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If you have been involved in a car accident in Indiana caused by a drunk driver the person who supplied the intoxicated driver alcohol may be liable if they over-served the driver...
According to MADD, in Indiana almost 200 people were killed by drunk drivers and almost 2400 were injured by drunk drivers in the most recent year. #indianalawyer
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Good to know!
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Plaintiffs allege that gamers are not content to stick to the limits of the park to find Pokémon and are found all over the neighborhood, trampling over landscaping and peeking into house and car windows looking for more Pokémon... #indianalawyer
A second class-action suit has been filed in federal court in the Northern District of California against the makers of the hugely popular interactive app, Pokémon Go. In this most recent class suit, named plaintiffs Scott and Jayme Dodich of St. Clair Shores, Michigan allege that the constant barrage of gamers eager to “catch ‘em all” is ruining their quality of life.
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No only does Pokémon Go lead to trespassing, it is dangerous. Amazing how quickly it has led to accidents and injuries.
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A Rhode Island personal injury lawyer or a Providence injury lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve and are entitled to as a result of you construction accident. #toprhodeislandaccidentlawyer
Construction site managers, general contractors and others in charge of a construction sites often ignore hazardous working conditions and put employees and construction workers in perilous and high risk situations. A top Rhode Island personal injury lawyer who is also a RI construction accident attorney will hold the negligent tortfeasor liable for their malfeasance. It is not acceptable for construction site managers to put construction workers in risky and unsafe working conditions

Crane accidents and scaffolding fall accidents are by no means the only types of construction accidents necessitating construction site negligence litigation. There are a multitude of other types of construction accidents including but not limited to: operator equipment accident, exploding compressors, ladder mishaps, welding accidents, cutting accidents, building collapse, structural failures, forklift accidents, nail gun incidents and building collapse. Other types of Rhode Island construction mishaps include a trench collapse, crane and lift accidents as well as structural collapses.

Construction accident attorney in Rhode Island
The statistics establish that construction is one of the most hazardous commercial and industrial activities. In order for a site to be safe for construction workers management must give careful attention to safety measures. The most predominate types of these types of deadly construction accidents are falls, workers being struck by objects (falling, or swinging),as well as electrocutions. According to OSHA, “Out of 4,386 worker fatalities in private industry in calendar year 2014, 899 or 20.5% were in construction-that is, one in five worker deaths last year were in construction.”
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Wow just saw thinks
. I owe you big time thanks
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Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney? | The Power Of Money TV Show - If you have ever been in a serious accident, do you know your options? The Money Lady Michelle Graves interviews Cincinnati injury lawyer Anthony Castelli about what you should do if you are hurt by the fault of another.
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Car, vehicle accident, motorcycle crash injury law
Premises Liability, Motor Vehicle accidents, Truck / Motorcycle collision & Car Crash. Personal injury attorneys. Wrongful death attorney
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Thank you very much
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Distracted driving has become one of the largest safety issues we currently face concerning travel, this is especially true when we are talking about teen drivers. In a study done by AAA it was shown that nearly 60% of all moderate-to-severe teen crashes were caused, at least in part, by distracted driving. #indianalawyer
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Technology is available that you can't text and drive. Might as well drink and drive! My Guess is that texting and driving kills more people than DUI's . Oops, I just ran a red light texting this. Should I be responsible? Of course! I'm not driving by the way. Try walking and texting!;! Not funny! As a Father, I wish there was an application that would not let texting and driving work. I would be a billionaire if I owned an application that my kids that are driving can't text!
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An inspection of the dental office revealed such issues as the use of a single use vial of Propofol for more than one use; pre-filled syringes of medication; expired vials and multi-dose vials of medication; non-sterile preparation of instruments and poor documentation #indianalawyer
John Vecchione, the dentist, was allowed to keep practicing as long as he improved his infection prevention measures
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Today's events: With jehovah's witnesses at our door mom just abusively declared I don't have brain damage and I'm a Liar....I'm that close to being done.
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Article: On the positive side NHTSA tells us the fatality rate for school buses is only 0.2 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled compared to 1.5 fatalities per 100 million vmt for cars. This means school buses are by far the safest way for children to travel to school as students are nearly eight times safer riding in a school bus than with their own parents and guardians in cars. #indianalawyer
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Depends on who is on the bus with your child
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A 10-year-old boy died on a “safe dangerous” 17-story amusement park waterslide called the world’s tallest.of its type and officials are reportedly trying to figure out how it happened. Schlitterbahn Water Park spokesperson Pam Renteria said the facility is closed until a “a full investigation” is conducted. The boy’s family identified him as Caleb Schwab, son of Kansas Rep. Scott Schwab and his wife, michele.
Schlitterbahn is to reopen Wednesday as grief, shock and questions sweep through the community after the death of 10-year-old Caleb Thomas Schwab on the world’s tallest water slide, the Verrückt. The boy’s death is not the first at a Schlitterbahn park; a lifeguard was killed in Texas in 2013.
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From what I've heard it was a really horrible accident. RIP Caleb.
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New York Times reporters have spent over a year covering Donald J. Trump’s rallies, witnessing so many provocations and heated confrontations at them that the cumulative effect can be numbing.....
Mr. Trump’s supporters often chant vitriolic, even violent slogans at his campaign events. New York Times reporters documented examples over several weeks.
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Typical response. Maybe double-wide, Mack Truck Hillary can soothe the pain. Kim Jong-un pantsuits are so appealing.
Tendentious fantasies from those who still desperately hold onto the gravy train. For anyone interested in a view from life's dungeon, check out the feverish and illiterate rantings of Trump protesters. Of course, the media work 24/7 to mask most of the shenanigans. The real story is what the NYT does not cover. Hilarious!
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While federal regulators urged owners not to drive these vehicles, lawmakers are now calling on Honda to issue the same warning to owners of vehicles containing the defective airbags.

Last month, tests revealed that each time certain older model Honda and Acura vehicles’ Takata airbags deploy, there’s up to a 50% chance that it will rupture, shooting shrapnel at drivers and pass…
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Shoot shrapnel at the drivers? Hard to believe these vehicles are not being yanked off the road!
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The 2016 edition of “Super Lawyers” by Thomas Reuters, will include Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers William “Bill” Hurst, as an Indiana “Super Lawyer” and Alex Limontes as a “Rising Star”. #indianalawyers  
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Congrats, +Alexander Limontes  and Bill!
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Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer helping those seriously injured in accidents througout the State. of Indiana

whurst@mhjd.comWILLIAM W. HURST

Bill Hurst has successfully represented hundreds of accident victims, and has limited his practice to personal injury cases for over thirty-five (35) years.  Billhas helped families with tragic life altering injuries and deaths.  Bill has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements to compensate families for their losses. Toll Free #800-636-0808.

 He is a graduate, with honors, from Indiana University School of Law.  He has served on the Executive Committee and is a Director Emeritus of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association.  He has published articles on various personal injury topics and has lectured at various legal seminars.  .  Bill has extensive litigation experience involving automobile, truck, motorcycle, bike accidents, slip and fall cases, product and manufacturing failures, dangerous drugs, product design, construction site accidents and more.  He has represented clients not only in Indiana but also throughout the Country.  Bill successfully represented the State of Indiana in the Tobacco Litigation.  He has been involved in mass tort litigation, representing all women in the State of Indiana in the Norplant litigation, breast implant litigation, and  clients in the Vioxx litigation. ee his website for more info 


Bragging rights
Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis IN with over 35 years of experience.Bill is listed in Naifeh and Smith, The Best Lawyers in America and has been for over twenty (20) years, Bill is selected as a “Super Lawyer” by the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine from its first publication in 2002 to its most recent; he was selected as one of Indiana’s Top 100 Lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association. In 2000, Bill was named the Indiana Trial Lawyer Of The Year by the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. Bill has the highest rating given by Martindale Hubble, as does his law firm
  • Indiana University
    law/chemistry/comparative literature
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Accident Lawyer Indianapolis IN, William Bill Hurst
Top Personal Injury Lawyer, car accident lawyer, wrongful death lawyer, motorcycle and truck accident lawyer, attorney for serious injury claims.
Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyer. Our office has a spanish attorney and spanish paralegals.
  • Law Offices of William W Hurst
    Law Partner, 1980 - present
    Owner of a respected personal injury lawfirm located in Indianapolis Indiana. Assisting victims of calamity and catastrophic events arising out of car wrecks, dog attacks, motorcycle crashes, brain injury, and wrongful death fatalities.
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