faster than 85% of all the other sites on the web and working hard to hit below one second. Let's see.

If your website loads faster, you'd be receiving more attention from search engines to have a better search positions. Same from your visitors too.

Pingdom is a wonderful tool (my fav) to check your website's speed from different locations. It also displays your performance grade. Give it a try and see how fast is your website :-)

Interested in more useful tools like this to help your marketing strategies? Check this out:

#seo2014 #wordpresstheme #fasterwebsites #websitespeedtest
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William Caraher

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Is that g+ in the top 3 with 400 million users?
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