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Article: Statutes Of limitation  specify the amount of time you have to bring a claim. They do so in order to protect people from unexpected claims and to encourage those who have a claim to bring it timely!
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      Individuals injured in and around New Port Richey, Florida Should call  ++Matthew Dolman  #topfloridaaccident lawyer!  
Auto Accident Attorney New Port Richey

After an automobile accident, an individual may start the process of seeking compensation by submitting a claim to the other driver’s insurance company.  Our car collision attorneys can assist you with that process, investigate the accident, compile evidence, accident reports, medical bills, photographs as well as other documentation that best supports your claim.  Our attorneys will also assist you in negotiating with the insurance company or, if you are unable to reach a settlement, to file a lawsuit on your behalf.
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Dolman Law Group
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(727) 853-6275

#AutoAccidentLawyerNewPortRichey   #CarAccidentLawyerNewPortRichey  
The Florida Department of Highway Safety[1] and Motor Vehicles provides that there were 373,358 automobile accidents statewide in 2015. The fatalities caused by those accidents totaled 2,616 with 159,570 accidents resulting in some type of injury. Such motor vehicle accidents...
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thank you very much +William Bill Hurst.  It's an honor to hear such kind words coming from a nationally recognized #TrialAttorney  
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New Technology may help prove activity levels which is essential to a personal injury claim when the plaintiff will be restricted in what they are able to do long-term as a result of the accident. Not being able to be as active or engage in the activities the plaintiff is used to engaging in is seen as damage to the plaintiff which is compensable in a personal injury claim.
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Trump scarves failed to meet federal flammability standards, posing a burn risk to wearers. #indianalawyer
Several product recalls were announced this week, including scarves from Ivanka Trump's brand.
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Article: On January 5, 2016 Senator Lonnie Randolph introduced Senate Bill 124 which, if it passes, would allow for attorneys fees in adult wrongful death actions where the decedent leaves descendants. This bill was referred to the committee on civil law that same day. If passed it will end the confusion about in which death cases courts may all fees! #indianalawyer
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Clearing up confusion sounds like a good thing :)
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According to MADD, in Indiana almost 200 people were killed by drunk drivers and almost 2400 were injured by drunk drivers in the most recent year. #indianalawyer
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Terrifying statistics. +William W Hurst Attorney​
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This April +Michael Ehline   of Ehline Law Firm PC joined members of International Cruise Victims (“ICV”) in a pro bono effort to lobby congress on behalf of the victims of cruise ship crimes and negligence.. 
Michael Ehline goes to Washington in a continuing effort to hold cruise lines accountable to victims of rape, assault and negligence while aboard cruises.
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Article: Having relevant documents pertaining to your vehicular accident will allow your #accidentlawyer   to determine the severity of the accident, issues that may arise in making your claim, the extent of your injuries, and what insurance money is available to pay your claim. #indianalawyer  
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New Article: A contingency fee is an agreement between you and your attorney that says you will pay him/her contingent on him/her settling your case. This means you don’t pay your attorney a dime unless he/she gets compensation for your injuries.  #indianalawyer
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Please follow +DAC-LAW PLC and check out the new  #cedarrapidsduilawyer  dot-lawyer website. #iowaduidefense   #iowaDUIlawyer  
Call 319-389-4276 for Cedar Rapids DUI Lawyer DAC-LAW PLC
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Thank you +William Bill Hurst​ for the share
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Great share +William Bill Hurst. The paradox is that in slow speed collisions seat belts and airbags increase injury. HOWEVER in higher speed crashes where death could result from ejection or direct contact with the interior they save lives. Bottom line is, I'd rather suffer a whiplash than get tossed out of my car and crushed in a roll over. 
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Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer helping those seriously injured in accidents througout the State. of Indiana

whurst@mhjd.comWILLIAM W. HURST

Bill Hurst has successfully represented hundreds of accident victims, and has limited his practice to personal injury cases for over thirty-five (35) years.  Billhas helped families with tragic life altering injuries and deaths.  Bill has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements to compensate families for their losses. Toll Free #800-636-0808.

 He is a graduate, with honors, from Indiana University School of Law.  He has served on the Executive Committee and is a Director Emeritus of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association.  He has published articles on various personal injury topics and has lectured at various legal seminars.  .  Bill has extensive litigation experience involving automobile, truck, motorcycle, bike accidents, slip and fall cases, product and manufacturing failures, dangerous drugs, product design, construction site accidents and more.  He has represented clients not only in Indiana but also throughout the Country.  Bill successfully represented the State of Indiana in the Tobacco Litigation.  He has been involved in mass tort litigation, representing all women in the State of Indiana in the Norplant litigation, breast implant litigation, and  clients in the Vioxx litigation. ee his website for more info 


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Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis IN with over 35 years of experience.Bill is listed in Naifeh and Smith, The Best Lawyers in America and has been for over twenty (20) years, Bill is selected as a “Super Lawyer” by the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine from its first publication in 2002 to its most recent; he was selected as one of Indiana’s Top 100 Lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association. In 2000, Bill was named the Indiana Trial Lawyer Of The Year by the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. Bill has the highest rating given by Martindale Hubble, as does his law firm
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Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyer. Our office has a spanish attorney and spanish paralegals.
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    Owner of a respected personal injury lawfirm located in Indianapolis Indiana. Assisting victims of calamity and catastrophic events arising out of car wrecks, dog attacks, motorcycle crashes, brain injury, and wrongful death fatalities.
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