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Minecraft Sky Factory 3 PRO-TIP:

Do Not build your cobblestone generator immediately adjacent to your tree farm.
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Well, you know...pick or it didn't happen.
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Yeah... it has been super swingy... also whenever it get's warm downtown turns into a lake and I'm glad I have good boots.
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From the "You Never Know Unless You Ask" File:

Do you or someone in your household collect Pokémon TCG cards?

You may or may not have noticed the "online unlock codes" that usually come with packs and theme decks... well.

They aren't garbage!

You can use them to unlock content in the fully realized Online version of the Pokémon TCG.which is actually pretty good and free to start with enough free solo content to give you an idea of what it's like and doubles as a pretty solid tutorial for playing the physical game too.

So, the ask is... if you have someone in your household who collects the physical cards and has no interest in the online version... would you be so kind as to give them to me? I only need the code off the back of the card and then you can toss it or use it as a MtG token creature or bookmark or whatever.

If you do play you can keep your codes... and maybe we can play against each other sometime.(I'm SinbadEV on there... as I am in most places)

(Pokémon TCG: Online is Available for Windows Vista or later versions (with latest service packs), Mac OS X 10.9 or later versions, iPad 3rd Generation or better and Android 4.0 or later Tablets... get started at )
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I made a video... nominally with my son... sort-of...
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Thinking about making a webcomic about a cube and a tetrahedron who are friends and help each other out.

I could call it "Platonic Solids".

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And the series ends when they get together?
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I don't want to go!
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I really only miss the integrated hangouts... other than that new plus is fine... but that it s HUGE missing feature for me.
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So today I found the Sky Factory 3 modpack for Minecraft... Having played previous versions the most exciting features so far are wooden shears so you can harvest leaves before getting iron and that the hammer breaks down wood into compostable wood shavings!
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Already worked out vein mine... The next cool thing is that I can used the *ite blocks to make Stone shears! 
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Me: How do you spell "to spell"
Daughter: T O S P E...
Wife: You need a space in between.
Son: T O S P A C E S P E L L

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Four Awsome OKGoogle Features:
You can set your phone to activate OKGoogle commands remotely when charging.
You can whisper OKGoogle commands into the mic.
You can use the command "Set Media Volume To Maximum"
You can say things like "play Never Gonna Give You Up on YouTube"
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This Week I Learned/Realized:

You can make the Windows 10 Start Menu bigger and get rid of most of the garbage Microsoft put there and replace it with commonly used program icons... kinda like how I used to use my desktop...
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YES. Win10 does a lot of cool things but buries them under app cruft.
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Happy New Year Eestern Time Zone!

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My niece made this one on my crystal... Backed up to the app before changing it. 
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