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William Bill Hurst

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Another nice article about the verdict +lee christie and I obtained with Mark Schultz.
An Indiana jury awarded $26 million in favor of an electrician eight years after he was crushed by a negligently repaired garage door. He fell head-first to the floor 16 feet below and suffered a s...
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William Bill Hurst

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Anthony Castelli is an accident injury lawyer in Cincinnati practicing Ohio law with over 32 years experience as an attorney. #ohioinjurylawyer  
Cincinnati injury lawyer gives 5 critical safety tips to keep your child safe this summer
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William Bill Hurst

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February 2014, a 2-year-old boy from West Chester, Pa., died after a Malm six-drawer chest tipped over and fatally pinned him against his bed. A nearly 2-year-old child from Snohomish, Wash., died in June of last year after he became trapped beneath a three-drawer Malm chest that tipped. Neither chest was secured to the wall...............
IKEA plans to recall about 27 million chest and dressers North America, of Conshohocken, Pa, is announcing a repair program that includes a free wall anchoring kit, for their MALM 3- and 4-drawer chests and
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Read about this late night - good post +William Bill Hurst
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William Bill Hurst

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Here is a collection from +Anthony Castelli that I made on my Google business page. I recommend all my followers think about creating your own unique collection esp my four friends that write so well +Tina Willis +William Bill Hurst +Richard Harris +Jonathan Rosenfeld . Thank you for following my new business page
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William Bill Hurst

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In many of our accident cases some clients are considered undocumented or “illegal” as some would put it. According to the Center for Immigration Studies about half of the immigrants in the United States are undocumented and of those most of them entered the court legally but their Visa has since expired and they have stayed in the United States.   #indianalawyer
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William Bill Hurst

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Many clients come in to our office after being injured during a violent crime or an automobile accident where the person at fault was charged with a crime. This fund can help compensate them! #indianalawyer 
The Indiana Violent Crime Victim Compensation Fund Is Intended To Help Those Who Have Been Injured As A Result Of A Violent Crime. For More Info Read Here.
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Interesting tidbit of information +William Bill Hurst. Thanks for bringing it to the public's awareness.
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William Bill Hurst

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I find this to be a not uncommon accident! In Rhode Island call #toprhodeislandinjurylawyer +David Slepkow !!
Many retail establishments, department stores and wholesale outlets in Rhode island and Providence Plantations store merchandise and equipment above eye level on the sales floor. This provides less expensive and more efficient storage than housing the goods and equipment off-site at a facility. Unfortunately, precariously stacking merchandise high above the floor can cause personal injuries when it falls on customers, guests and employees. These business choices often produce highly efficient, less costly solutions for generating greater profits that are often to the detriment of unsuspecting victims.

A Hazardous Environment in RI necessitating retaining top RI personal injury attorneys

Typical workforce mistakes include placing heavy goods on high shelves in a dangerously unstable position, especially when heavy boxes are placed atop lighter boxes. Some businesses require the use of physical restraints and other safety devices including safety ties and security bars to protect the employee when working in high areas. However, not much is done by Rhode Island department stores and big box establishments to curb the danger and protect customers around stacked merchandise high in the air. Stores have made a corporate decision to put maximum profit over customer saftey and as a result do not post a warning signa or temporary fencing to ward unsuspecting victims of the potential serious risk.

Many individuals suffer serious injuries or death every year from falling merchandise. Sadly, some of these accidents could be avoided if the employee continuously monitored and surveyed various areas inside the store. Their efforts could prevent most safety risks created by workers and other customers moving products, equipment and merchandise throughout the workday.

Common Store Practices in Rhode Island (RI) including Warwick, Cranston, East Greenwich and Seekonk Massachusetts (MA)

Many common dangerous store practices are often viewed as a sign of neglect, carelessness and recklessness of the business owner, property owner, managers, supervisors and employees. These negligent practices some of which are the regular course of business for such entities as Wall Mart, Target, Sears, Home Depot , Lowes, Sams Club etc. include:

• High Stacking – An instant recipe for catastrophe can occur in an instant if a Wall Mart or Home Depot employee stacks merchandise high above a shelf at a height that often reaches upwards of 15 feet from the ground floor. This often creates an unstable condition where employees or customers are required to stretch, climb, use a ladder or reach far above their head to retrieve merchandise.

• Inadequate Warnings – Merchants should be required by law to provide adequate danger warnings of any potential risks of high stacked merchandise, equipment and goods. The company, property owner and management can be held liable if a dangerous shopping aisle is not cordoned off as merchandise, equipment or heavy goods are stocked or removed on high shelves.

• Unsecured Goods – Any good, product or heavy item can become a lethal weapon when stacked high and unsecured. Employees and supervisors should utilize safety ties, fencing, shelf extenders and security bars to provide a safer environment for everyone visiting or working in the establishment.

• Lack of Employee Supervision and Training – The workforce must be properly trained and supervised to ensure that all goods in the store are placed on the shelf, or stored or displayed in a proper manner. Any lack of training can be seen as a sign of neglect of the management staff, which could create a liability problem for the company.

• Dangerous Surrounding Event – Often times merchandise will fall after becoming unstable when other goods or equipment is being moved often adjoining shelf or aisle. Vibrations caused by movement of other merchandise can also cause surrounding items to dislodge and plummet to the ground.

Filing a Negligence 
CALL RI premises Liability Personal Injury Attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100. Injured by boxes, equipment or merchandise falling from shelving?
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thank you very much
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William Bill Hurst

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Congratulations, Bill!
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William Bill Hurst

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To determine whether the employer of someone whose car hit you is liable for the damages caused by their employee it is important to seek the advice of an experience attorney. #indianalawyer
Top Rated Car Accident Attorney, William W. Hurst, Explains Employer Liability An Employee Causes A Car Accident. Simple Answer - Respondeat Superior.
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Nice post. I shared it. 
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William Bill Hurst

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One in three serious orthopedic injuries for seniors result in death, within one year of the accident and Slip-Falls account for over 20,000 fatalities each year.  It is the second leading cause of accidental death and disability after automobile accidents. #indianalawyer
Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Explains Who, When, And How You Can Sue For Fall Down Injuries. If You Were Injured In A Fall Down Call Today.
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Fantastic post +William Bill Hurst​.
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William Bill Hurst

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At every step, the immigration system sets up roadblocks for the law-abiding immigrant. #indianainjurylawyer http://bill
I felt compelled to share this article. As a First Generation American Born US Citizen I think that it is important for folks to understand that it is really not as simple as: "If you entered this country illegally then you are an illegal". My family was lucky for one reason and that is because we came from a country that did not have normalized relations with the US so we were all "political refugees".  

Next time you think about "all of those illegals" remember that the process is complicated and not as cut and dry and you make it seem. 
No, becoming a US citizen is not as simple as "just get married."
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William Bill Hurst

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Drowsy drivers are almost as dangerous as the drunk drivers !
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Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer helping those seriously injured in accidents througout the State. of Indiana

whurst@mhjd.comWILLIAM W. HURST

Bill Hurst has successfully represented hundreds of accident victims, and has limited his practice to personal injury cases for over thirty-five (35) years.  Billhas helped families with tragic life altering injuries and deaths.  Bill has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements to compensate families for their losses. Toll Free #800-636-0808.

 He is a graduate, with honors, from Indiana University School of Law.  He has served on the Executive Committee and is a Director Emeritus of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association.  He has published articles on various personal injury topics and has lectured at various legal seminars.  .  Bill has extensive litigation experience involving automobile, truck, motorcycle, bike accidents, slip and fall cases, product and manufacturing failures, dangerous drugs, product design, construction site accidents and more.  He has represented clients not only in Indiana but also throughout the Country.  Bill successfully represented the State of Indiana in the Tobacco Litigation.  He has been involved in mass tort litigation, representing all women in the State of Indiana in the Norplant litigation, breast implant litigation, and  clients in the Vioxx litigation. ee his website for more info 


Bragging rights
Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis IN with over 35 years of experience.Bill is listed in Naifeh and Smith, The Best Lawyers in America and has been for over twenty (20) years, Bill is selected as a “Super Lawyer” by the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine from its first publication in 2002 to its most recent; he was selected as one of Indiana’s Top 100 Lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association. In 2000, Bill was named the Indiana Trial Lawyer Of The Year by the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. Bill has the highest rating given by Martindale Hubble, as does his law firm
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    law/chemistry/comparative literature
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Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyer. Our office has a spanish attorney and spanish paralegals.
  • Law Offices of William W Hurst
    Law Partner, 1980 - present
    Owner of a respected personal injury lawfirm located in Indianapolis Indiana. Assisting victims of calamity and catastrophic events arising out of car wrecks, dog attacks, motorcycle crashes, brain injury, and wrongful death fatalities.
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