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William Brine

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Sure, Chromecast can fling to +Sonos but my life won't be complete until I can Chromecast to a PyroBoard speaker...
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William Brine

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This is worthy of all of the f'n chickens!
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Margaery was enthralled
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Finally seeing Cpt America: Winter Soldier...

Hail Hydra or something...
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Hail Hydra
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William Brine

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I'm ok with being a number. Well, maybe not a number, but a complex equation. 

Pretty appropriate timing, all things considered.

I find metrics and statistics fascinating, especially iterative, cumulative and cooperative influences. Humans are such interesting animals.
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William Brine

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We need to revise the message from 2010.

All these worlds, claimed! You've f'd up yours well enough, stay away.
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William Brine

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I concur with the sentiments shared elsewhere. This should be the story for Thor 3. But what would the title be?

Thor 3: Revenge of Bridezilla?
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+jackandjuice Thor 3: Questionable Content
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William Brine

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When the demographics of your movement are this homogeneous and monolithic, it begins to look like a cult. Or they've unlocked the mysteries of asexual male reproduction via mitosis.
via +Soren Roberts  A survey taken on Reddit to see what the MRA demographic looks like on there. Hilarious!
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William Brine

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I am totally going to make these, then on Easter, I'm going to sit on my porch with them while all the kids are Easter egg hunting, screaming Where are my dragons?!?
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and now my watch begins...
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William Brine

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The closing line is the best.

Oh? You think you're finally getting ready to make a Justice League movie? That's nice. We have our next 40 movies planned out. I think we're going to do Squirrel Girl, too. Not because we think she's a good character, mind you, but just because if we manage to make a Squirrel Girl movie before you figure out how to make a Wonder Woman movie it'll be hilarious.

io9: Marvel Has Its Movies Planned Through 2028. Yes, 2028.

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If you are a business associate: I recommend you put me in a Circle you don't include in your home stream, unless you really want to. My business page is where I post most business and technology related stuff. Just haven't figured out how to use that to do Hangouts and well, Hangouts.

So anyway...
Parent of two, gadget junkie, fan of scifi & fantasy across medias. Gamer of sorts, but by no means expert.

From 2312
the truth is we are here to inscribe ourselves on the universe, and it is not inappropriate to remind ourselves of this when blank slates are given us.

I write with invisible ink.

Figured I'd put in the obligatory What to Expect statement here:
I don't operate on a script, and my nature is easily deduced. But a couple of starting points...
  • Not open to conversion, please don't bother
  • Love Android, Google fan
  • Everything is a Remix comes closer to my views on innovation than, say, Apple
  • Socially liberal; I believe the remedy to what ails us is innovation, cooperation and education
  • Sex+ in theory, fairly asexual in practice
I am generally not a voracious public poster. I'll sometimes post to Circles, but those occur organically. I tend to Circle those I see engaged in conversations which I am in, or watching. I use the search bar up top to look up interests.

I tend to be more of a person that comments than one who broadcasts or initiates.

I've no interest in the numbers, SEO or enhancing my visibility or increasing insert pitch here.

I'm not a cipher, as everyone leaves footprints, no matter how lightly they try to walk.

"I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent person to the thoughtless approval of the masses" -- Johannes Kepler

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Technologist; Space Major; Time Speculator
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It has been a fairly good school for my sons. Religious bent is an acceptable trade off for focus on academic achievement and better opportunities. Wish the arts and other non athletic extracurricular activities got more attention. An inordinate emphasis on money, both culturally and socially. Rather ostracizing for those coming from a lower socio-economic status.
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I go here often. I enjoy fancy coffees. Would recommend.
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