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Bicycling is becoming more popular across the country, but unfortunately so are injuries relating to cycling. #bikeacccidentlawyer
Many parts of California are perfect for biking. Some regions are incredibly flat and most have near-perfect weather every day of the year. The sunny sky and bike paths make for a relaxing ride around the region and a good chance to spend time with family and friends. Bicycling is becoming more popular across the country, but unfortunately so are injuries relating to cycling. Hey is that +Conrad Saam there on the ground? +Anthony Castelli +David Slepkow +Seth Price +Jonathan Rosenfeld +Ron Miller +Alexander Limontes +William Bill Hurst +James Burns, Esq. +Paul Santora 
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William Bill Hurst

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The report measures fatal injury rates and ranks Indiana 15th in the nation for its rate of overdose deaths...#indianalawyer   
A report from the Trust of America’s Health ranks Indiana 15th in the nation for its rate of overdose deaths.
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So sad +William Bill Hurst 
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William Bill Hurst

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Each year, nearly 40,000 golfers are admitted to emergency rooms after being injured at play, most by errant golf balls and flying club heads.   #indianalawyer
Everyone Wants To Drive The Ball Like Tiger Woods, Unfortunately Swinging Like The Pros Can Lead to Serious Golf Related Injuries. Here's Our Advice.
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Kind of makes a worry about +Dave Gormley going out with +Ray Dickerson to play in a fundraiser today.  After all Ray is a great guy and great client.  We wouldn't want him to get hurt.  We will make sure to warn you when Dave will be playing some golf in LaPorte Indiana this summer so you don't head up that way.
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William Bill Hurst

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Its that time of the year again:  According to the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”), every day approximately 10 people die from drowning, and of the 10 people, 2 are children under the age of 14.  Drowning ranks 5th among the leading cause of accidental injury death in the United States. #indianalawyer
It's Summer Time And In Indiana That Means Time To Go To The Pool. But, Before Taking Your Kids To The Pool Read This Blog To Help Prevent Pool Accidents.
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Breathing water, the number one cause of drownings nationwide. :)
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William Bill Hurst

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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month: always share the road! Here are tips to make sure you ride safe and ride smart! ‪#‎infographic‬
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William Bill Hurst

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Her colleagues giggled as she hypothesized his rash was a result of syphilis among other diseases during plaintiffs colonoscopy! Humiliating enough without these jokers.....
An anesthesiologist mocked her patient, but the patient has the last laugh with a $500,000 win. ;
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William Bill Hurst

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The Absolute Best Attorney SEO & SM Services

Big news from me today.  I have decided to launch my own website development and social media company.  I hope you will kindly share far and wide.

This Isn't My First Rodeo

I actually developed an attorney website marketing website before I became active on G+ (and, sadly, lost what had been my preferred domain name, which was I had already experienced great success with keyword combos via SEO efforts without SM. So I knew that I had a valuable skill.  But, ultimately, I decided to shelf that effort for a while.  

I'm Not Always Vocal About My SEO Background

I never post much about SEO, largely because competitors (of mine) can obviously read any tips I might provide.  But I have spent literally thousands of hours learning every imaginable aspect of SEO.  I started by teaching myself the basics, but ultimately graduated to taking courses on web design, Word Press, SEO, local SEO, backlink building, analytics, etc.  I have also read many books on related subjects, and countless web articles and discussions. Most importantly, I have experienced results, which, frankly, I did not expect when I began.  But I have now had enough experience to trust that I can replicate and expand to help others.

Why I Taught Myself

When I first started, I was determined not to spend my family's money on either my new practice, nor my website efforts.  There were just too many options for spending a seemingly unlimited amount of money.  I didn't feel educated enough even to make purchases.  That was several years ago, of course.  I also just didn't trust other companies, when I interviewed them.  Everything seemed questionable and confusing.  I don't like being confused about things that matter a lot to me.

Page One Is An Appropriate Name, Since That's Where I Started

So I taught myself everything starting with the very basics, like how to build websites, which content management systems were the best, and why, how to get websites hosted, and where, and why, every conceivable detail about domain names, etc.  Then I began a serious focus on SEO study (I am not joking when I estimate thousands of hours spent studying every conceivable issue related to SEO), and extensive experimentation. (For new attorneys thinking you can teach yourself, my advice is that you can, but I am not understating the amount of time required, at least for me.)  

I share some of my ranking results on my new website, for my new attorney marketing company, Page One Love.  

I Could Never Do This Alone

Over time, I have discovered that building a website takes a village.  For a long time, I forced myself to learn just about everything needed online like photo editing, web design, some amount of coding, video editing, graphics animation editing, and too many other related skills to possibly remember them all.  But I finally reached the point where I knew my weaknesses, and finally knew exactly how best to spend my money to get results that I knew would come.  So I spent time searching and found experts in areas where my skills were limited.  

I am primarily a content writer who has developed one hell of a skill-set when it comes to SEO & SM.  Plus I have now recruited other experts to help, including another outstanding content writer.

I'm Not Quitting My Day Job

As for my practice, I am very busy, and plan to continue full steam ahead.  I have developed an impressive case load with nothing other than my own online marketing efforts.  My only complaint about my practice is that injury cases take years to settle.  But I am certain that I can help other attorneys.  

Forgive This Premature Post

Finally, my new website actually isn't even finished.  I'm still playing with the graphics, content, and a slightly different logo.  I just couldn't stand waiting anymore.

Referrals Greatly Appreciated!

If you know any attorney or other business owner who needs a new website, I would greatly appreciate your sharing my name.  I have developed offerings that I know will help, literally across the budget spectrum.

Boutique Operation

Since I am still moving full steam ahead with my practice, I am only planning a boutique service with limited clients.  I am working with a team of other experts, which I have very carefully vetted.  We can handle all budgets and will clearly explain what you would get for your money. 

Shares Much Appreciated!

For other attorney SEO professionals, or any interested attorneys, I welcome connections to help in link building campaigns.

Also, please follow my new company on social:


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#Attorney   #SEO   #websitedevelopment  
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William Bill Hurst

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 The NHTSA has said more studies will follow due to marijuana being legalized in several states, but at this time we aren’t sure. So what do the reports say exactly? #indianalawyer 
Drunk driving has significantly declined, but high driving has increased. Your Indianapolis car accident lawyer explains why this matters.
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Website looks great. Very clean. A big phone number should be above the wrapper and click to call @media less than 640px wide. 
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William Bill Hurst

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Lawsuit: Fishbone's mistakes woman for man, ejects her from ladies restroom-she sues for among other things "deprivation and loss of enjoyment of her life"----guess i can see that! #indianalawyer
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William Bill Hurst

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Indiana Alert: In 2014 10 people died in vehicle accidents at Indiana railroad crossings. Ten more died while trespassing on railroad property, either walking or hanging out.So far this year, Indiana is headed down the same track....   #indianalawyer
In 2014, 10 people died in Indiana in car-train crashes, and so far this year the alarming trend continues. Two of this year's accidents happened on the same track in Tippecanoe County.
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William Bill Hurst

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Congratulations #indianarisingstar    #superlawyer  !!!
Honored to be named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers!
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Thanks for resharing +William Bill Hurst! It's an honor to be in such good company
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William Bill Hurst

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Congratulations to my friends Lee and Kate!! #indianasuperlawyers
Another nice article about the verdict +lee christie and I obtained with Mark Schultz.
An Indiana jury awarded $26 million in favor of an electrician eight years after he was crushed by a negligently repaired garage door. He fell head-first to the floor 16 feet below and suffered a s...
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Hey Kate check this out ! +Kate Brown-Henry
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Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer helping those seriously injured in accidents througout the State. of Indiana

whurst@mhjd.comWILLIAM W. HURST

Bill Hurst has successfully represented hundreds of accident victims, and has limited his practice to personal injury cases for over thirty-five (35) years.  Billhas helped families with tragic life altering injuries and deaths.  Bill has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements to compensate families for their losses. Toll Free #800-636-0808.

 He is a graduate, with honors, from Indiana University School of Law.  He has served on the Executive Committee and is a Director Emeritus of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association.  He has published articles on various personal injury topics and has lectured at various legal seminars.  .  Bill has extensive litigation experience involving automobile, truck, motorcycle, bike accidents, slip and fall cases, product and manufacturing failures, dangerous drugs, product design, construction site accidents and more.  He has represented clients not only in Indiana but also throughout the Country.  Bill successfully represented the State of Indiana in the Tobacco Litigation.  He has been involved in mass tort litigation, representing all women in the State of Indiana in the Norplant litigation, breast implant litigation, and  clients in the Vioxx litigation. ee his website for more info 


Bragging rights
Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis IN with over 35 years of experience.Bill is listed in Naifeh and Smith, The Best Lawyers in America and has been for over twenty (20) years, Bill is selected as a “Super Lawyer” by the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine from its first publication in 2002 to its most recent; he was selected as one of Indiana’s Top 100 Lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association. In 2000, Bill was named the Indiana Trial Lawyer Of The Year by the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. Bill has the highest rating given by Martindale Hubble, as does his law firm
  • Indiana University
    law/chemistry/comparative literature
Basic Information
Other names
Accident Lawyer Indianapolis IN, William Bill Hurst
Top Personal Injury Lawyer, car accident lawyer, wrongful death lawyer, motorcycle and truck accident lawyer, attorney for serious injury claims.
Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyer. Our office has a spanish attorney and spanish paralegals.
  • Law Offices of William W Hurst
    Law Partner, 1980 - present
    Owner of a respected personal injury lawfirm located in Indianapolis Indiana. Assisting victims of calamity and catastrophic events arising out of car wrecks, dog attacks, motorcycle crashes, brain injury, and wrongful death fatalities.
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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800-6360808, 317-6360808
152 E. Washington St Indianapolis , In.
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I hired Dream System Solutions over a year ago and can tell you that the results have been remarkable! This company is affordable and does expert SEO for Indiana customers and others throughout the United States. I would highly recommend them for anyone who wants to have a searchable presence on the web.
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