So it's not exactly a deal, but I've got a few friends on my clan who think we could make a mild amount of cash playing #Diablo  3 via the Auction House. Personally, I tend to buy it but even like enough to pay for the game in a week or so would probably be well worth it since it's wasted time anyway.

Anyone have any thoughts on how stupid this idea is? ( or on the off chance that I'm overly paranoid, good.)
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To be honest you could but lots of hassle against rules TC etc. ..possible loss of accounts and bad rep for clan. ...etc. ......let them form another clan if they are intending to do this would be my vote
Also when money becomes the object whats next bots
Amother thought in general on clans guilds communities. has been the down fall of many the "what do i get out of it" . Be it raiders not wanting to help other groups because they already have the loot or people not turning up for training but expecting to be in the team. First and formost any clan group etc needs to be based on community....profit is not it requires you to make your quota and someone will always claim to do more or accused of doing less.
Oh cool built in go for it but my previous post applies still i guess
I actually have a friend that has done it. Has made a couple hundred already. his father is planing on doing the same. I say it is one of the dumbist things i've heard of. Paying for something that is either free or has no tangible value. but if there is someone out there dumb enough to buy it, I will sell it.
+Joseph Rhoden There's nothing dumb about saving time. While on glance it seems stupid, when I got a job I found my 'play' time to be more valuable and thus spending money to have fun is something I'm content to do.

That said, some people do go overboard...
Yep i know an idiot that payed nearly £500 for a spectral tiger mount. ...lmao i nearly wet myself. ....he used to tell people his brother had a business selling trading cards cause everyone on the server ripped the ass out of him. funny thing was he still thought he was 1337
+William Chambers to each his own I guess. No dumber than me spending money on another game or some other stupid thing I happen to want at the time.
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