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I have a sweet model for today's photoshoot.

A whole bunch of sweet models. 
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Didn't eat a single one! Licked my fingers a few times, though.
Do the cupcakes fit in the dividers of that grid?
I think the minis will fit, but not the big boys.
Sounds like a photo. Cupcakes for Photographers. Fill each of the slots with a cupcake..
I'll need cash donations to fill that grid.
That's only 12 dozen cupcakes.. Mmmmm..
At Sweet's prices... Yes. You would need cash donations.
With that many cupcakes, I'll need help eating them. Either that, or I stick them in the garage freezer.
LOL! I'm getting some to take to Jeremy Cowart's workshop tomorrow.... I hope they make it to the workshop ;)
bwahahahahaha that was mean! lol!
+Kalebra Kelby Hey. these are stunt cupcakes. They're easier to photograph when they're frozen. Keeps everything firm and in place.

It's a shame I missed out on that offer to come see the new sessions for Scott & joe. I could have brought cupcakes.
I can't believe when I saw you last week you didn't bring me cupcakes. :(
You didn't get your donuts. You had to fly on mother's day/anniversary. Let me tell you, I don't know any other woman who can't get treats on vacations and special days.
lol! I may torture you with some pics tomorrow ... That's brilliant! ;) wich ones were your favs +Kalebra Kelby ?
I may have to take a picture of each.... and the filling...hmmm yummy! LOL!
+Kalebra Kelby I know you liked that Cookies & Cream cupcake I posted the other day. It was good, too.
+Gilmar Smith You can't take a picture of each. You said you eat half of them on the drive home.
That's why I get more than one box every time
Bill, I'm starting to associate you with cupcakes. So when I'll talk to you, I'll just get an urge to eat a cupcake.
OK, I'm not in the mood for a brown cupcake now.
LOL! I can't stop laughing at that!
Things that have been seen can not be unseen.
Don't tell me you've never had someone come and shit on one of your threads before.
I think it is Eric that was most damaged by it.
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