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My latest blog post explores the Wikipedia controversy related to Dan Savage's long-running campaign against Rick Santorum, from its origins a half-decade ago to its possible resolution just this summer.

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If anything from my sister's honeymoon road trip Tumblr goes viral, this will be it.

Shipping up to Boston (sorry, had to) on Thursday morning, and there through late Sunday. No reason. At least not one I can share yet.

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Reason to love Wikipedia #1,384,956:

"The slang term "bogarting", named after actor Humphrey Bogart, refers to taking an unduly long time with a cigarette, drink, etc., that is supposed to be shared (e.g., "Don't bogart that joint!"). It derives from Bogart's signature style of cigarette smoking, with which he left his cigarette dangling from his mouth rather than withdrawing it between puffs.[5] Other terms to describe someone taking too long on a joint/blunt is called "babysitting", or "camping".

Even sourced, and sourced well.

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En route to the District, Morgan and Blake spent $1.95 for every minute they spent in Delaware. Granted, it was 15 minutes and $8 in tolls.

The scariest Muppet in The Dark Crystal is all of them.

I am vexed by the fact that a deceased friend's icon shows up on my chat list on Facebook, and I don't know how to change this short of unfriending his account, or what I should do about it.

Naturally, I decided to point this out on Google+.

I just created a Google Circle called "Who?" If you add me and I have no idea who you are, I'm perfectly willing to add you, but this is where you'll go. Just FYI.

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How I spent my lunch break today.
Last shuttle launch, The Diner DC (7 photos)
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Well now, this isn't like Facebook in the slightest.
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