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I have a router that I took out of service because I had to reset it frequently. It's an Amped APA20. At one time I connected it to a timer to power off and back on every day. It's not listed in the DD-WRT database. Does that mean that DD-WRT won't work at all on the router or that they just haven't tested it? 

I've heard that unmapped NAS drives are safe from ransom ware. Is there any validity to that statement?

I just installed a TP-Link Ethernet Over Powerline with WiFi at my son's house and ran into a problem. We did the setup in his office near the modem/router and things were working great. When we moved the remote device to another part of the house, it wouldn't work. I took it back to the office to check the setup, and didn't see a problem. Then my son mentioned he had two electrical panels. That was the problem. They are evidently isolated from each other. We found another outlet near where he needed a stronger signal, but on the same electrical panel as the office and it worked well. 

Will a VPN isolate my IoT devices from the outside world? I have a spare Raspberry Pi 3 and noticed that some are using Raspberry Pis for VPNs. Do they slow down the speed to such a degree that it’s an impractical platform to use? It doesn’t have Gigabit Ethernet nor USB 3.0 and only has a one GB of RAM. In addition, the built-in WiFI is slow. Should I consider another single board computer or something more powerful? 

I have VMware running in Win 10 on a desktop with Ethernet. I also have a USB WiFi adapter. I would like to have the Win 10 host continue to use the Ethernet connection, but have one of my VMs use my WiFi guest account so that resources on my LAN are not available to the VM. I don't understand how to set it up to do that

I have nearly 9000 files of music. I've downloaded some from Napster and ripped some my CD collection, LPs and even some from cassette tapes. I prefer to listen to the music from my own collection rather than stream from an online source. I do have one problem. The volume levels are not consistent. I sometimes have to adjust the volume control as it goes from one track to the next (shuffled). It there an easy way to level the volume on my collection of music?

I’ve been using a PogoPlug as backup for my two desktops, an HTPC and a laptop for several years. Last week my Pogoplug with four HDDs connected died. Although the PogoPlug SW permitted me to access data from remote locations, I don’t need that capability. I just need to be able to keep them up to date with syncing software. I have a Raspberry Pi 2 that is available to use for a NAS. I see some web pages have used Raspbian, some use cloud software, such ownCloud with Raspbian and I’ve seen a site that recommends OpenMediaVault. I have four external HDDs to attach a Raspberry Pi NAS as JBOD. What would be an easy way to for a Linux novice to setup the Raspberry Pi as a NAS.

Months ago my router failed and I put Comcast’s cable/modem into DHCP mode. I already had two routers setup as access points in order to have strong WiFi in other parts of the house. I left them in place because I knew that I wanted to quit using the Comcast unit as a router and I still needed the additional access points. I finally got one and I’m not sure how to reconfigure my system. The Comcast Gateway address is and it has assigned 10.0.0.x to everything else on the LAN. The default for the new router is Shouldn’t I be able to connect the router via the WAN port to the Comcast cable/modem, put the cable/modem back into bridge mode and let the new router reassign new addresses for units on the LAN?

When I updated to ver. 1607 of Win 10 via the Insider program, it was like going through the install of a new OS. I had one app that thought I was violating their license agreement and posted an error message that the program was already in use on another computer. I've uninstalled the app on my other Win 10 computers and will reinstall it after the Anniversary release is installed. Will there be a way to know in advance whether or not I'll have to be concerned about future updates as being treated as a new OS?

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Today’s Know How episode reminded me of a project I did nearly 10 years ago. My wife talked me into remodeling our kitchen. I didn’t have a wood shop, but we do have a basement. I bought some wood working tools and began the project. I didn’t take long to hear about the saw dust that was drifting into the living quarters of the house. I found a site that had instructions about building a dust collection system at:
Below is a link to some pictures of the dust collector and parts.
I made a jig to cut a circle with a hand held router and used a bead of silicon to form a gasket so that I had a tight seal with the garbage can. I used a lubricant to keep the silicon bead from sticking to the edge of the garbage can. Since the rim of the garbage isn’t perfectly round, I marked to rim and the top so I could keep them oriented properly. The pin for the pivot is just the tip of a nail epoxied to a block of wood. I also built a stand for it because I have limited floor space. When in use, it will fill up the
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